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"Would You Recognize A Goddess If She Stood Up And Seduced You?"

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You've just entered a realm somewhere outside the bounds of conventional wisdom... a world of words and ideas... a place where reality can shift at any given tnemom. See what I mean? Welcome to... The CodeZone.

This week's installment asks the question: "Would You Recognize A Goddess If She Stood Up And Seduced You?"

Okay, settle down. This isn't going to be the steamy alien sex slave scenario that the question might have conjured up. Not that it doesn't have to do with aliens and sex. It does, indeed. But, as with so many things in the CodeZone, it once again has to do with that strangely compelling phenomenon we call "synchronicity". Synchronicity seems to me to be part of what we might call the reality matrix; that web of interconnectedness to which our consciousness is... well... connected.

In CodeZone Number 4 ("Are Crop Circles Part Of Our Encoded Reality) I mentioned that yet another crop circle had figured into some of the work I've been doing. As I was preparing to write about that an additional element came into the picture. That additional element was Randessa. If you've been following the series of CodeZone installments (see note below for information on how to receive previously published installments complete with all the graphics and illustrations on disk) you may recall the story I related about my strange experience, along with two other people, which presented itself as communication with intelligent beings from another planet they called Grek-5. In that story I mentioned that Tom (one of the other two participants) had a "dream" a few weeks prior to this experience in which, after a rather traumatic beginning, he eventually found himself in the arms of an umfamiliar female whom he was kissing just before the "dream" ended. It was only later, during our contact experience, that we learned it was not a dream, per se, but rather an abduction. The rather traumatic portion of the "dream" was Tom's brain reacting to the "abduction" event which was conducted by means of teleportation. The female was one of the humanoid aliens. Her name, we were told, was Randessa and she was pregnant with Tom's child. This was communicated to us by the intelligence who introduced himself by saying, "I AM GURO SPECTOR". Okay, keep these two characters in mind and we'll come back to them in a few minutes. First I need to bring some other elements into the picture.

What I had originally intended this installment of the CodeZone to focus on was a crop circle in England, circa 1997, and a place in the south of France known as Rennes Le Chateau, and a connection I found between the two. Let me give just a brief run down on Rennes Le Chateau just so we're all on the same page here.

Rennes Le Chateau is a quiet little village situated on the top of a mountain a few miles from the French city of Carcassone. The area is reknown for its rich history of secret societies, mystery cults, Druids, Celts, Romans, Cathars (who were apparently goddess worshippers), and Knights Templar. At this mountain top site there are a number of churches and sacred "earth mounds" placed here and there over some forty square miles of land. Sometime, I think perhaps late 1800's - early 1900s, a fellow named Henry Lincoln discovered something about the geographic layout of these sacred places that was so amazing it could not have been created by the element of chance. Looking at a map of the area he noticed that if a straight line were drawn from one church to another, like connecting dots, the result was a pentagram, or five pointed star, with an unusual feature: the uppermost point of the pentagram was elongated. That is, if the pentagram were circumscribed within a circle, the perimeter touching the star points, the uppermost point of the pentagram extended beyond the circle. Still, all the points retained perfect 36 degree angles. Many years later, cartographer, David Wood and his partner Ian Campbell, conducted an intensive investigation of this unusual layout and of the history of the surrounding area. They established that the Pentagram was intended to symbolize the body of the Egyptian Goddess, Isis (also known as Inanna). The upper left and right star points are her two arms. The lower left and right star points are her two legs. The uppermost point represents her head. Furthermore, on close examination, it was found that the pentagram was, in fact, circumscribed by a "circle of churches". In other words, the cathedrals and castles and other markers (totalling 15 in all), were not just randomly located over this forty square miles of mountainous terrain. They were placed, each in it's particular location, in such a way as to create a near perfect circle surrounding the "invisible" pentagram. The number 15 is important here because it ties in with the legend of the Egyptian god, Osiris who was chopped into 15 pieces and his dismembered body parts strewn throughout the land. One of the severed body parts was his, um... phallus, as they say in more polite circles.

