CAUS Announcements Jan 16, 2000


CAUS is still scheduled to be in the U.S. District Court in Phoenix on February 7th to argue against the government's Motion for Summary Judgment in the CAUS lawsuit against the Department of Defense. Everyone, please keep your fingers crossed that we get lucky enough to have the opportunity to argue the merits of whether the DoD conducted a reasonable search for the documents about the "Flying Triangles."

In CAUS' other case pending in federal court, as of the above date, the U.S. Attorneys Office has yet to reply to the CAUS Response to their Motion to Dismiss the CAUS lawsuit against the United States, Secretary of Defense & Attorney General. I would assume the Judge will rule on the government's Motion later this month. It is doubtful that CAUS will be given the opportunity of arguing the merits of whether an "invasion" is actually occurring, specifically in Arizona.

But if, by some chance, CAUS is given that opportunity...then part of that proof would be the work of Dr. Roger K. Leir. If given a hearing, CAUS would qualify Dr. Leir as an expert in the removal of "alien implants" and introduce the implants into evidence. Of CAUS, the analysis of what they are would be subject to other expert testimony. In this regard, please consider the following e-mail from Roger.


Dear Peter,

I have scheduled another implant surgery for Feb. 5th. I am looking for donations to pay the costs of the surgery. I have some money already donated. Do you know anyone that might help. Also you are invited to attend. Let me know.


Dr. Leir's e-mail address is if anyone would like to contribute to a worthy CAUS.


CAUS believes that we have an absolute and unconditional right to information about our contact with this other form of intelligence which is interacting with our species. BeCAUSe of this belief, CAUS will continue to disseminate, without cost to the public, information and evidence of this contact. CAUS will also continue to use the judicial process, as well as any other viable strategy to obtain the truth and end the secrecy.

But in order to bring you the CAUS Highlights and the CAUS Web Site as well as accomplishing the CAUS objectives, while upholding the CAUS principles, CAUS needs your support. In the past six months CAUS has implemented several new programs in an attempt to make itself self-sufficient. Unfortunately, member support has not been overly enthusiastic and I must, once again, appeal to you, the members of CAUS, for support. It is certainly a humbling experience.

Last year CAUS instituted the voluntary "Dollar-a-Month Club." Only about 5 members are still contributing, though hundreds pledged their continued support. Back then I asked CAUS members whether the CAUS mailings (including Non-UFO Sundays), the CAUS Web Site and the CAUS Legal efforts were worth a buck a month. That breaks down to about 3 a day. Hundreds of members answered by sending in $12 at one time. Hundreds of others began sending $1a month...for about 5 months.

I now ask you, especially the members who have joined the CAUS in the past 12 months, is the CAUS worth at least 3 a day? Or am I just pursuing a lost CAUSe and the only reason CAUS has over 10,000 members is beCAUSe its free?

It's now Year 2000 and there is still much work to be done (see below for a future CAUS project). So it's now time for the CAUS faithful to come forward again and the new members to join them in supporting a CAUS you, hopefully, believe in.

My only request is that you send CAUS the "Dollar-a-Month" in one lump sum of $12 for the entire year. CAUS looks forward to your support. CAUS also accepts amounts larger than $12.

CAUS accepts cash, checks, money orders, credit cards, jewels, precious metals, non-terrestrial implants; extraterrestrial technology and gold-pressed latnum.


I have recently received a book by a CAUS supporter in England. I have been told the book, "Dark Moon" (Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers) by Mary Bennett and Dvid S. Percy, is not available in the United States. According to the authors, "The main thrust of this book is to question the entire validity of the official record of mankind's exploration of the Moon especially the Apollo lunar landings themselves."

The book is almost six hundred pages of text, photographs, charts, sketches and graphs. It is most impressive and very professionally written. It has created several reasonable doubts, in my mind at least, of both the honesty and integrity of some of the people in NASA.

Thus, within the next 60 days, CAUS will set its legalistic sights on NASA, an agency which so far has escaped CAUS' close scrutiny. And though, subject to the Freedom of Information Act, would be hard pressed to claim National Security as justification for withholding documents, photographs, videos and/or similar type of reports. CAUS welcomes any and all suggestions as to which direction to look. CAUS believes that a lawsuit against NASA under some theory, is a distinct possibility in the Year 2000...or possibly, in memory of Arthur C. 2001.


CAUS understands that there are many of you who support the CAUS but who are either on fixed incomes or presently suffering from financial hardships. One of the things we all have in common is that we are all online.

So if you cannot support the CAUS about becoming a CAUS Web Surfer?

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So...please support the CAUS any way you can.

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