Scott Heckman's UFO Sightings

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I have just returned from my camp in the Dragoon Mtns, in SE AZ. I was asked to watch the turquoise mine by the owners. I never turn down this opportunity when I am approached for this task, as it gives me a reason to not be home in town (Bisbee) but to be in a special habitat that I find mysterious and at the same time restful as well as alluring.

On Saturday, the 21st, at 8:20 PM I experienced a flyover by the craft that I have been "aquatinted" with for the last sixteen years. They customary flight enters AZ. airspace from the New Mexico-Arizona border of Hidalgo-Cochise counties. (Hidalgo County is in New Mexico)

The craft of indistinguishable shape passed over the top of the house and mine site at approximately 6,000 ft. altitude traveling about 80 to 125 mph. The first thing that brought my attention to the object was that It was flashing a single silvery, blue-white light every three seconds. The light lasts for about a 30th of a second. This is how it approached from the Southwest, about 120 degrees. Although the craft was directly over the top of my location I couldn't make out a shape or silhouette. Just the light.

I watched it pass over the top of me. As it did so I thought at it "I see you guys. You are welcome to stop by for a chat or coffee or whatever. Bye for now, and farewell."

The craft continued on to Black Diamond Peak in the central portion of the Dragoons where I lost sight of the craft. Before I lost visual contact two bright blue-white lights illuminated the rear portion of the craft and other bright white lights began flashing as it made it's final approach to Black Diamond Peak just before it disappeared.

The whole incident lasted for about four and a half minutes.

The next night of the 22nd, Sunday night the craft came at 9:20 PM, and flew above the mountain just to north of my location. Again the singular bright blue-white light was flashing as it peaked above the mountain top, traveling again the customary direction of Black Diamond Peak.

I again "thought at it" welcoming the visitors harmlessly. No response. This time I was equipped with a nine cell flashlight. I signaled the craft by cutting a square on the clouds in front of the craft, then a circle, a triangle, and then another square. The craft then silently and abruptly turned due north accelerating, then correcting it's course, laid in a new course for Black Diamond Peak, dimming its lights so that the craft was barely perceptible. (this was a dramatic alteration of "normal flight" behavior.) Upon making it's final approach to Black Diamond again the two bright lights appeared at the rear of the craft. (The lights are set some distance apart, indicating the anterior of the craft at this great distance is no small dimension, but quite large.) And bright blue-white lights began flashing on the bottom and the front of the craft which continued as I lost sight as it sank into the mountain stronghold and disappeared.

On the 23rd, I was ready with my video camera, the generator was running for more electricity for lights and camera. I had a 12 power binoculars, and 500,000 candlepower spotting light. I was ready for them tonight.

The approach this evening was just like the night before just north of my location, yet over the top of the peak where the mines are located about a quarter of a mile distant.

The same silvery, blue-white light flashing from the bottom of the craft. The cloud cover was about 8,500 ft with a nearly full moon, which was intermittently obscured by the low cloud cover.

Again the craft silently approached at 9:00 PM heading for Black Diamond Peak at about 6,500 ft altitude.

I didn't signal the craft as I didn't want to warn them as to my intentions or location in the house. I simply fired up the video camera. I had to use the lens in the "wide angle" mode to locate the craft in the eyepiece, I then keyed the lens to telephoto out to 36x. When I performed this function, the craft immediately began to flash red lights! Really dramatically and at the same instant accelerated and ascended quickly into the clouds and disappeared from view. This was really all happening too quickly for me to attempt to try any further to capture this on tape. IT WAS GONE!

I did follow it, as it did appear again near Black Diamond Peak and again I watched it signal as it made it's final approach to the peak located just south of Middlemarch Road in the central portion of the Dragoon Mountains, just west of Pearce, AZ. and east of Tombstone.

The following evening I watched the same type of craft again pass a bit further to the north of my location. (about three miles north) (altering it's course slightly to not be within my proximity?)

This is the same craft that I have been watching for nearly sixteen years! Other land owners are also knowledgeable of this and we frequently exchange verbal accounts when we happen to meet in town or out in the bush.


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