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I was "on watch" last night, the 30th of October. My location was several miles south of Pearce, AZ. in Cochise, County. I was approximately 150 ft. above desert floor looking north towards Dos Cabazos Peak, the Apache Power generating station, I-10 (which runs east and west). To the west of me was is the mountain chain called the Dragoon Mountains.

Beginning at 7:00 PM. I witnessed a single unknown craft about three miles north of my position flying at 80 to 100 mph east to west. The craft flared it's lights into a brilliant yellow-orange display as it approached the central peaks of the Dragoon Mtns. I watched it disappear behind Black Diamond Peak which is approx. 11 miles from my position as the crow flies.

This event is not unusual since I was there to see this particular craft as this is common place and occurs most evenings. What followed is what was extraordinary. This first craft I call a pilot vessel, as it generally performs the function of piloting new arrivals into this mountain chain and on to the Rincons and then up to the Tonto Basin where I believe there is a major base.

Now for the "extraordinary" events that unfolded that night. Remember I am in the territory to witness this activity of the "unknowns." I am equipped with a video camera, and 12 power binoculars, and a 500,000 candle power spotting light and a cellar telephone. Fifteen minutes after the first silent vessel's passing, I saw another, and then at 7:30 PM another. At 7:40 PM another flew by. All of these are flying from east to west at this point (Ten to twelve thousand ft. altitude.) I am observing them with these great 12 X binocs. So I can see at what points on the craft that the lights are originating. A red light is at the "front" of the craft, and white lights are located at the bottom, top and "rear" of the craft. Not all the craft flare as they make their final approach to the peaks where they fly to and disappear. This particular craft didn't flare because one of the earlier arrivals in position in the mountains peaked above the ridge and flared, signaling the new arrival as it approached the peaks and then disappeared behind the same peak as the other three. Now there are four craft that I have watched fly into the mountain. Tonight I have no way of trying to find out if any of the craft are flying on to Benson, or other locations.

Then at 7:50 PM another flies past my location east to west. This is a different type of craft. I cannot see the shape. I wonder if this more than one craft flying in formation or is it a really large craft different from the others? As I observe this new arrival it seems as if the lights are very far apart leading me to surmise the potential of this being an extremely large unknown. I'm thinking and formulating thought forms. So I envelope the craft within a "field" of my thoughts and project an image of myself to fill the field with which I have just enveloped the unknown craft, which is proceeding to the same position at Black Diamond Peak. (just south of Middlemarch Pass, east of Tombstone, AZ). Nothing happened.

After this particular craft has disappeared I continued watching. I observed the arrivals leaving and heading back towards New Mexico, flying from China Peak and Black Diamond. As these were leaving and heading east I was able to observe other new arrivals crossing the sky within close proximity (altitude wise and path of travel) As I watched two craft leave I watched two craft arrive at the same time. Very well synchronized! At 8:25 a new arrival entered the air space about two miles from my position again traveling east to west toward Black Diamond. Again another craft also left the Mountain stronghold, and in their progress across the sky crossed about a mile north of my location. This is what I was waiting for. I grabbed the spotting light and turned it on and outlined a circle, a triangle and a square in the sky, and then flashed it on an off repeatedly, purposely trying to not perform anything more than random flashes. Then I mimicked the timing of the lights on the vessel. Then I directed the light at the vessel and flashed it then held the light steady as if illuminating the craft. It was to far so this did not work.

The craft then heading east disappeared out of sight to the north of the mountain where I was positioned. I waited, sure enough it circled around the mountain and flew by me to the south checking me out. So I flashed it again. This time I was close enough to see the ship with the 12 X binocs. I was a triangular shape with horizontal fins that had white lights on the tips a green light dead center on the bottom that changed to blue and a red light on the "front" of the craft.

This particular vessel climbed and accelerated as it flew by me in a northwesterly direction and headed to South Pass where it took up a position and hovered for a long enough time for me to call a friend in Tombstone, AZ on the cell phone and tell him to go out and corroborate from Tombstone what I was seeing on the other (east) side of the chain. He did see it and we conversed for several minutes concerning this evening's events. I then hung up and continued to watch till ten thirty. After I had flashed that one vessel the activity moved away from my position to Sunsites, AZ. I could continue to watch them and if I should choose to I could drive to that location and watch from there with a closer advantage. I chose not too as I had to maintain my position for that evening.

I am going to go out tonight to see if this continues this evening. I have witnessed flaps here before that lasted for months! This maybe the beginning of another such length flap.

Two nights before I had arrived on the scene a local girl had claimed that she witnessed one of these same craft's presence, when the sighting was interrupted by the arrival of an F-16 which flew about for quite some time before leaving without successfully spotting the "Unknown" which reappeared immediately after the jet left. I was apparently there all the while during the investigation by the Air Force, which could not detect the UFO. We're really in trouble is these craft are piloted by other than benevolent entities.

So tonight is a good night to watch. I can almost "guarantee" visible activity and the sky is absolutely clear with unlimited visibility.

Keep you eyes on the skies, because it is better than TV!


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