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Who Shifted My Reality, Anyway???

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This week's installment asks the question: Who Shifted My Reality, Anyway???

Talk about a reality shift! In last week's article I focused on the improbable , yet true, correlation between the Grek-5 Numerical Pyramid and a crop circle formation which appeared near Avebury, England, in 1999. Several astute readers wrote me asking if I was not aware that the Avebury formation in question was a hoax. Short answer: No. But then, this is the CodeZone where, as it says in the intro, Reality can shift at any given tnemom. And so it did... for me... sort of... maybe. In any case, I felt those readers deserved a response from me since I'm sure the question they all shared was something along the lines of, "Seeing as how the Avebury formation was a hoax, doesn't this sort of shoot a hole in your idea that crop circles may be part of our encoded reality?" Again, the short answer is "No"; at least not necessarily. Perhaps the best way to begin an explanation is to share with you one of the letters I received from a CAUS member. I didn't request permission to use his name here so I won't, but suffice to say he is an assistant professor at a major University. The professor writes:

"Great article! However, my understanding is that the crop circle you've depicted was shown to be created by hoaxers. Any comments?"

The following is an excerpt from my reply to his letter:

"If it is a hoax the question I know you're asking is how does that affect what I wrote in the article? The simple answer (and who knows, possibly the correct answer) is that the remarkable match up to the Numerical Pyramid is nothing more than a mere coincidence. The more esoteric (yet also possibly correct) answer might have more to do with the phenomenon of synchronicity and archetypal images than with random chance occurrence. The design of the formation was an extremely unusual concept; the result of quite a creative imagination if, indeed, it was a hoax. That it would match up to the "T", as it were, with the Numerical Pyramid also seems highly unlikely. So, assuming for the sake of discussion, it was a hoax then I would suggest the possibility that the hoaxer, in the process of opening his mind to some creative imagination, might have unknowingly tapped into the archetypal reservoir of the collective unconscious. Let me explain the implications here. In my previous CodeZone article ("Is Reality Basically An Encrypted Code?") I introduced the paranormal experience I had over 30 years ago which, as I like to say, presented itself as communication with intelligent beings from another world. In that introduction I wrote:

"What follows, then, is my personal story of communication with "something". Was it really communication with ETs? Or was it a case of tapping into the archetypal realm of the collective unconscious?"

"As I explained in that article, the Grek-5 Numerical Pyramid was a result of that experience. So, if the second option (above) is the answer to both my experience and that of the hoaxer of the crop circle, then it's feasible that the images in question (the Numerical Pyramid and the crop circle design) were, in essence, pulled from the same source. Or, as Dr. Carl Jung might have described it, a pool of acrchetypal patterns somehow innate to human consciousness. The two separate incidents (that is, each of us causing the archetypal elements to become manifest within our 3-D reality) set up the potential for a synchronistic event to take place at some moment in time; namely that I would see the crop circle and recognize it's relationship to the Numerical Pyramid. In Jungian terms, it was a "coincidence" with a high degree of improbability and with significant meaning to the experiencer; that being me. Thus, the phenomenon moves from the category of mere coincidence, or chance occurrence, into the special realm of Synchronicity.

So, [name witheld], that's about the best I can offer at this point and I thank you for the challenging inquiry! In my articles I try to be careful about making statements that are, perhaps, unjustifiably definitive. I try to convey the idea that much of this is speculative. It's an attempt to open avenues of thought regarding actual, albeit, unusual phenomena that surround us. I hope I make it clear that I don't pretend to have all the answers. Not by one heck of a long shot. I'm continually exploring the unusual world of synchronicity, especially as it applies to the intriguing phenomenon of the relationship between language, symbols and numbers. Through the CodeZone I'm sharing with the readers some of the mysteries I've discovered and some of my thoughts and speculations about what may lie behind those mysteries. My hope is that readers are informed, entertained, and challenged to think "outside the box". My favorite quote is from Shakespear: "There are more things in heaven and on earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy". I just couldn't agree more.

Warm regards,
Gary "

The professor wrote back with a comment that supports the ideas just mentioned. He wrote:

"Perhaps there is a great deal more to this phenomenon then we all realize. Some of the people who claim to create the formations have even admitted they feel driven by some exterior force to do what they do. So even in human created circles, there may be further supernatural influences."

And there we have the crux of the matter. Perhaps there is a great deal more, indeed. I'm reminded of the huge controversy which erupted over the alleged signals from the star, EQ Pegasus, back in September of 1998. That turned out to be an elaborate hoax. One of the people taken in, shall we say, by this act of deception was our own director of CAUS, Peter Gersten. In an interview I conducted with Peter, for an article in FATE Magazine (Sept. 1999), I asked Peter about that and about his involvement as an unwitting participant. Let it be made perfectly clear that I don't mean to imply Peter was an instigator of this hoax. He certainly was not. He did, however, become a "participant" in the unfolding of the events simply by working with those who were trying to follow the story which, as some of you may recall, seemed to have some degree of merit as it was cunningly conceived and cleverly presented by the hoaxter. In the FATE interview Peter said something I found quite interesting and I mention it here because it, too, goes toward answering this issue of the hoaxed crop circle. The following quote is from that interview:


Gersten: Before I became aware of the larger picture, I would never get involved in hoaxes. But for some reason I was drawn to this EQ-Peg thing. It seemed strange to me as it was occurring because I felt it was probably a hoax and yet I was getting involved. It seemed to me to be part of the symbolism of the larger picture.


