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You've just entered a realm somewhere outside the bounds of conventional wisdom... a world of words and ideas... a place where reality can shift at any given tnemom. See what I mean? Welcome to... The CodeZone. This week's installment asks the question: Is "reality" basically an encrypted code?

Can numbers, in conjunction with alphabets, or what we call alphanumerics, reveal facets of that "reality" which otherwise might go undiscovered? This is anything but a new idea. It reaches back to at least the sixth century B.C. with the teachings of Pythagorus who believed numbers were the basic and intrinsic "life force" of the universe. The Greek and Hebrew philosophers were influenced by his teachings, giving rise to the practice of gematria, a system of numerology which combined the attributes of numbers with the letters of their culturally respective alphabets. Even the early Christians used gematria. According to Harper's Encyclopedia Of Mystical & Paranormal Experience (1991), the dove was used to symbolize Christ because, in the Greek system, the alphanumeric values of "alpha" and "omega" sum up to 801 as does the value for the word "peristera", which is the Greek term for "dove".

Last week we presented the basics underlying the system of what I call cryptonumerology. Other than some slight differences in application, the system I use is pretty much that which is employed in standard numerology. The letter "A" is given the value of 1. The other letters follow consecutively: B=2, C=3, etc. The values are single digits until we get to J=10. Such multidigit values can be reduced to single digits by the use of "cross addition". Thus, 10 becomes 1 by adding the 1 and the 0. Likewise, 11 becomes 2 by adding 1+1=2; 12 becomes 3 and so on. If numbers do, indeed, resonate with meaning beyond their quantitative function, we consider the possibility that there may be one level of meaning within the multidigit values and another level of meaning within the "reduced" or single digit digit values. The single digit of "9", for example, presents a particular curiosity. I've found the number "9" is encoded within the myths, legends, religions, and occult lore from around the world. Myth, legend, and religion not only reflect our existing perceptions of reality, they also influence our perceptions of reality and, in that sense, serve a creative function.

Often this value of "9" is not obvious. It is somtimes hidden within a larger number; "occulted", if you will. For example, the number 666 from the book of Revelations in the Bible. By "cross adding" the digits we get 6+6+6=18. Then by reducing this sum to a single digit, we get 1+8=9. Sometimes the numbers are found by decoding the alphanumeric value of a word or a phrase. For example:

THE GOD OF ISRAEL=144 1+4+4 = 9

The number "9", I believe, has some fundamental function in the construction of our "reality" in some extraordinarily synchronistic ways. This notion is almost comically highlighted by the fact that the reduced alphanumeric value of the word REALITY is 9! It's as if "someone" has programmed the number 9 into the construction of our reality and perhaps found it amusing to encode that number within the very word itself.

As this series of articles continues, we will see many more examples of this phenomenon. In a recent article I wrote for the Italian magazine, Hera, I led off with the title, "THE SECRET OF NINE: Chasing An Alphanumeric Odyssey". That is, in fact, what my work is all about. In a way, it all began many years ago with an unusual paranormal experience which prsented itself as a series of communications with ET's from another world. Since this first series of articles in The CodeZone will sometimes refer to a graphic artifact from that experience, it is necessary to provide you with the story of just what occurred during those "communications" and just how this particular graphic artifact (what I call the Grek-5 Numerical pyramid, or G5NP for short) came to be.

WARNING: this is about to get strange right from the start. The experience in question immediately establishes a mystical or paranormal aspect to the odyssey on which we are about to embark. It also reflects the notions of "synchronicity" and "the collective unconscious" as discussed in the works of noted Swiss psychologist, Dr. Carl Jung.

Some readers will no doubt question the credibility of this story. I have no defense other than my word. We will see, however, how this experience, which occurred over thirty years ago, ties in with both ancient lore and more current phenomena such as the mysterious crop circles. We will also see how it ties in with language and numbers. In the end perhaps it will also suggest, as others have suggested before, that human history has a connection to intelligent beings from another world such as the Anunnaki from the planet Nibiru as discussed in the works of Zecharia Sitchen. Beyond that, of course, is always the question of the "reality" in which all of this, our collective human experience, takes place. What follows, then, is my personal story of communication with "something". Was it really communication with ETs? Or was it a case of tapping into the archetypal realm of the collective unconscious? The footnotes following this story are of particular interest relative to the latter question.

