Arizona UFO Reports #4

Arizona UFO Reports #4

4) CAUS thanks Sandra Black ( for this report:

The third Tuesday of Nov. 1978 I saw a UFO on 4th Ave extension, driving south. I was going to the KC hall for a law enforcement meeting. It was hovering just above a citrus grove. All I saw was 2 huge red lights that seemed almost at a 90 degree angle to each other. Each light was shaped like a rectangle with rounded corners. At the time I just thought, "Oh, a UFO." I didn't know anything about investigations or UFO organizations. It was the second one I had seen (the 1st being about 5 years earlier in El Paso). On Thursday, I believe, I read in the Yuma Daily Sun that other people had seen ufo's on Wednesday. Their descriptions did not match mine. Now I don't know if any of these were triangle shaped but from the lights I saw I would assume the object was not round but some type of triangle or other geometric shape. Richard Landis, who was in charge of the Arizona DPS in Yuma at the time also saw this during the daylight. He told me that he was a pilot and that what he saw was not any type of conventional aircraft. He said that he got on his radio and told all his officers to look for it or watch it. Sorry I cannot be of more help. I am from Yuma and my folks still live there. Oh yes, my nephew who lives in Tucson saw a triangular shaped craft, which he said was huge, fly over a canyon outside Tucson. He was camping at the time. I will try to see if he can remember any more details.



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