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Announcements: A Virus; Gov. Replies & Judge Denies

Before I present the weekly CAUS Announcements, I thought I would share with you this article. Wouldn't want you to miss any of the wonderful CAUSupdates:


By Dick Satran

SAN FRANCISCO (April 22) -- A virus that can wipe out all the data on a personal computer's hard drive and even make it impossible to start programs up is set to hit next Monday, security experts warned.

The virus is a malicious piece of software code that has been turning up in PCs for months, but the version that will strike Monday is the most-feared variation.

The so-called CIH or ''space filler'' virus originated in Asia last summer and hits on the 26th of each month. The CIH 1.2 that appears only once a year in April is the ''most prevalent and dangerous'' form of the virus, said Sal Viveros, marketing vice president for Network Associates Inc., the largest computer security company.

The CIH virus is far more dangerous to individual computers than Melissa, the much publicized bug that spread relatively benign problems far and wide on the Internet last month.

The CIH virus can irretrievably destroy data on a user's computer, and even make the machine inoperable, while Melissa only really caused embarrassment, by sending a list of porn sites from a target computer's e-mail address book, and tied up some corporate e-mail systems with traffic.

The CIH gets the name ''space filler'' because it uses a special technique that secretly fills file space on computers and thwarts many of the anti-virus softwares in place before its arrival. The virus is also called the Chernobyl virus because it's timed to go off on the anniversary of the Russian nuclear accident, one of technology's worst disasters.

The virus is designed to hide from view by inserting itself into empty coding slots on a computer's software utilities. Viruses are often detected because they use up extra space on hard drives, but the ''space filler'' helps CIH avoid that traditional method of detection. It can lie dormant for months before causing damage.

The April version of the virus is particularly damaging because it can also keep a computer from starting up by infecting the software on which all the PC's programs depend, the basic input/output system, or BIOS. If the BIOS is infected, the computer will not start.

Most up-to-date anti-virus software will spot the bug, if it's there, and many corporate computers have recently upgraded their protection due to the Melissa scare, said Network Associates' Viveros.

The biggest impact is likely to be on home computers, said Viveros, who added that computer users can download an anti-virus program free of charge from his company's site ( The virus is spread by e-mail over the Internet or in pirated software. It infects Windows 95 and Windows 98 files.

''People should make sure they have the latest antivirus software run on their computers,'' said Bill Pollak, of Carnegie Mellon's Software Engineering Institute, which runs the Computer Emergency Response Team, or CERT. The center has already prepared an ''incident'' note that it will put on its site (

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And now our regular scheduled features:

GOVERNOR'S LETTERS: CAUS receives two more replies

Governor Don Siegelman of Alabama writes:

Dear Director Gersten:

Thank you for your letter of April 5, 1999, regarding your concerns about Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS). As you know, the Attorney General is the chief law enforcement official in Alabama. Therefore, I am today forwarding a copy of your letter to his office for further review.

I appreciate your calling this matter to my attention. Feel free to contact my office with any further questions or thoughts you may have.

Thanks again for your correspondence. I look forward to working with you to make Alabama the best it can be.

Governor Gary Locke of Washington writes:

Dear Peter:

This letter acknowledges that my office received your correspondence dated April 5, 1999 with the accompanying eleven petitions signed by residents of Washington State.

Since you indicate that the matter of concern to you is presently in litigation in US District Court in Phoenix, it would not be appropriate for me to intercede or offer an opinion. As Governor, my energies are focused on improving education, protecting our environment and saving our salmon, stimulating our rural economy, governmental efficiency, and combating crime and drug abuse. I hope that other citizens of the state share and support these important goals.

Thank you for contacting me.


Since the Department of Defense has denied having any information on the triangular UFOs, CAUS must prove its existence both in its present lawsuit against the DOD. Only through eyewitness testimony in the form of affidavits, videos and photographs can CAUS accomplish this.

The affidavit form and instructions are on the CAUS website. CAUS can also mail an affidavit to anyone who does not have access to the affidavit on the CAUS website. If you have seen the triangular shaped UFO or something similar (or if in Arizona or Montana any experience or sighting) please send CAUS your affidavit. If you have any questions, you can call me at 520-284-5248.


1) CAUS v. Department of Army (documents based upon statements by Col. [dec] Philip Corso about seeing alien bodies and alien autopsy reports).

In an unexpected move, US District Court Judge Roslyn O. Silver canceled oral arguments on the Army's Motion for Summary Judgment (motion to dismiss). A call to the Judge's chambers revealed that Judge Silver, after reading the responsive written briefs and affidavits presented by both sides, found oral arguments unnecessary. CAUS expects the Judge's decision on the government's dismissal motion to be forthcoming and...unfavorable.

2) CAUS v. Department of Defense (information about the triangular shaped UFOs)

A preliminary pretrial conference has been scheduled for June 14th. CAUS will, prior to that date, attempt to subpoena the heads of the Joint Staff and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for deposition purposes. The US Attorney representing the DOD has informed CAUS that it will oppose such an attempt.

3) CAUS v. FBI; CIA & Department of Defense (information about the 'alien abduction phenomenon')

No change from CAUS announcement dated March 6, 1999.


CAUS still needs Geographical Coordinators to form CAUS Satellites in their areas. If you would be willing to help, contact Joe Holman at:


CAUS Director Peter A. Gersten will be speaking at the following times and locations:

1) Art Bell Chat Club in Showlow, AZ on Monday evening, April 26th. For information please contact Quila at

2) Orange County, CA. MUFON on July 28th. Further details as they become available.


Once again CAUS and I wish to personally thank and acknowledge the generous support of those who have answered my call. During the past weeks CAUS has received contributions from the following People:

Gail L. Stout; Mary Geary; Marina Diamond-Heart; Jerry Butler; Marcia McGuire; David Jones; Lois J. Larson; Kathy Grigson; Tom Buyea; Gina C. Edwards; Jeff Smathers; D. Jennifer Hewitt; anonymous; L. Ashby; Sharolyn S. Sprigg; James K. Ash; Jacquie Janssen; Amanda R. Enherder; H. Wendell Childs; Beverly B. Kitchen; Dr. Harry G. Willnus; Susan Sterzay; Dale C. Arend; anonymous; Blayne J. Thornton; Mary M. Zimmer; Raymond B. Parker; Catherine E. Hoffman


CAUS and its CAUSupdates, CAUS lawsuits, CAUS website and other CAUS projects are made possible ONLY by the kind and generous support of People who want to find the truth and end the secrecy surrounding our contact with another form of intelligence. Isn't that you? Help support the CAUS as it keeps you informed and aware of this non-human intelligence that is interacting with us.

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