The year was 1967. I was stationed at the U.S. Navy base in Longbeach, California, a seaport on the west coast of the United States. This is where I met Tom, another sailor with the U.S. Navy. We had similar interests and became very good friends. One day Tom told me about a dream he had just a few weeks before we met.

In the dream, he was hiding behind some big rocks. There were other people with him but he didn't remember actually seeing any of them. He just knew they were there. He and the others were shooting at some other kind of dark skinned people who were riding by on horseback. Suddenly someone yelled, "Look out! The (something) are coming!” Tom could not remember what the word was. As the dream continued, he started running across a field full of sharp jagged rocks. The rocks were about six or eight inches tall, sticking up from the ground. He tripped on one of the jagged rocks and, when he fell, one of them pierced his shoulder. Then it was as if he fainted. In other words, he lost consciousness within the dream. Still, somehow, the dream was continuing. When he regained consciousness (within the dream), he was in a room that reminded him of a library. A young woman was standing there putting something on a shelf. She turned and looked at him and for some reason he thought he was dead. He said to her, “Do a lot of dead people from earth come here?” She smiled and said, “Sometimes”. She told him her name was Randessa. The last thing he remembered was that he was holding her in his arms and they kissed. He said this was unlike any dream he'd ever had before. He emphasized how real the whole experience seemed. He was able to recall it in great detail as if it had been an actual event. I thought the dream was interesting but I really didn't know what to make of it.

Some weeks passed and I made a brief trip to my home in Seattle to marry a young lady named Edie. After the wedding, we moved back to Longbeach, California. During that time, Tom acquired a Ouija Board from a friend who was going to throw it away. Tom brought it over to the apartment where Edie and I were living. None of us had ever worked a Ouija Board before but we thought it would be fun to try. That's when things began to happen.

There is not room in this article to elaborate on the entire scope of our experiences with the Ouija Board. Suffice to say, however, that it worked exceptionally well which surprised all three of us. Over many nights we worked the Board and it spelled out words, weaving fantastic tales supposedly from long departed souls who were speaking to us from the spirit world. There was a unique and eerie feeling about these sessions which is difficult to describe. The phenomenon was fascinating and, through experimentation, we discovered it was Edie who seemed to be the "medium" through whom this information was being transferred.

In time, we graduated to another means of communication known as “automatic writing”. Again, it was Edie who was able to do this. "Automatic writing" is a phenomenon whereby a person holds a pencil to a piece of paper and the pencil begins to write, seemingly without any effort on the part of the person holding it. The idea is that some unseen entity is guiding the pencil. For this reason, the phenomenon is sometimes known as "spirit writing". In essence, then, the whole experience up to this point could be characterized as typical "spirit communication". Whether it was really that or something else (a psycho-kinetic phenomenon, for example) is not the point here. What's important to note here is the character or quality of the phenomenon as we were experiencing it; that is to say, it did seem as if we were communicating with the non-physical essence of humans who were no longer living. However, this particular character of the phenomenon was about to change. There was something distinctly different about the character of the communication we were about to experience.


One evening, for lack of anything better to do, we decided to try the Ouija Board just to see what we might get. It spelled out a word: SPECTOR. Then it paused a moment and spelled out another word: MIND. Again, a momentary pause and then a third word: YOU. Pause. EARTH. Pause. Then it did something different. It spelled out: "GREK-5" using a very distinct and deliberate motion. It spelled the letters G-R-E-K as it normally would. That is, the planchette (the heart-shaped piece on which the participants place their fingers) moved in a graceful circular motion as it went from letter to letter. Then, in a very deliberate manner, it moved to the center of the board and turned abruptly so that the point of it was aimed toward the bottom of the board where the numbers 1 through 0 are printed in a horizontal line. The planchette poised itself at the center of the board and then moved in a straight line directly down to the 5 where it paused again. Tom looked at me with raised eyebrows. He recognized the word, GREK. He said it was the word in his dream, the word he could not recall when he told me about the dream a few weeks earlier.

