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Archived News

New UFO Wave Hits Belgium

Strange Dream

Interesting UFO Sighting in New Hampshire

The McChord UFO Incident

UFO ROUNDUP: Volume 7; Number 1; January 1, 2002

Filer's Files; #1-2002; January 2, 2002

UFO in Amman sky hours before 2002

Frame by Frame Comparison of a DC9 and a Flying Triangle

Atmosphere or UFO? A Response to the 1997 SSE Review Panel Report

Physical Evidence Related to UFO Reports


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CAUS Commentaries

Attack on America: Looking Behind the Curtain

Signal Synchronicity and other Random Thoughts (SS+RT)

Human Knowledge Is For The Benefit Of The World!

ET Disclosure Creates New CAUSe

CAUS v. Department of Defense: "This is a joke, right?"

Secrecy is secrecy...but enough is enough!

OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE: A Practical Impossibility

Incontrovertible Evidence of a Higher Intelligence




What One Thing in the Entire Universe does a Life Form want from its Creator?


CAUS In Court: 

 "U.S. Court of Appeals Decision"  (11/29/01)

Court of Appeals Decision, online!  html version | jpeg version

Web Additions

  • 01/02/02 - MoD established secret UFO investigation group machine à sous mobile
  • 01/02/02 - The LWB Chronicles: The F.B.I.'s Final Word on Corso?
  • 01/02/02 - Unvoiced Testimony: Visitors in the Dawn of Times
  • 01/01/02 - 1978 UFO Appears in Art Over Thousands of Years
  • 01/01/02 - Unconventional Flying Objects (UFOs): Why the Mystery Isn't Solved.

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CAUS disseminates information it finds interesting, provocative and mind expanding while it searches for evidence of our contact with this other intelligence. nätcasino sverige

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Media Coverage

Peter Gersten of CAUS on Court TV
After the February 16th federal court decision, Peter appears on the Pro's and Con's program on Court TV.
Peter Gersten of CAUS on Extra
After the February 7th, 2000 court appearance, Peter Gersten is interviewed by the TV show "Extra". You'll need Real Player G2 to view this.
Peter Gersten and CAUS Featured in Fate Magazine
Fate Magazine's September 1999 issue features an article on CAUS written by Gary Val Tenuta.
Peter Gersten of CAUS profiled by UPN News
KCOP in LA covers the efforts of Peter Gersten and CAUS with this very well done piece, aired recently on UPN channel 13. You'll need Real Video to view this.
UK News: Lawyer to sue for release of 'real X-Files'
Recent activities of CAUS is noticed by the UK based Electronic Telegraph. Click link to read all about it.

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