There are two key elements mentioned in Peter's comment. One, "the larger picture" and two, "symbolism". Think of the "larger picture" as the whole of our reality and, moreover, think of it as a picture jigsaw puzzle. As we progress through life we become increasingly aware that the pieces of the picture that we know about are but a small part of a much bigger picture. Some of us also become increasingly curious to know what the bigger picture actually looks like. Therefore we begin a quest to locate as many of the missing pieces as we can and we attempt to fit them into the puzzle. Along the way we discover three things. One, it seems as though some of the pieces have been "occulted" or hidden from us; two, it seems as though someone or something has control over some of the pieces (even over some of the pieces we've managed to get our hands on and think we know how and where they fit into the puzzle); and three, that some of the pieces are only symbolic of some part of the bigger picture which apparently lies outside of our three dimensional reality and therefore outside our normal means of perceiving it... whatever "it" might be. Which brings us to the second key element of Peter's comment: Symbolism.

Part of the EQ-Pegasus scenario involved the possible landing of an extraterrestrial vehicle at Turett Peak in Arizona at a specified date. Since Gersten lives in that area of the country he invited people to come to his place to observe the spectacle if, indeed, it should occur. For that he was derided by a number of respected UFO researchers who, basically, couldn't believe Gersten was going along with this whole thing. One of these researchers posted a message to Peter on the internet, in effect chastising him, saying it's all a hoax, there will be no landing and no ETs are coming. Peter replied that it didn't matter. It was the symbolism that was important. Peter wrote:

"You might be correct and you might be incorrect. All these events are part of a much larger scenario. Events are carefully orchestrated for their symbolism, not for their truth or falsity. We have been placed in a particular setting or theme and our belief systems have been programmed in a specific way. Now something wants to know whether this experiment is successful or not".

While Peter might express this idea in different terms than I would, I do tend to agree with the basic premise underlying his thesis. That is, there seem to be indications that something outside our normal means of perception has some influence on what we perceive as our reality. On the surface this might seem like a bizarre idea to be rejected out of hand but isn't it, in essence, the same basic idea underlying the tenets of most, if not all, religions? Religion, of course, is the social construction formed from these ideas. We're not talking about religion in this discussion. We're simply considering the sort of "other dimensional" concepts that are common to religion as well as to the present discussion about symbolism, synchronicity, and reality. I mention religion only to illustrate that such ideas are, in fact, held near and dear to billions of people around the world and have been since at least the time of recorded history. The whole concept, although expressed in widely divergent ways, seems therefore innate to the human condition.

By way of comparison, then, Peter's EQ-Pegasus scenario and my crop circle scenario could be seen as similar expressions of symbolism at work in a universe whose elements are interconnected in ways we can't even imagine and possibly controled and manipulated by forces beyond our ability to comprehend.

Perhaps the Avebury crop circle was a hoax (see footnote*). But hoax or not, the remarkable and, I have to think, unlikely correlation between that formation and the Grek-5 Numerical Pyramid remains a reality. In that sense nothing has changed. It also does not change the fact that the correlation combined with the event of me having noticed the correlation in the first place constitutes a full blown synchronicity precisely as Jung defined the phenomenon. That is, the event had an importance to me in terms of my continuing research into the phenomenon of synchronicity especially as concerns language, symbols and numbers. According to the tenets of our underlying thesis here, the hoaxters may have been the unwitting puppets in a drama of reality manipulation by a control mechanism outside the boundaries of our normal perceptions... residing somewhere... out there... in the CodeZone.


*Footnote: I contacted three British crop circle researchers (Steve Alexander, Paul Vigay, and Freddy Silva) to ask their opinion on the alleged hoaxing of the Avebury formation. Silva is convinced it was a hoax. Vigay, seems less certain and will soon be posting his reasoning behind his uncertainty on his web site soon. Steve Alexander wrote:

Dear Gary,

There was story in the British press about the fact that this formation had been commissioned. The Daily Mail newspaper ran the story. There is a lot of controversy about the formation, but the newspaper did not take any pictures of the formation being made! Many people say they were walking very close to the fields that night (the formation was adjacent to the stone Avenue at Avebury) and saw and heard nothing.

So, its a mystery. The formation was particularly breathtaking and we are rather used to having the British media debunk the subject.

I think you may have to make your own mind up about this one!

Best wishes,


The fact that the Daily Mirror did not bother to photograph or videotape the making of the crop formation after going to the trouble to concoct this alleged scheme seems rather unlikely to me. They can lay claim to the creation of the crop circle as can anybody. Where's their evidence? Isn't it more likely they would have at least photographed the event so they could have the pleasure of really rubbing it our face? The Daily Mail apparently has a history of this sort of behavior. That being the case, their credibility is highly questionable. The opinions of those in the field (pun intended) is apparently divided at this point in time.


Visit Gary's web site which presents, in more detail, some of the ideas discussed in this series of articles: codeufo/gematria.html

His book, "The Secret Of Nine", lays out the full story of how the information presented on his web site came to be developed. It allows the reader to follow, step by step, the true life paranormal experiences, possible ET contact, and the thought processes which formed the basis of this fascinating and ongoing work.

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Gary is a freelance writer whose articles have appeared in FATE Magazine (U.S.A.), Xoddity Magazine (U.S.A.), Voices (U.S.A.), BEYOND Magazine (U.K.), and HERA Magazine (Italy).

Thank you to Peter Gersten for the opportunity to reach readers via the CAUS web site.


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