“Are you kidding?” I asked.

He realized how insane it sounded but he insisted it was the same word.

“I’m serious," he said. "I know it sounds crazy, but in my dream a voice shouted, 'Look out! The Greks are coming!' "

I knew Tom well enough to know when he was kidding around and when he wasn’t. In this case, he wasn’t kidding.

“Okay. Let’s try it again.” I said, anxious to see what would happen. “We'll ask if that was the word that was in your dream.”

We put our fingertips lightly on the planchette and asked, “Is Grek the word that Tom heard in his dream?”

The planchette began to move. I anticipated it would go to the "YES" which is printed in the upper left corner of the board, or to the "NO" which is in the opposite corner. We were surprised, however, when it spelled out: SPECTOR. Then it paused and spelled out: MIND. We looked at each other. This was familiar. Then it spelled "YOU", and then "EARTH", and then "GREK". Then, as before, it went to the center of the board where it turned, in a very deliberate manner so it was pointed toward the bottom of the board, and moved straight down to the 5. We were puzzled. I asked again,

“Is Grek the word that was in Tom’s dream?”

The planchette continued to move now in it’s usual circular motion. It spelled out another word: SPECTOR-1. Interestingly, when it went to the "1", it did not use the same kind of abrupt, deliberate motion as when it went to the "5". It simply moved in the normal manner. Then it spelled another word: GOD. Then it continued, pausing after each word:


None of this made sense to us.

“Are these words supposed to mean something to us?” we asked.

Again the planchette responded:


We wrote the words down and tried again. The result was the same; the exact same words in the exact same order. We organized them in the form of a list in the order in which they came. It seemed like a puzzle of some kind; nineteen words, always in the same order. Some were in English and some were not but we didn’t know what they were. We took up the challenge, trying to make some sense of this puzzle. We noticed that some of the words looked almost like Latin. Tom thought, for example, that PAX was Latin for the word “peace”. We also noted that the 8th word on the list was TIME. That made some sense because the figure 8 is often used as a symbol for the concept of "eternity". The 13th word, GOD-9, was interesting in that the 9th word on the list was LOVE, making GOD-9 reminiscent of the concept that God is Love.

The more we examined the puzzle, the more we saw. Or were we just reading things into it? For instance, the number seven is considered by some to be a holy number. The 7th word on the list was, in fact, "GOD". "GREK-5" was, appropriately enough, the 5th word. Still, what did it all mean, if anything? After about three hours we had exhausted our collective wits. Finally, we decided to try the board again. Edie and I put our hands on the planchette. It began to move the instant we touched it:


This startled us because we hadn't even asked a question.

“Who are we communicating with?” we asked.


“What did you mean, we had passed the test? What test?”


“What are you? Are you a spirit?”


“But where are you? What are you?”


“You mean like a fourth dimension?”


“Is Grek the word that Tom heard in his dream?”


“You mean you actually took him? Physically?”


“What about the young woman at the end of my dream?" Tom asked. "Was she real?”


Tom nearly fell on the floor. We were all somewhat stunned at such a possibility. Reports of abductions by aliens have become almost commonplace in UFO literature today. At the time, however, it was a very unusual concept to deal with. Remember, this was 1967. There have, over the years, been a number of reports where people claim to have been abducted aboard a UFO and enticed, if not forced, to engage in sexual intercourse with a being of the opposite sex. In many of these cases the other being was of an alien race but had very humanlike features. Some abductees also claim to have seen the offspring of such intimate encounters. Many researchers believe the aliens are engaging in some type of genetic experimentation and , indeed, we were told that was the purpose of Tom's encounter.

There was a remarkable irony in this. Here we were, talking about a technology as advanced as teleportation while at the same time we were using something as archaic as a Ouija Board for communication!

