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The current featured topic is Remote Viewing.

Some of our leaders are looking for ways to prevent terrorist acts in the future. One thing they are saying is that we need better human intelligence gathering. Why did our government stop using an effective human intelligence-gathering tool called Remote Viewing, one that was proven to work? One reason may be that the government refuses to acknowledge anything to do with the paranormal. Also, remote viewers were able to discern that humanity was in contact with non-human intelligent life forms among other things, which certain powerful groups want to keep hidden.        


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UFOs & Extraterrestrials : Why They Are Here : The Darkest, Longest Kept Secret in Human History (Revised Edition) by Elliott Hughes- Recommended by Pat Alfano palfano@dls.net  > It takes you beyond what the usual UFO book offers. Draws on Sitchen, Cayce, and the Bible.  It is clear, concise and well written. Tells why the Anunnaki genetically altered earthly creatures. The why is the real shocker, but it fits in with what Cayce said.

TRAVELS by Michael Crichton- Recommended by Scott Elisberg scott@caus.org  > An    autobiographical and spiritual journey.

UFOs and Ufology: The First 50 Years- by Paul Devereux, Peter Brookesmith- Recommended by Scott Elisberg scott@caus.org  > Well written and richly illustrated & a book to keep on top of the coffee table.

The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory by Brian Greene-  Recommended by Scott Elisberg scott@caus.org > Fascinating, entertaining and very understandable. 


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