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Orbs over Arizona...Again!

UPDATE 10/23/99: TV-3 News in Phoenix reports, see below.

CAUS thanks its Regional Coordinator, John Edmonds ( for this report:

Rainbow Valley, AZ. Once again, Multiple sightings of Golden Orbs were sighted by this writer and his wife on Thursday, October 14th, from 8:44 PM to 9:44 PM. At least ten orbs were sighted in the southern and southwestern sky in pairs, three at a time and alone. Atmospheric conditions at the time were clear, 77degrees, and no wind. Orbs appear fixed in position for four, seven and thirteen minutes. No evidence of smoke, sparks, or parachutes were evident. Sightings appeared miles from each other across the desert mountain ranges between Maricopa on the Southeast and several at least five miles east of the Goldwater Artillery Range. Lights appeared a bright orange/yellow and appear to change from orb, to angular and back to orb. Moon light from the West illuminated the clouds near by several of the sighting locations. No smoke or incendiary materials were observed at anytime during this episode. For those who are unfamiliar with the Rainbow Valley area: Locate this unincorporated area in Maricopa County ten miles south of Buckeye and 6 miles southwest of Estrella Park.

2) Phoenix Foo Fighter Accosts Police Helicoptors

A report on KFYI News Radio in Phoenix Arizona. In the late evening of October 14, 1999 a Phoenix Police helicopter was accosted by what was described as a ball of light playing cat and mouse with the the aircraft. The radio transmission between the police helicoptor and another officer was captured on tape..."It went in all directions, north, south, east, west, up, down...I tried to fly toward it but it flew out of my way and then just hovered there..."

Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix was contacted to confirm the object. Their official response to the police was that the object was invisible to radar, nothing but the police helicoptor was visible on the radar.

KFYI News Radio can be contacted at if anyone would like to confirm my story.


UPDATE: The TV-3 Report Video Clips
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