“How is it that you are communicating with us using this board?” I asked.

In response to this question the planchette simply pointed to the number "2" at the bottom of the board.

We asked again and once more it went to the number “2”.

We thought that was an odd way to answer our question. Then we noticed that the 2nd word on the list was MIND. Was this another test?

We asked if the number “2” was a reference to the second word on the list.

The answer was, “YES.”

“You’re communicating with us by moving this planchette with your mind?”


“Can you actually see this board?”


Then I had an idea. “Could you communicate through Edie’s hand if she held a pencil to the paper?


We immediately got some paper and a pencil. Edie put the pencil to the paper and I asked, “Are you still with us?” Her hand began to move very slowly, almost as if someone were trying to get a “feel” for this new body. Slowly she wrote, “YES”.

I was still curious about their actual location in space and time. “Can you explain to us where your planet is?” I asked.

Almost immediately Edie’s hand began to move in a circular motion as if to begin drawing. Sure enough, she drew a circle about one inch in diameter. The sketch shown here is an accurate representation of the drawing made by “Guro Spector” through Edie’s hand. The "figure 8" between the two circles represented a time barrier of sorts. Guro, I’ll call him for short, explained that once there was a single planet which was struck by a “LUNAR FORCE AND A SOLAR FORCE” simultaneously. The planet was split in two by the impact. One piece of the planet was jettisoned forward in time through a dimensional barrier of some sort. That one is Grek-5, or “EARTH 2”, as Guro labeled it in the drawing. I have never been clear if this explanation was to be taken symbolically or literally [see footnote 2]. I would have taken it to be literal except some things we were told by Guro, in subsequent communications, made me wonder if perhaps they were our direct descendants. Which then led me to wonder if perhaps we were communicating with future earth?

As the conversation continued, we were told we could go to their planet and that one day we would construct ships that could make such a journey.


"We will? When?"


"Now? We can’t go to your planet now. We would need a ship of some kind. We don’t have such a thing."


We laughed. "Build one? How can we build one? That’s just not possible!"

Once again the planchette pointed to the number "2".

"You mean with our minds? We’re supposed to build a space ship with our minds?" "YES."

We tried to get across the idea that we didn’t understand how to build a ship with our minds and Guro insisted that was what we needed to do. He said someday we would understand how to do this. In fact, many people would know how to do this. [see footnote 3] He said there would come a time when there would be great devastation upon the earth but many people would escape in huge spaceships. He said they would take with them domestic animals and plantlife of various types for growing food. These people would then return to the earth following the devastation, to begin a new civilization. This, of course, reminded me of the story of Noah's Ark. If it had happened before, I supposed it could happen again. But there was an interesting sidelight to this little scenario. Guro said that there would be a “WAR IN SPACE”, because these ships would be from all different countries and some would carry with them political baggage they should have left behind. His exact words were:


There is much more to this story but there is not enough room here to elaborate in much more detail. The intention here is to illustrate the manner in which this information was received and to show how numbers seemed to be a significant part of the communication. There is, however, one more element which needs to be discussed because it will figure into the concepts we will explore in future articles. That element is what I call the Grek-5 Numerical Pyramid (see illustration).

Some years after Tom and I had been discharged from the Navy and had gone our separate ways, I received an envelope in the mail. Inside was a short letter from Tom and a diagram of a large triangle composed of 100 smaller triangles. Each of the smaller triangles had been numbered starting with "1" at the top and ending with "100" at the bottom right corner. Each side of the large triangle was composed of 19 of the smaller triangles. The complex illustration you see here is what evolved from that simple beginning. This is the Grek-5 Numerical Pyramid, or the G5NP, to use a shorter term.

Tom had no explanation as to why he drew this diagram other than to say he suddenly felt "inspired" to do so. The source of the inspiration, he felt, had something to do with our Grek-5 experience. He implied that the number of smaller triangles along each side (19 of them) was perhaps somehow connected to the 19 words initially communicated to us during the Grek-5 contact. In his letter he pointed out a couple of interesting numerical patterns which occurred naturally within this triangular matrix.

