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CAUS Announcements: Montana Governor Responds

GOVERNOR'S LETTERS: CAUS receives its first response

Governor Racicot of Montana writes:

Dear Director Gersten:

I have received your letter of demand, seeking federal intervention in order to address alleged nonconsensual trespasses, assaults, false imprisonment and kidnapping by non-human perpetrators who are invading the skies of Montana in triangular, "v" shaped aerial objects. You state if I fail to comply with your demand you are prepared to take steps, including legal actions.

I must advise that I am not prepared to accede to your demand, as I do not have convincing evidence that there is any significant threat of the sort you describe.

I regret that I cannot be of further assistance, but I hope this information is helpful.



Though Governor Racicot is somewhat confused about the connection between the abductions and the triangular craft, CAUS does appreciate his response. More importantly, one can infer, assuming the 'convincing evidence,' that the Governor would be inclined to 'accede to my demand' and request federal guidance, if not intervention. is time to mobilize Montana in order to produce the 'convincing evidence' the Governor lacks. If you have had ANY TYPE of UFO sighting in Montana or ANY KIND of Personal Contact Experience (PCE) please notify CAUS as soon as possible.

We have an opportunity. The door to the closet is slowing opening...and something is hiding in the the darkness. So let's finally see what it looks like. CAUS needs your reports. Its time for Montana residents to be heard!

AFFIDAVITS: CAUS has received 42 affidavits so far. Keep sending them in!

Since the Department of Defense has denied having any information on the triangular UFOs, CAUS must prove its existence both in its present lawsuit against the DOD as well as in its future lawsuits against the individual States. Only through eyewitness testimony in the form of affidavits, videos and photographs can CAUS accomplish this.

The affidavit form and instructions are on the CAUS website. CAUS can also mail an affidavit to anyone who does not have access to the affidavit on the CAUS website. If you have seen the triangular shaped UFO or something similar (or if in Arizona or Montana, any experience or sighting) please send CAUS your affidavit. If you have any questions, you can call me at 520-284-5248.


New CAUS Website & CAUS' first off-line monthly newsletter: 'CAUS & EFFECT'

The new redesigned (with reverse-engineered web-technology) CAUS website and new cool CAUS logo will soon be online. Beginning in May, CAUS will also be publishing its first off-line newsletter...CAUS & EFFECT. Be sure to watch for both.


Mike Kirby ( writes:

"I would like to say that as soon as I get paid I will send some money to help support CAUS and I think everyone else who is a member of CAUS should do the same because we all need to stand together on this."

CAUS agrees wholeheartedly. Since my 'urgent appeal' in February, CAUS has received contributions from less than 10% of its members. That leaves over 9000 People who have not contributed, even the suggested $1 dollar a month, to the CAUS. More importantly, while contributions have been steadily decreasing each week, the need for additional funding has been increasing due to the costs of the pending and prospective CAUS projects and lawsuits.

As I have stated each week, and want to emphasize more strongly...CAUS with its CAUSupdates, CAUS lawsuits, CAUS website and the other CAUS projects are made possible ONLY by the kind and generous support of People who want to find the truth and end the secrecy surrounding our contact with another form of intelligence. Isn't that you?

I spend 8-14 hours, 6-7 days a week for the CAUS. But then again that's my choice. All I ask in return is that, if you appreciate ANY of the work I am doing, you help support the CAUS as it keeps you informed and aware of this non-human intelligence that is interacting with us.

You can support CAUS by joining its 'Dollar a Month Club.' All you need do is send CAUS $1.00 per month (or $12 once a year). CAUS also accepts donations of all amounts. For donations of $25.00 or more, CAUS will send you the CAUS video as a token of its appreciation. Checks, cash, credit cards and money orders are accepted. CAUS, PO. BOX 20351, Sedona, AZ 86341; 520-284-5248; e-mail:


1) CAUS v. Department of Army (documents based upon statements by Col. [dec] Philip Corso about seeing alien bodies and alien autopsy reports).

Arguments on the Army's motion to dismiss scheduled for May 10th at 1:30 PM in the US District Court in Phoenix. CAUS requests that, if possible, you attend the Court hearing.

2) CAUS v. Department of Defense (information about the triangular shaped UFOs)

No court date set. CAUS will attempt to subpoena, for depositions, the heads of the Joint Staff and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

3) CAUS v. FBI; CIA & Department of Defense (information about the 'alien abduction phenomenon')

No change from CAUS announcement dated March 6, 1999.


CAUS still needs Geographical Coordinators to form CAUS Satellites in their areas. If you would be willing to help, contact Joe Holman at:


CAUS Director Peter A. Gersten will be speaking at the following times and locations:

1) Art Bell Chat Club in Showlow, AZ on April 26th. For information please contact Quila at

2) Orange County, CA. MUFON on July 28th.


Once again CAUS and I wish to personally thank and acknowledge the generous support of those who have answered my call. During the past two weeks, CAUS has received contributions from the following People:

Marc Stromberg; Charles B. Shivers Jr.; Stephen Graves; John Guarino; William F. Kreidler; Chris Bampton; L. Ferrara; Thomas L. Buyea; Thomas J. Birong; Ronald R. Texter; Lucia Kim August; Ann Ulrich; Roberta Pastor; Wes Harrison; Linda L. Schmall; Jim Garren; Steve Kintz; David A. Ott; M. David Philpot; David Martin Jinks; anonymous; Beverley Igo; Jim David; Patrick Flaherty; Edward M. Shawlis; D. Candy; Dolly L. Ogana; Jeffrtey S. Courtney; Robert V. Seslar; Thellann Fisher; Mike Ingram; Cordley Coit; Peggy Sue Gerron; L. Kaye Carter; Judith P. Lindsey; Robert G. Pickett; Sharon Ann Saunders; John Curtis Kisela; Elizabeth A. Quitevis; Tim & Susanne Taylor; Carlos A. Palacios; Eileen C. Carper; Thelma Jackson; Eileen Way; Kenneth F. Middleton; Rick Harrison; Laura Hunsaker; Curtis Cooperman; Louise Lowry; Barb Knox; Ruth Manhart; Better Late Than Never; Lisa Wahlund; Bebby Arnold; Stephanie A. Kethman.


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