Arizona UFO Report

Huge Black Triangle

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On May 14, 1999, I was at a graduation party for my sister. The party was at a friends house located in the heart of the city of Phoenix, around Glendale & 43rd Avenues. The party started at about 6pm and started to dwindle down at around 10pm. Around 10:15pm, 2 more people showed up late. I'll call them Cindy and John. We were all sitting at a table outside by the pool. Cindy, John and I were facing south. I fancy myself a lawnchair astronomer and I knew the planet Mars was very prevalent in the sky that night, I had noticed its brightness and position a lot that week. We were in the middle of a discussion when Cindy said "What's that" and pointed towards Mars. Her boyfriend John and I both answered in unison, "Mars," and Cindy said, "No! That!" and pointed again towards the South. That was when I saw it.

Heading directly towards us was a huge black triangle. It was barely visible against the blackness of the night but I saw it as clearly as I could see Mars. It looked almost like a shadow, but it was much closer than Mars. It moved totally silent above us and as I watched it pass I could see a light shining from the top and down over the object like a halo. That is how I could tell it was somewhat triangular with not sharp but radiused edges. It was so big and so silent and so fast that only the three of us that were facing south actually got a good look at it. The three of us sat stunned as it traveled out of our view, within about 4 seconds time. We just "oohed" and "aahed" while the rest of the partygoers just kept saying "What!, What!" That is my story. I can tell you for sure that it was not a Stealth. I know this because I have a relative who works for the company who makes Stealth Fighters and I have personally seen one up close. It was not a stealth. I was not drunk and I was not on any drugs. I was just a very insignificant human witnessing a very large silent object fly across my city. To my knowledge no one else reported this object. Maybe you had some feedback. Please let me know if you do. Good luck with your lawsuit.


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