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1) CAUS v. Department of Defense

On Monday, July 5th CAUS will be filing its "Motion for Limited Discovery" in which CAUS is requesting that it be allowed to submit seven Interrogatories (questions) and depose Dr. Steven Greer and Peter Davenport. CAUS will post the Motion and Interrogatories next Saturday.

2) CAUS v. U.S. Government & State of Arizona

This will be the first CAUS non-FOIA lawsuit and thus will not be restricted by the limited discovery opportunities of FOIA actions. This lawsuit is based upon Article IV; Section IV of the U.S. Constitution which requires the federal government to protect the states against invasion. CAUS believes the alien abduction phenomenon as well as certain UFO events (Phoenix Lights) constitute an invasion.

CAUS has previously sent letters to the governor of Arizona, Secretary of Defense and Attorney General about its concern but has received no response from any of the respective parties. CAUS fully intends to exhaust its administrative and judicial remedies before it considers any extrajudicial methods. Its time to wake the town and tell the whatever means necessary.


1) Extraordinary News Network (ExNews)

In conjunction with the new Extraordinary News Network, CAUS director, Peter A. Gersten will host a weekly audio interview on topics impacting the UFO community. The weekly show was announced recently in an interview with Robert McCoy, founder of Extraordinary News Network, a global forum for sharing unusual information -- facts, concepts, possibilities, and speculations intended to foster deeper human inquiry in an environment free from all forms of coercion.

Gersten's initial interview with Richard C. Hoagland discusses Richard's views on Chelation Therapy and the Miami Circle. In the weeks to come Gersten plans on interviewing Art Bell about his lawsuit, John Ramses on 11:11, Assistant U.S. attorney Richard Patrick on the CAUS FOIA cases, Peter Davenport on UFO researcher secrecy and many others.

For interviews please go to: Ex News

2) UFO Magazine

Beginning with the July issue, CAUS director Peter A. Gersten will have a monthly column in UFO Magazine.


CAUS Director Peter A. Gersten will be speaking at the following times and locations:

1) Wednesday, July 28th; Orange County, CA. MUFON. Further details as they become available.

2) Saturday, August 21st; Art Bell Chat Club, Anaheim, CA. Further details as they become available.

3) Weekend, September 4th and 5th, 1999; Bay Area UFO Expo: Marriott Hotel (Formerly the Dunfey Hotel) San Mateo, California. Gersten, Leir, Davenport, Dean, Leslie, Friedman, Maussan, Hoagland, Greer; Friedman to name a few. For details: or Contact Victoria Jack (408) 723-1076; Fax (408)266-4749; E-mail:


CAUS wishes to thank Joe Brumley, the editor of CAUS & EFFECT, the new CAUS newsletter for those members who do not have access to the Internet, for his tireless and selfless contribution to the CAUS. Though faced with a personal crisis on learning of his significant other's recent diagnosis of lymphatic cancer, Joe was still able to mail out the premier issue of the newsletter last week. CAUS applauds Joe for his contribution to the CAUS.

CAUS also wants to thank Keith Rowland for his continued efforts, in spite of his recent hospitalization for cardiac problems, to have the new CAUS website online...hopefully by next weekend.

And of CAUS we cannot forget the following members who have generously contributed to the CAUS during the past few weeks:

Rick Harrison; Joe & Beverly Kitchen; Corky Adams; Kenneth Reddick; Blayne M. Alexander; Shirley Hocking; Delores Endy; Mimi C. Porter; C. Paul Ayven; Lynne M. Banta; anonymous; Laurie A. Davidson; L.Kaye Carter; Kimberly Horne; Suzie Burrows; Max Swanson; Dan Cox; Thomas Buyea; Beverly Shientag-Betts; Shirley J. McNall; Judith P. Lindsey; Michael Biel; Morgan A. Clements; Dennis McCabe; Earl J. Haley; Rodney C. Conrad Jr.; Mary M. Dyer; Alfred Berger; Beverly Criswell; Scott A. O'Connor; Kathleen O'Shaughnessy; Lewis Haseltine; Dice Amison; Rocky Ganglani; Ted Trusillo; Earl Jay Haley; M.F.T. Bilodeu; Wayne A. Rhodehouse; Carolyn McCloud; D. Caddy; Windpower


As stated above, the first issue of the new monthly CAUS offline newsletter CAUS & EFFECT is now available. If you have any friends or relatives who do not have access to a computer, suggest they subscribe...or get them a gift subscription. Its only $20 a year and contains the monthly highlights of the CAUSupdates as well as some new features. See below for CAUS address information to subscribe.


Together, the people of the world have accomplished amazing feats. Learning the truth about our contact with another intelligence from government agencies might seem, at first sight, another unassailable challenge. Yet, history shows that joint and organized efforts can do what was once considered impossible. Citizens Against UFO Secrecy stands unbendingly on accomplishing that.

The vested interests dedicated to maintaining the status quo have an endless supply of funds and information to protect their secrets and so must we. CAUS has outlined four flexible ways for you to contribute and participate. Checks, cash, credit cards and money orders are accepted. Please note the new CAUS address and telephone number: CAUS, 8624 E. San Bruno Drive, Scottsdale AZ 85258; 480-609-9120; e-mail: and here's how:

1) "Dollar a Month Club" - Sometimes we mean to but we end up forgetting. So when you write the checks for your monthly bills, you might want to add a $1.00 for CAUS. We would certainly appreciate it.

2) "Yearly Donation" - A single contribution of $12.00 and that's it. We would sure be thankful.

3) "Any Amount" - From dollars to cents, every nickel helps the CAUS. And for a contribution of $25.00 or more...CAUS will send you a gift: you own a CAUS video to show some of your friends how things are working at CAUS.

4) "Word is Valuable" - Send in your Personal Contact Experiences (PCEs); sighting reports and any information you find valuable to the CAUS.

CAUS, CAUSupdates, the CAUS website and CAUS lawsuits depend entirely on your contributions. Please support the CAUS.


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