Arizona UFO Reports #3

Arizona UFO Reports #3

3) CAUS thanks Dustin Billings ( for this report:

June 30th, 1996. Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Witnesses: Jeremy Stone and Trevor. Time: Late night, early morning.

I was leaving to go back to Alaska, and had been staying at my best friends house, Jeremy Stone, until his grandparents were to give me a ride to the Las Vegas airport at 3 am. We had stayed up all night and grew tiresome of listening to music and "b.s.'ing" and they decided to go outside and enjoy the desert moonlight and a midnight smoke.

While they smoked their cigarettes, we all felt out of place and after a few more minutes of talking we headed back inside. When we went back inside at least over a half hour had gone by or more, and I told them we were missing time, but they called me crazy.

Later, after more boring talk, Jeremy suddenly was provoked to go outside and swim in the pool or something before I had to leave. It was around 1:10am and after going back outside onto his patio, our conversations suddenly grew quiet and me and Trevor could just stare at each other while Jeremy dangled his feet in the pool.

Then he started screaming that the stars were doing circles in the sky. I told him he was crazy until Trevor saw it too, then I did. They were all doing pivoting circles in the sky. Totally impossible. Then, at the same time, we turned our heads toward the western horizon as if we were waiting to see something. And sure enough we did. Two craft were quickly approaching each other, one from the North and the other from the South, and were a greenish-white haze shaped like an odd turtle shell. They came within about 5 miles of each other and began rising together vertically in the sky. At around 30,000 ft. they fused together and became one craft and started continuing up again. At 60,000ft. they broke apart and hesitated again before rising some more to about 90,000 ft. all within about a minute or two.

Next, they changed direction straight east towards us. They were still about 5 miles apart again, and one of the silent craft, both 10 times larger than a 747, was flying directly over the northern boundary of LHC, AZ. and the other over the desert. We were totally quiet during the entire sighting as one flew almost directly overhead. Underneath were 3 rows of 3 lights, and 1 single last pulsating white light. The lights in the rows were translucent colors and shades we had never seen before. The edges of the craft had a sharp cut to them and there was no glowing haze underneath the craft like what we saw from a distance.

They continued on towards Phoenix and I KNOW WE COULDN'T HAVE BEEN THE ONLY ONES TO SEE THESE CRAFT. Lake Havasu is a party town, and it was a weekend, so there had to be many witnesses.



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