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Its time again for some of which I thought would never come:


Finally it has arrived...or at least will be this Monday. CAUS will thus be shifting its focus from its daily newsletter CAUSupdates to its new website hosted by Keith Rowland. Beginning Monday, CAUSupdates will continue to be sent out on a daily weekday basis and twice on Saturday and Sunday, but now, instead of containing the entire report, it will contain only the report's highlights with a link to the website where the entire report can be found. This will alleviate the overly long e-mails, truncated e-mails and reading reports and subjects a member is not interested in.

The new website will have both audio (CAUS interviews) and video capabilities (look for the previously aired 15 minute UPN special on CAUS...on the website next week) as well as new areas of interest. All of the past CAUSupdates will also be archived on the site by subject. Where the present CAUS website was not kept current and only needed to be accessed on joining, the new website will pride itself on its continuing posting of new information (look for the newest CAUS lawsuit's Complaint as well as the eyewitness affidavits in its current lawsuit), ideas and innovations.

There will also be a new and better way to both subscribe and unsubscribe to the CAUSupdates and to file a report or commentary.

CAUS thanks Mark Williams for getting the first CAUS website off the ground and his continued dedication to the CAUS, and to Stephen Smith, the new website's original designer and also to Keith Rowland for finally making this Monday a reality. His tireless and limitless energy, without compensation, on behalf of the CAUS is admirable and much appreciated.


CAUS v. Department of Defense

U.S. Attorney Richard Patrick, representing the DoD, has objected to the CAUS Motion for Limited Discovery (see his response on the new CAUS website next week). In view of his objection, CAUS believes its request will be denied by the Court. The Motion asked for permission to subpoena Davenport and Greer and seven questions CAUS wanted the DoD to answer (see Interrogatories on new website).

CAUS has requested a 30 day extension to answer the DoD's Motion for Summary Judgment (see new website for Motion). The U.S. Attorney has consented to the request. (hallelujah)

CAUS v. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA; JANET RENO, Attorney General United States; WILLIAM S. COHEN, Secretary of Defense United States; STATE OF ARIZONA, JANE HULL, Governor

The Complaint has been completed (see new CAUS website) and should be filed next week (filing fee alone is $150). Since this type of lawsuit has never even been attempted before, CAUS has no idea how long it will be allowed to remain "alive" before it will be, in all probability, dismissed. The longer the better, of CAUS...and you never know what can happen in the interim. The lawsuit has many procedural as well as substantive problems including CAUS standing to sue, the nature of the claim (CAUS of action) and the remedy requested. It is even possible that the Court will consider this a frivolous action and fine CAUS. CAUS is open to all possibilities. But as Harry Chapin once said, "I'd rather make a mistake than do nothing."


It appears that the CAUS Commentary, "CAUS Draws the Line" has rekindled enthusiasm and interest for a gathering in Washington, D.C. next year. CAUS believes that all legally and socially acceptable avenues must be exhausted before any civil disobedience is planned, let alone it is fully behind such a project and in fact will take an active part in organizing such a rally. Any suggestions as to an appropriate name for this project and a logical date would be appreciated. "There will be an answer...let it be."


UFO Magazine:
I now have a regular monthly column running in UFO Magazine and you can either call 1-888-UFO MAGAZINE or click over to to become a subscriber.

Orange County Art Bell Chat Club:
Saturday night, August 21, 1999.

Bay Area UFO Expo:
Sept. 04-05; San Mateo Marriott Hotel, San Mateo, CA.
With: Steven Greer, MD, Scott Mandeler, Ph.D., Sean Morton, Richard Hoagland,
A.J.Gevaerd, Richard Boylan, Ph.D, Dan Sherman, Robert Dean, Stanton
Friedman, Peter Davenport, James Hurtak, Ph.D., Roger Leir, DPM, Wendelle
Stevens, Don Ecker, Peter Gersten, Melinda Leslie, Jose Escamilla and others;
Information at: or (408) 723-1076;

Planet Earth At The Crosssroads Conference
Oct. 8-10; Virginia Beach, VA
With: Dr. Richard Boylan, Dr. Brian O'Leary, Dr. Steven Greer, Dr. Robert
Wood & Ryan Wood, Dr. Chet Snow, John White, David Hatcher Childress, Jeanne Manning,
Phillip Krapf, Marc Davenport, Leah Haley, Peter Gersten, Al Bielek and
Preston Nichols; more info at: or


I want to personally thank each of the latest 33 CAUS members who answered my Urgent Appeal last Saturday as well as the CAUS members who have loyally continued to support the CAUS directly over the past six months. And for those of you who, beCAUS of financial constraints, still haven't...the new CAUS website will suggest other ways to financially contribute indirectly to the CAUS.


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