CAUS Announcements

CAUS Announcements: Saturday - August 28, 1999


1) CAUS v. Department of Defense.

CAUS is in the process of answering the DoD's Motion for Summary Judgment (Dismiss). CAUS has until September 14th to answer the motion. The CAUS response will be posted on its website when completed. The response will include many of the affidavits CAUS received from witnesses to the triangular UFOs. These affidavits are presently posted on the CAUS website and are linked from the homepage.

The Court still has not decided the CAUS Motion for Limited Discovery. The motion includes a list of 7 Interrogatories (questions) and a request to depose Dr. Steven Greer and Peter Davenport.

2) CAUS v. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA; JANET RENO, Attorney General United States; WILLIAM S. COHEN, Secretary of Defense United States; STATE OF ARIZONA, JANE DEE HULL, Governor

This lawsuit will be filed on Wednesday, September 1st. A press release has been prepared and will be distributed on that day. I will forward the press release to all members and it will be posted on the website this Tuesday. CAUS asks that you disseminate the press release to all appropriate parties including all radio, TV and newspapers in your area. CAUS believes it is extremely important that we bring as much attention as possible to the issues addressed in this precedent-setting legal initiative. The truth is out there...unfortunately we must subpoena it!


The new CAUS website will have a gift shop, bookstore and travel agency.

Gift Shop - Intergalactic Shopping Portal

The gift shop will contain both CAUS products and CAUS sponsored products. If anyone has a product or service (s)he would like CAUS to consider featuring in its gift shop, please e-mail me at this address.

Bookstore - Stargate to Knowledge

CAUS is requesting that its members send it reviews of books that they have read and can recommend. CAUS will feature the reviews in its bookstore with credit to the reviewer. Regular reviewers will have their own section. Reviews need not be restricted to UFO books. Any book that is currently available and which a member finds worthwhile will be included. The only condition is that the reviewer must have read the book and that it still be available.

Travel Agency - Timeless Journeys

If any member is a tour guide and would like to put together special tours for CAUS members to sacred sites, interdimensional portals, stargates, crop circles, and/or high or recent UFO activity areas, please contact me for information.

CAUS Specialists

CAUS is also looking for individuals who would like to become specialists in the areas CAUS features on its website. Subjects include: Crop Circles; UFO categories such as Rods, Orbs, Discs; Flying Triangles, etc., both national and foreign reports; Strange Creatures; and PCEs. Basically, any subject that offers evidence of our contact with this other form of intelligence is acceptable. A specialist would be required to keep up to date on the latest reports and information, forwarding them to CAUS. All specialists will be listed, by subject, on the CAUS website and given credit for their reports. Please contact CAUS if anyone is interested.

CAUS Consultants

CAUS would appreciate the guidance of professional consultants in the following areas: marketing, merchandising, promotion, public relations; and financing. If you have the time to volunteer your expertise, please contact me. Its time to take CAUS to the next level. Its time to reach the people outside the UFO community.


UFO Magazine:

The CAUS Director has a regular monthly column, "CAUS for Concern" featured in UFO Magazine. Either call 1-888-UFO MAGAZINE or surf over to to become a subscriber.

FATE Magazine:

The September issue takes an enlightened look at CAUS' controversial Director in "Rebel With A CAUS" by Gary Val Tenuta.

Bay Area UFO Expo: Sept. 04-05; San Mateo Marriott Hotel, San Mateo, CA. With: Steven Greer, MD, Scott Mandeler, Ph.D., Sean Morton, Richard Hoagland, A.J.Gevaerd, Richard Boylan, Ph.D, Dan Sherman, Robert Dean, Stanton Friedman, Peter Davenport, James Hurtak, Ph.D., Roger Leir, DPM, Wendelle Stevens, Don Ecker, Peter Gersten, Melinda Leslie, Jose Escamilla and others; Information: at: or (408) 723-1076;

Planet Earth At The Crosssroads Conference Oct. 8-10; Virginia Beach, VA With: Dr. Richard Boylan, Dr. Brian O'Leary, Dr. Steven Greer, Dr. Robert Wood & Ryan Wood, Dr. Chet Snow, John White, David Hatcher Childress, Jeanne Manning, Phillip Krapf, Marc Davenport, Leah Haley, Peter Gersten, Al Bielek and Preston Nichols; more info at: or


There will soon be several new innovative ways you can help support CAUS and its principles, website, reports and lawsuits. Stay tuned for details.


1) When in doubt do something;
2) I'd rather make a mistake than do nothing;
3) I'd rather be wrong than be frightened; and
4) They key to my life is that I am not afraid to make an ass of myself.

With much appreciation to one of my heroes...Harry Chapin for the above.


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