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"Is Synchronicity Contagious?"

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This week's installment asks the question: "Is Synchronicity Contagious?"

Is synchronicity contagious? Can you catch it from others? I think so. It happens all the time.

Perhaps no one has infected the public consciousness with synchronicity more effectively, on a large scale, than James Redfield with his series of books beginning with The Celestine Prophecy. The Celestine Prophecy includes nine insights (there's that number "9" again!). The First Insight tells us that "in each of our lives occur mysterious coincidences - sudden, synchronistic events that, once interpreted, lead us into our true destiny" (Redfield, 1993).

Personally, I came down with the Synchronicity Fever over 20 years ago after reading a book called "Incredible Coincidence" by researcher Alan Vaughn. Here's what happened:



It was the summer of 1975 and I had just spent several peaceful days at a cabin in the Methow Valley on the eastern side of Washington state. I had also just finished reading a book called INCREDIBLE COINCIDENCE by author and psychic researcher Alan Vaughan. The book is a collection of truly incredible coincidences in people's lives. The last part of the book is a discussion of the concept of synchronicity. The author informs us that after reading the book, the reader may very well experience some rather remarkable coincidences, simply from having been made aware of the fact that such things do happen.

All too soon it was time for me to make the four hour trip back to my home in Seattle; a trip I had taken countless times. I had gone about two miles down the North Cascades Highway with the sun shining and the thick forests lining the roadside when I noticed I was speeding along at about 70 miles per hour. This was not unusual. What was unusual was that I suddenly thought to myself, "I really should slow down. A deer could run out in front of me".

In all of the many times I had driven that stretch of highway I had never seen a deer on the road and I had never even thought about it before. But no sooner had the thought crossed my mind, as I rounded the bend, sure enough a deer came running out onto the road in front of me. Fortunately I was slowing down and was able to avoid running into it. Well that was pretty cool but there was more to come.

After about an hour's drive I came to a favorite spot where a river runs along the highway. There is a nice little roadside park at that point so I decided to pull over and enjoy the view for a few minutes. I got out of the car and went to light up a cigarette but noticed that I had left my lighter back at the cabin and the lighter in the car didn't work. Then I noticed a campfire smouldering about 50 feet away from where I stood. I thought I could light my cigarette from the hot coals so I began to walk over there. As I approached, I noticed there was some camping gear and other personal items around the fire, including a woman's purse.

The campers were down at the river and saw me walking toward their campsite. I decided rather than arouse their suspicion and disturb their activity I would just turn around and walk back to my car. About halfway to my car I looked down and noticed the sun gleaming on something that was mostly hidden under a small bush. I bent down to see what it was. I reached out and picked it up. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was a brand-spanking new Bic lighter.


So that was my introduction into the world of synchronicity. Of course such coincidences most likely had occurred to me previously but the difference this time was my acute awareness of what was happening. And that awareness, I realized after a bit of reflection, was the result of having just read Vaughn's book. He was right when he said after reading the book, the reader may very well experience some rather remarkable coincidences, simply from having been made aware of the fact that such things do happen. The book itself was so astounding that my consciousness was totally opened up to this wonderfully mystical phenomenon. Synchronicity did, indeed, seem to be contagious and I really came down with a good case of it! I caught it from Alan Vaughn's book and I notice as I pass this synchronicity bug on to others they too become infected. One of our CodeZone readers, for example - a fellow by the name of Wilfred L. Bastian II - has come down with a heavy dose of Synchronicity Fever for sure. Not only did Wilfred discover the remarkable image shown here but my discussions about the number "9" and it's relationship to the synchronicity phenomenon has really infiltrated his reality. In an email letter to me, he writes:


Hi Gary,
I chanced upon your site today and saw the diagram at the top of your page "The Code Tree". I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw It! You see, I had just today downloaded the attached image from the NASA/ Hubble site. Here is the caption that was with the picture : " Eye of heaven" "This celestial object, with the scientific name MyCn18, looks like an eerie green eye staring out from two intersecting rings. But it's actually an intricately shaped "hourglass" nebula with a star at its center."

Wilfred goes on to write:

NOTE : the numerological implications...the name MyCn18 whose digits reduce down to 9 (1+8=9). And for another bit of strangeness, my own date of birth is 11/25/1962...which reduces down to nine....I was born guessed it 9:00 am ,which makes me Sagittarius...the 9th sign of the zodiac in the month of November whose name actually means... 9. It doesn't end there... My current address is [witheld to protect privacy - GVT]...which reduces to 9 and my phone number was untill just recently reduces to 9 as well.


Wilfred L. Bastian I I

P.S. I've just realized that today is the 27th...a 9....very strange indeed.


Many thanks to Wilfred for sharing that bit of personal synchronicity and especially for sending the NASA photo. This photo had the additional synchronistic element of having arrived in my email box just after the publication of last week's CodeZone article which focused on the Code Tree and the symbol which evolved from it. That symbol is the one pictured here, to the left of the MyCn18 Nebula, for comparison. That is one gorgeous piece of Cosmic Coincidence! Synchronicity on a grand scale, to be sure!

Synchronistic events can range from the dramatic (such as pictured here) to the simply amusing. One of my favorites on the amusement scale is this one that happened to me not too long ago:



One day while browsing through a copy of Reader's Digest, I read a humorous little anecdote about a road sign someone had seen at the entrance to a small bridge. It read, "IF THIS SIGN IS UNDER WATER, THIS BRIDGE IS IMPASSABLE". The next day I had an appointment in an area of the city I seldom visit. As it happened, I was twenty minutes early. So, to kill a few minutes, I wandered into a small new-and-used book store which I had never seen before. I spied a small cardboard box full of old books on a table toward the back of the store and decided to have a look. The box was crammed so tightly with books, all spine side up, that I couldn't even get my fingers between any two of them in order to pull one out. One book, however, was very thin and a bit taller than the others so I got a grip on it with the tips of my fingers and, with a tug, I managed to yank it out. That book,the first one I pulled out (published nearly twenty years ago, by the way!), was called "Funny Road Signs". On the cover was a cartoon illustration of the same sign I had just read about in Reader's Digest twenty four hours earlier! Before reading the anecdote in Reader's Digest, I had never heard about that silly road sign. Then, BAM! I got hit with it twice in less than twenty four hours! What are the odds of that happening? It was totally weird and I'll probably never run across anything about that road sign again. Or will I?


I've had many such experiences, both dramatic and amusing, over the past 20 years or so. It occurred to me that CodeZone readers no doubt have had some good synchronicities also. So if you would like to email one or two of your most dramatic or amusing synchronistic events to me, I'd love to read them and we'll publish a few in a future installment.

Let's pay attention to those marvelous mystical events in our lives. These are the transcendent experiences that open the doors to worlds of discovery outside the box of conventional wisdom; the worlds of mystery and insight... out there... in the realm we call... the CodeZone.

©2000, Gary Val Tenuta


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