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CAUS Announcements--March 6, 1999: DoD Response; Satellites & More

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CAUS Director Peter A. Gersten will be speaking at the following times and locations:

1) Art Bell's radio program Coast to Coast, Saturday Night, March 6th, in repeat of February 8th broadcast. Check Art Bell website at for local stations or RealAudio feed.

2) Sierra Vista, AZ on March 14, 1999 from 1-4 PM at the Windemere Hotel, 2047 Sth Highway 92. Please call either Rosebrae at 520-384-0781 or Metamorphosis at 520-459-3978 for further information.

3) Art Bell Chat Club in Sholow, AZ on March 19th.

4) AZTEC UFO 99 Festival on March 26-27th, 1999. Other speakers to include Edgar Mitchell; Bill Hamilton; Ted Loman; Jan Aldrich; possibly Joe Firmage and others. For information go to: or call 505-334-7647.

5) Art Bell Chat Club in San Diego, CA. on April 7th.


CAUS has received 90 governors' letters from the following 29 states:

Alabama (1); Alaska (2); Arizona (9); Arkansas (1); California (8); Connecticut (2); Colorado (1); Florida (5); Georgia (1); Idaho (1); Illinois (3); Maine (5); Maryland (1); Massachusetts (1); Michigan (1); Minnesota (3); Mississippi (1); Montana (3); New Jersey (1); New Mexico (2); New York (21); Ohio (3); Oregon (3); Pennsylvania (4); Texas (1); Utah (1); Virginia (1); Washington (3); Wisconsin (2)

Hard to believe that the other 21 states are not experiencing UFOs or PCEs.

If you have not sent your letter to CAUS, please go to the CAUS website and follow the simple directions. Make copies for your friends and neighbors. Spread the word and help collect the letters for CAUS. You do not have to be a witness to send the governor's letter.

On March 31, CAUS will send all the letters to the governors of each state. The more letters sent to CAUS and forwarded to the various governors, the more effective this CAUS campaign will be. Each state will have 30 days to reply to the demand letters or be subject to the appropriate legal action. CAUS has designated Arizona, California and New York for legal action.


The affidavit form is now on the CAUS website. If you have seen the triangular shaped UFO or something similar, please go to the CAUS website and follow the simple directions. If you have any questions, you can call me at the telephone number listed in the directions.

The affidavits will be used in the CAUS lawsuits against the Department of Defense and the individual states.


NEW: Department of Defense responds...or does it? (see below)

1) CAUS v. Department of Army (documents based upon statements by Col. [dec.] Philip Corso about seeing alien bodies and alien autopsy reports.)

Oral argument (hearing) on whether the Army conducted a 'reasonable search' for documents responsive to the CAUS request is scheduled for May 10, 1999, at 1:30 PM in the United States District Court in Phoenix.

CAUS is requesting that its members and supporters attend in a showing of solidarity. CAUS expects the hearing to be covered by the media.

2) CAUS v. Department of Defense (information about the triangular shaped UFOs)

This case is pending in the United States District Court in Phoenix. The DoD, through the US Attorneys Office, has responded to the CAUS complaint. Unfortunately the 'ANSWER' is nothing more than a 'form' response with much legaleeze and no substance. No where in the 'ANSWER' does the US Attorney's Office indicate whether the DoD has found any documents pursuant to the CAUS request. CAUS will now prepare a Discovery Motion to submit to the DoD. The DoD 'ANSWER' will be posted on the CAUS website during the coming week.

And please, if you saw these triangular craft, or know of someone who did...send CAUS the affidavit of the eyewitness.

3) CAUS v. FBI; CIA & Department of Defense (information about the 'alien abduction phenomenon')

Still in the administrative stage.

This past week, CAUS filed its second appeal with the FBI.