Even though mathematics had never been one of my strong points, the patterns he spoke of piqued my interest. I looked to see if I could find any other numerical patterns. To my great delight, the more I looked, the more I found. Tom, I recall, had a strong intuitive notion that the large triangle, itself, represented the “idea” of "Grek". Grek, in this case, somehow meaning “the all” or “the whole” or “the Oneness of All Things”. It is interesting to note, then, that the total number of small triangles within the larger triangle is 100. When the digits in that number are added together (1+0+0) they equal "1". Notice that by using this numerical reduction process each of the three corners equals "1". This makes a sum of 3. Pythagorus taught that the Universe and all of nature was divided into threes and that this concept was fundamental to our reality. The number I want to focus on, however, is the number "9". Not only does the number 9 appear to be intrinsically embedded within this triangular matrix but the 9th word on the original list of 19 words was "LOVE"; LOVE being equated with GOD, and GOD being equated with the “ONE” that is "ALL"; the Alpha and the Omega. This is interesting when we figure the alphanumeric value of a well known phrase from the book of Revelations in the Bible:

I AM THE ALPHA AND OMEGA = 154 = 1+5+4 = 10 = 1+0 = 1.

This example illustrates how the number 9 pointed the way to discovering a curiously provocative synchronicity, connecting Tom's idea about "the one that is all" with a relevant and important phrase which carries essentially the same meaning, from the pages of the Bible.

If you're following this series of articles, you might want to save a copy of each installment for reference. Periodically we may refer back to some of the concepts and items mentioned here. Stay tuned. The adventure has only begun.



1. In reference to the idea of "2" as "mind", I recently discovered something quite similar in the Glossary section of J. J. Hurtak's book, The Book Of Knowledge: The Keys Of Enoch. The Glossary entry reads:

Mind-2: A second world of consciousness development, preceding the world of physical form. A second world of 'advanced intelligence', as an Overself governor connecting the planetary mind-body complex with the functions of the Universal Mind. Mind-2 works considerably faster than mind-1 and interconnects with numerous entities, within the greater universe.

It is interesting to note that Hurtak's book was published in 1977, ten years after our Grek-5 experience. Hurtak claims the information in his book was given to him by an entity shich appeared to him while he was in the act of prayer. This entity, he says, glowed with divine light and announced that he was Master Ophanim Enoch. Enoch then took Hurtak on a physical journey to the various star systems within our galaxy.

I found this mention of the Mind-2 concept to be either extremely coincidental or significantly synchronistic. Take your pick.

2. In 1993 I was introduced to a series of books known as THE EARTH CHRONICLES by the world reknown scholar, Zecharia Sitchen. These books reveal a story about the beginnings of this planet and human creation which is radically different than anything we are taught in school or in our churches. The information is gleaned from many years of painstaking research into the writings from ancient Sumeria; a civilization predating the writing of the Old Testament. Of particular interest, here, is the fact that the ancient Sumerian writings tell a story regarding the formation of the planet earth which is remarkably similar to the story described to us by Guro in our Grek-5 communication. Perhaps this is simply coincidence. On the other hand, maybe Guro was imparting to us the story as it has been passed down to them just as the Sumerians told the story in the version as it was passed down to the people of their time. If that's the case, while neither story may be entirely correct, both may stem from the same actual event. Or, a third possibility must be considered. Perhaps we (Tom, Edie, and I) were tapping into an archetypal scenario which resides within the realm of the Collective Unconscious. In any case, it's an interesting bit of synchronicity.

3. Regarding the idea of building a spaceship with the mind, there is an ancient concept known as the Merkabah. In essence, the idea is this: through the proper use of the mind in a certain meditative state, one can create around oneself an energy field which, among other things, can be used as a vehicle to move one through time and space. The concept, some believe, was introduced to ancient earth civilizations from extraterrestrial beings. Again, is it just coincidence or is it related to what Guro was suggesting; that we could create a spaceship with our minds?


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