Now, Isis was the wife of Osiris (no, she didn't do the deed like Lorena Bobbit although her regenerated husband is now revered as a god in the porno industry!). Isis searched for the missing phallus, found it, and through a bit of practical magic was able to use it to impregnate herself, thus giving birth to Horus. It has been speculated that the 15 point circle around the body of the Goddess (the pentagram) may represent the 15 pieces of the body of Osiris.

[Regarding that idea, here's an amusing side note. Notice the lower two star points of the Pentagram represent the two legs of the Goddess. The legs are spread and, of course, are joined at the center in an inverted V. My friend and research associate Michael Lawrence Morton refers to this spot as the "Vulva Point" for obvious reasons. I just noticed the other night that one of the 15 points which form the Circle is dead center at the bottom of the Circle, directly in line with the Vulva Point of the Pentagram. If one were to draw a line upward from this node on the Circle it would directly intersect with the Vulva Point. Is it possible that this particular node represents the Phallus of Osiris?]

About a month ago, in a separate but ultimately related work, I had developed what I called the Code Tree. During the development of this symbolic figure (a subject for a future CodeZone), the RLC (Rennes Le Chateau) Pentagram came into play. To continue the work on the Code Tree, which is a graphic symbol similar to the Hebrew Tree Of Life, I traced a drawing of the RLC geometry, i.e. the Pentagram with its 15-point Circle, from an illustration based on a map of the area. Having then spent many hours working with the RLC geometry in this context, I had that particular geometric shape firmly etched into my inquiring mind. One evening, while researching information on the alleged hoaxing of the Avebury crop circle (we all remember THAT one, don't we?) I came to the web site of a British crop circle researcher named Freddy Silva.


Weyhill Geometry - Freddie Silva (star point out of circle)


On one of his pages, Freddy had rendered an elaborate geometrical analysis of one of England's 1997 crop circles
{short description of image}; a crop circle which, by the way, happened to incorporate the geometry of the Vesica Pices, the two overlapping circles, which just happens to have Goddess connotations according to some ancient lore. While studying the complex system of lines and angles in Freddy's analysis of this crop circle, I noticed some similarities to the RLC geometry. I especially noticed the large pentagon (which I highlighted in red). This caught my eye since there is a pentagon shape in the center of the RLC Pentagram (5-pointed star) which is said to represent the womb of the Goddess. Naturally I wondered if perhaps the RLC geometry might somehow correlate with this crop circle. So I downloaded Freddy's drawing and superimposed my RLC rendering over it.
{short description of image} Not only did it fall right into place but, because of Freddy's drawing, I saw some minor errors in my own rendering of the RLC geometry which I was then able to correct. Incredibly, Freddy's analysis of the crop circle geometry also produced a nodal point (highlighted by the small black circle in the center of Figure 2) from which a 306 degree azimuth could be shown in relation to the arm of the RLC Pentagram just as it is in the actual geometry in the ground layout at Rennes Le Chateau. Needless to say, I found this quite intriguing. [A nice piece of synchronicity, also involving the Great Pyramid in Egypt, of which I will have more to say in a future CodeZone.] Did it mean there was some connection between this crop circle design and the ancient practice of Goddess worship? I knew it was a possibility since I had seen in DeAnna Emerson's book, Mars/Earth Enigma (1996), where she had found extensive examples of the design elements of many crop circles matched the design elements which made up the letter characters depicted in samples of ancient "Goddess script". Then, just the other night, while preparing to write this installment of the CodeZone and thinking about the previous installment regarding the Grek-5 Numerical Pyramid correlation to the Avebury crop formation, I wondered if the G5NP might also fit into this crop circle (which, as far as I know, was not a hoax!). Again, I superimposed the G5NP onto Freddy's illustration
{short description of image} which now included the RLC geometry (the 15-point Circle and the Pentagram). I decided, for lack of a reason not to, to put the G5NP in upside down using the widest horizontal span of Freddy's pentagon as the base for my inverted G5NP. Interestingly, this "just happened" to position the central hexagon of the G5NP dead on the money at the Vulva Point of the Goddess. It also turned out that the ends of the base (or the two points at either side of the longest width of Freddy's pentagon) were precisely at 306 degrees azimuth from the the Vulva Point, thus falling in line with the diagonals of the Goddess Pentagram (shown in Figure 3).

