Arizona UFO Reports

Arizona UFO Reports #1

On this Monday, as CAUS substantiates its 'invasion' theory in the state of Arizona, CAUS shares with you a small sample of possibly some of the evidence:

1) CAUS thanks Polly J. Pace ( for these reports:

1986: Sometime between Jan and April: My husband worked at Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station and got to and from work in a carpool. I drove to the corner of 75th Ave and Indian School Rd to pick him up around 5pm. An exchange student from Brazil was with me. We parked and got out of the car to enjoy the nice weather while we waited for Gary to arrive. As we got out of the car, Fabio looked up and asked, "What's that?" I looked up to find a metallic disc moving silently across a clear sky. In shape it looked rather like one of the metal dish covers used by hotel room service and by hospitals to keep food warm on a plate. The metal looked rather like brushed stainless steel (like a kitchen sink). It seemed to be spinning as it moved across the sky, but I couldn't be sure of that. It was absolutely silent. It seemed to move slightly faster than a commercial jet, and we watched it for probably 10 seconds more or less, until it disappeared into some clouds to the South. The part of the sky which we watched it cross (from north to south) was clear and blue with no clouds. Size-wise, it was nickel-to-quarter size at arm's length. When I saw it, I answered Fabio, "It's a UFO!" and he said, "That's what I thought!"

1997: I was driving from PHX to Florence and drove south on 51st Ave and across the Pima Indian reservation to avoid freeway traffic through PHX. As I got onto I-10 from Maricopa Rd, I glanced in my rearview mirror to check traffic behind me as I merged onto the highway. As I glanced in the mirror, I clearly caught sight of a huge round (spherical?) orangish colored object rising straight up from South Mountain. I couldn't keep watching as I had to return my attention to the traffic ahead of me. But then I immediately returned my gaze to the mirror to see if the object was still visible. It was not. It was so unsettling that I pulled my vehicle over to the side of the road in order to look at the sky to see if I could again see whatever I'd caught in the mirror. It had disappeared. Since I was looking at it in the rearview mirror, I have no way of accurately assessing it's size, but as it rose up from the mountain in comparison it was enormous. This happened during late morning hours, full daylight; the weather was clear that day and there were thin, wispy clouds in the sky.

1998: The next sighting was about a year ago. Gary and I go out with friends to the Sun Valley Parkway west of Phoenix occasionally to watch for UFOs. It runs north and south between Bell Rd to the North and I-10 to the South (below I-10 it becomes Palo Verde Rd), and is called "the road to Nowhere." It runs along the western side of the White Tank Mountains which block the lights of the city. This evening we were watching a bright light over the southern end of the White Tanks. There were smaller lights that seemed to merge with it and then separate from it. Through binoculars we could see 2 spherical metallic-looking objects sitting near it like satellites of some sort. Through the binoculars we could also see that the object had red, blue, and white lights, but we couldn't discern a shape to it.

Another time we went to the road to Nowhere, we watched 3 unusual color-changing lights at once. One stationary one to the NW of us, one over the southern end of the White Tanks to the east of us, and a very active one that danced around in the sky to the south of us. When we got tired around 1-1:30 am, I announced loudly that it was time to go home and the light to the east of us blinked out suddenly. We laughed about that and when I looked up again a moment later, it blinked back on. We were getting in our vehicles to leave when it blinked out again and stayed out. We had to drive north a little way to make a U-turn to return to I-10. When we pulled around to the South, we were greeted by an eerie sight. The light we'd been watching to the South (which had been east of the road all evening) had seemingly lined itself up directly in front of us still very low on the horizon so that we drove directly toward it. When we got on I-10 going east, it paced us all the way back to Goodyear (20 miles or so) and ended up over the Estrellas when we got home. We go out there to watch the sky probably 3-4 times a year, and though we watch a lot of orange lights and ones that blink blue/red/white, these are about the most dramatic sightings we've had out there. My sister, a friend and I had a large blue light over the northern end of the White Tanks that seemed to blink back at us when we blinked a flashlight toward it last year. Next day, we heard from other people that they'd seen the same object. This southwestern corner of the Valley of the Sun does seem to be a "hotspot" for lights in the sky.



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