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Are Crop Circles Part Of Our Encrypted Reality?

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This week's installment asks the question: Are Crop Circles Part Of Our Encrypted Reality?

Last week we introduced the Grek-5 Numerical Pyramid, or G5NP for short. That diagram, you'll recall, was initially sent to me in a very simple form sometime in the late 1980s or early 1990s by my friend, Tom, one of the two people involved with me in the strange phenomenon which presented itself as communication with intelligent beings from a planet they called Grek-5. Over some period of months I was able to draw out the remarkable complexity of numerical and geometric patterns which it displays in its present form. Then it sat gathering dust in my files, year after year. Periodically I would show it to people who had an interest in such things. I hoped someone, somewhere along the way, might have a clue as to how it could relate to other diagrams in sacred geometry. Perhaps someone had seen something similar to it before. Something. Anything. But no one could offer any information. Not even Brad Steiger, with all of his depth and breadth of knowledge and experience in such matters, could recognize it as relating to anything he'd seen before. So it remained simply a curiosity for the next several years. Then something extraordinary happened.

In August of 1999 a crop circle* (see photo) appeared near Avebury, England which appears to have an intriguing correlation to the GREK-5 NUMERICAL PYRAMID (see illustration). The crop formation, you can see, consists of 33 small circles. Each small circle contains small broken lines. The broken lines produce the illusion of cubes in 3-D. Briefly, what you are looking at in the drawing shown here is the Grek-5 Numerical Pyramid with the elements of the Avebury Crop Circle superimposed on top of it as an overlay. Since the photo of the crop circle was taken at an angle, I simply rotated it clockwise until the point was at the top. Then, in a graphics program, I traced the circles of the crop formation and the short broken lines. Notice how the short broken lines correspond directly with the hexagons on the G5NP. This results is some interesting numerical correlations involving the key gematrian numbers 3, 6, and 9 (In a future article we see how these three numbers have also been discovered to have a special function within the Fibonacci number sequence).

(Readers will recall from the previous articles in this series that, throughout my alphanumerics work, I have found there are two levels of information. One deals with multi-digit numbers and one deals with the reduced value of those numbers. The reduced value is found by cross-adding the digits of the multi-digit number. For example, the single digit value of 144 is 9 [1+4+4=9] ).

Here, briefly, are the 3-6-9 correlations resulting from this overlay: The total number of circles = 33 3+3=6

The sum of the numbers in the circles (which fall into place as a result of the precise overlay) is 192. 1+9+2=12

Looking at the 3-D cubes, from the top down and left to right, the sum 192 breaks down per cube this way: 36, 24, 30, 36, 30, 36. You can se how each of these reduces to a 3, a 6, or a 9.

Each of the 6 cubes (in the crop circle) is incomplete. That is, all points (identified by a numbered circle) do not connect to form a complete cube. The missing points (looking at the cubes from top to bottom, left to right and identifying them as Cube 1, Cube 2, etc.) are: Cube 1: 9
Cube 2: 6, 6
Cube 3: 9, 3
Cube 4: 3
Cube 5: 6, 9
Cube 6: 6
The sum of the missing numbers (9+6+6+9+3+6+9+6) is 57.
1+2 = 3

If all the cubes were complete, the sum of their points would break down thus: (top down, left to right) 45, 36, 42, 39, 45, 42 for a total of 249. 2+4+9=15 1+5 = 6

There are 7 horizontal rows of circles. Each cube is contained within a set of 7 circles. These 7 circles are in the form of the "Flower Of Life", a symbol in sacred geometry. The alphanumeric value of the phrase, THE FLOWER OF LIFE is 165. 1+6+5 =12
1+2 = 3
From the Flower Of Life (traditionally said to be constructed from "female energy" curved lines) comes "Metatron's Cube", constructed from "male energy" straight lines which all connect to the center points of the 7 circles. The alphanumeric value of the phrase, METATRON'S CUBE is 156 (notice, same digits as the sum of THE FLOWER OF LIFE but different sequence). 1+5+6 =12
1+2 = 3

The correlation between this Avebury crop circle and the G5NP seems much too significant to have occurred simply by chance. If numbers and sacred geometry are the language of the crop circles then perhaps something may be discovered here. Another related discovery has just been made this week. It involves the Circle of Churches at Rennes Le Chateau (in the south of France) and a correlation with an interesting crop formation from 1997. That will be the topic of next week's column in The Code Zone.


* Photo credit of the Avebury crop circle goes to Mr. Steve Alexander, British researcher and writer and producer of the 1999 Crop Circle Yearbook. Please visit his web site at http://cro

*Visit Gary's web site which presents, in more detail, some of the ideas discussed in this series of articles: codeufo/gematria.html

His book, "The Secret Of Nine", lays out the full story of how the information presented on his web site came to be developed. It allows the reader to follow, step by step, the true life paranormal experiences, possible ET contact, and the thought processes which formed the basis of this fascinating and ongoing work.

The Secret Of Nine is a self-published work in a handsomely bound manuscript format, complete with full color cover and illustrations and color coded numbers in the section on alphanumeric patterns as seen on the web site. Readers interested in purchasing a copy of the book for $12.95 (plus $3.95 S/H within the U.S.A. or $5.95 S/H outside the U.S.A.) can email the author for information at or write to:

The Secret Of Nine c/o Gary Val Tenuta 1022 W. Casino Rd., suite B-207 Everett, WA 98204

Gary is a freelance writer whose articles have appeared in FATE Magazine (U.S.A.), Xoddity Magazine (U.S.A.), Voices (U.S.A.), BEYOND Magazine (U.K.), and HERA Magazine (Italy).


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