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On Wednesday, September 1st, CAUS will file its historic and precedent setting legal initiative in the U.S. District Court in Phoenix. All of the six previous CAUS lawsuits have come under the Freedom of Information Act. In the lawsuits against the CIA (1977) and NSA, (1980) both agencies admitted they possessed responsive UFO documents but refused to release them on national security grounds. In the most recent lawsuits against the Army (1998) and the Department of Defense (1999) both agencies denied having any responsive documents.

It has now become apparent to CAUS, that what a "reasonable search" uncovered twenty years ago, no longer is sufficient to obtain UFO related materials today. Both for this reason, as well as the limited availability of standard discovery procedures in FOIA cases, CAUS, in the future, will only use the FOIA under special circumstances.

Wednesday night on the Art Bell radio show "Coast to Coast" I will discuss the events and circumstances that led me to file this controversial and unprecedented lawsuit against both the federal government and the State of Arizona using the U.S. Constitution, and not the FOIA, as the basis.

CAUS believes that the "alien abduction" phenomenon and the strange aerial craft that continue to defy explanation, are of such importance as to warrant a lawsuit of this nature. BeCAUS of both the controversial nature of the lawsuit and its untested legal basis, each day CAUS remains in court is a moral victory. Unfortunately, moral victories do not bring attention to a subject that is normally steeped in ridicule. CAUS fully expects this lawsuit to bring criticism from some in both the legal community and the UFO community. The former is understandable...the latter deplorable. No matter what one's beliefs as to the nature and purpose of this contact...there continues to be reported acts that, if committed by humans, would be investigated and prosecuted. Who is anyone to say that these reports are not what they appear to be? Who is anyone to say that an investigation into the allegations is not warranted?

The bottom line is that we are in contact with "something" There is evidence that one aspect of this contact appears to be a threat to our safety...just as criminal conduct by members of own species is. It is the same evidence that can convict a person of murder. But beCAUS of the non-human nature of the perpetrators, this evidence is ignored.

Whether we are actually being invaded is a question that only an investigation can determine. All CAUS is asking is that someone in authority, someone in the media, and someone with the necessary resources...look at what is being reported. Something is occurring to members of our own species...does anyone even care?

Please help spread the word. Download/copy the press release. Call or fax your local TV and radio stations, local newspapers, elected representatives and any other appropriate parties. Bring as much focus and attention on this legal action and its implications as you can. We have an opportunity. The press release and complaint can be found at

"The truth will set us free."

Peter A. Gersten


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