CAUS has decided that Arizona will be the first test case under Article IV; Section IV of the US Constitution and if no reply is received within 30 days of receipt of the governor's letters (see above), CAUS will institute a lawsuit (Writ of Mandamus) against the governor of Arizona. This lawsuit, on behalf of the citizens of Arizona, will ask the superior court to direct the governor of Arizona to demand that the federal government protect its citizens against the 'invasion' in our skies, of our homes and of our persons...from these unknown, unidentified, unexplained and unusual craft and entities.


Today CAUS is pleased to announce the formation of it's first group of Satellites and the first of many Geographical Coordinators (GCs). As you can see, CAUS has now established a presence world wide. The growing list of GCs and locations are:

James Rickey Heflin, Loganville, Georgia E-mail Address(es): (772-466-2367)

Michael A. Orton, Gwynedd, United Kingdom E-mail Address(es): (44 0 1766 780 665)

Jonathan Travis Rose, Norman, Oklahoma E-mail Address(es):

Amelia C. Porcella, Atlanta, Georgia E-mail Address(es): (404-636-5161)

Patricia L. Alfano, Lake Bluff, Illinois E-mail Address(es): (847-735-8214)

Rick D. Harrison, N. Vernon, Indiana E-mail Address(es): (812-346-9113)

Thomas Raymond Wells, Stuttgart, Arkansas E-mail Address(es): (870-673-6997)

Justin K. M. Low, Singapore E-mail Address(es):

Anyone in or around the above areas may now contact the regional GC. The Satellites will be forming and meeting soon. If you have any questions, contact the GC located nearest you. CAUS still needs GCs for the rest of the US and the world. If you would be willing to help, contact Joe Holman at


CAUS receives many wonderful letters and e-mails praising the work it is doing. Some, like the one below, touch our soul and inspire us to continue on this 'yellow brick road' to see what is 'behind the curtain.'

February 24. 1999

Dear Peter A. Gersten

I want to make a donation to the CAUS! I greatly admire the persistence and dedication that has been shown toward the matter of finally having Disclosure.

Please keep up the great efforts you have expended thus far in this cause and please continue the solicitation for support from the many who believe in you, as it affects all Americans, and people around the world.

I appreciate the opportunity of this occasion to stand up for myself, as are many of my peers, and fight for what I think is important, what I believe in! And, thank you for this opportunity to contribute further to this cause.

In Victory of Spirit,

Brenda S. Adley

CAUS thanks the following members who have sent in contributions this past week supporting the CAUS:

Sally A. Metzger; Mindy Gerber; T.R. Garcia; Michael C. Fortson; Carolyn McCloud; Stephen D. Maye; J. Rollinger; Brenda Adley; Peggy Stackwood; Louis Haseltine; Erin Marshall; Stephen C. Rutherford; Tim Wolden; Tom Sanger; Thomas J. Birong; Fran Basham; William D. Simpson; Ronald R. Texter; Alaska; Judith P. Lindsey; Dick Amison; Richard Randall; Alix L. Reid; Marylin A. Adams; R.V. Seslar; Bill & Mona McGee; Tom Buyea; Ralp Textor; Wai Ming & Nancy S. Cheung; Dennis Berry; Dr. Joseph B. Burkes; Ingrid Rosenthal; Harry & Nan Maddox; K. Christopher Toney; William C. Wands; Jeffrey R. Archer; Greg F. Hyland; Lorraine & Mike Ferrara

CAUS, CAUSupdates, CAUS lawsuits, CAUS website and the other CAUS projects are made possible by the kind and generous support of People who want to find the truth and end the secrecy surrounding our contact with another form of intelligence. Isn't that you? Please help support the CAUS as it keeps you informed and aware of this non-human intelligence that is interacting with us.

You can support CAUS by joining our 'Dollar a Month Club.' All you do is send CAUS $1.00 per month (or $12 once a year). CAUS accepts donations of all amounts. Checks, cash, credit cards and money orders are accepted. CAUS, PO. BOX 20351, Sedona, AZ 86341; 520-284-5248; e-mail:


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