Next I decided to go ahead and insert the G5NP right side up in such a position that if both the inverted G5NP and the right side up G5NP were combined they would form the geometry of the "Star Of David". Figure 4 shows the results,
{short description of image} although I removed the inverted G5NP to make the illustration less complicated to look at. Using the outermost circle (orange) which was established in Figure 3, as my base marker, the central hexagon of the G5NP "just happens" to end up at precisely the right position to establish the point which produces a 300 degree azimuth from the axis of the Goddess Pentagram to the tip of her "arm". Just as with the 306 degree azimuth shown in Figure 3, this 300 degree azimuth is the same as found in the actual geometry of the ground layout at Rennes Le Chateau.

Well, now I'm looking at all this and I'm thinking this is interesting how the Grek-5 Numerical Pyramid seems linked in some way to the geometry of Rennes Le Chateau. Was there some "goddess" connection to the Grek-5 scenario? Suddenly it dawned on me that I had never really paid much attention the alphanumeric values of the interesting names of the main characters from our Grek-5 "contact" experience. Could there be some clues here? I had already learned, some years ago, from a letter written to me by researcher/author Allen Greenfield (Secret Cipher Of The UFOnauts - 1994) that some of the names of these characters, as well as some of the phrases they communicated to us, had direct correlations to the secret code hidden within the text dictated to Aleister Crowley by a non-human entity named Aiwass. Could there be more here if I applied the system I usually use in my cryptonumerology work? (See CodeZone No. 1, "WHAT ANCIENT SECRETS MAY BE ENCODED WITHIN OUR ALPHABET?")

The two main characters were GURO SPECTOR and RANDESSA. What I found was, indeed, curiously suggestive that Guro could have had a connection to the "gods" and Randessa could have had a Goddess connection in some way.

The first thing I noticed was that the alphanumeric value of RANDESSA is 81. I recognized this as the same as the alphanumeric value of VENUS. Venus, of course, has "goddess" written all over it. Interestingly, HORUS (the son of the Egyptian Goddess, Isis) also equals 81. Horus was also called the SKY GOD which just happens to equal 81. The Egyptian connection immediately focused my attention on the first part of Randessa's name: Ra. This was the name of the Egyptian sun god. SUN GOD = 80. Then I found that GURO + RA=80. Curiouser and curiouser. In some archetypal way were these two characters symbolic of celestial royalty? Was Randessa, perhaps, the daughter of Guro? Or, perhaps, of Ra? Again I worked the numbers and found this:


Then I wondered if the name, Randessa, might actually mean "The Daughter Of RA". Maybe the name should more correctly be spelled RA.NDESSA, similar to the compound names of the Anunnaki from the planet, Nibiru, according to Zecharia Sitchen (The 12th Planet, Genesis Revisited, etc.). For example the Anunnaki name for Saturn was AN.SHAR ("Formost Of The Heavens"). Or, another example would be NIN.HAR.SAG ("Lady Of The Head Mountain"). Perhaps RA.NDESSA is translated "The Daughter Of Ra". Or, perhaps, "The Daughter Of Guro"?

1+9+9 = 19 = RA!

Moreover, I found: RA = 19 and I already knew that DNA=19. We know the sun gives life. Is there a symbolic connection? Is DNA encoded in the name RANDESSA? It is, but in reverse: rANDessa. What happens if we combine the alphanumeric values of RA and RANDESSA as separate entities? 19 + 81 = 100, the total number of small triangles which comprise the whole of the Grek-5 Numerical Pyramid.

As if all this wasn't curious enough, at the end of it all I found this:


And so now you understand the question at the top of the page. Is it possible my friend, Tom, was seduced by a Goddess and never even recognized he was getting the "royal" treatment"? Such things are possible you know... the CodeZone.


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