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"What's Up With This "9" Thing, Anyway?"

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This week's installment asks the question: "What's Up With This "9" Thing, Anyway?"

Since this is the 9th installment of the CodeZone it seemed appropriate to consider another aspect of what I call "that 9 thing". For the benefit of those who may not have been following the CodeZone from the beginning, suffice to say I'm admittedly obsessed with the concepts of synchronicity ("meaningful coincidence") and the number "9" and how they seem to interrelate with language - especially the English language and the alphabet from which it is formed. The number 9 seems to be somehow significantly and mysteriously interlaced throughout the interconnected web of our experience of reality and our alphabet seems to have a way of reflecting that connection. (My research into this mystery has suggested that if some symbolic meaning is to be attached to the number 9, it seems to be related to the idea of change or transition. In some archetypal way, it appears that it may function as a signal or flag, indicating that a change is imminent, or a transition is either about to occur or at least the potential for some sort of transition has been put into motion. We'll come back to that idea in a few minutes.) Often, however, the value of 9 is not immediately apparent. It is often hidden within larger numbers. To draw the number 9 out from its hiding place we simply apply the function known as "cross adding". Take the 360 degrees of a circle for example. Add the digits of that number and you'll find the number 9 is hidden within:


It's that simple. Now, below is just a partial list of the instances where the value of 9 is either right up front or hidden within a larger number. So when you see the multidigit numbers in this list, you can do the math.

Instances Of “9” Abound:

1. Nine (known or observed) planets in our solar system

2. Nine month gestation period in human birth process. Note: might this be the process during which the human consciousness becomes fused with, or attuned to, the resonant frequency of “9”?

3. Human mean normal respiration rate is 18 times per minute (from Linda Goodman’s Starsigns, 1987)

4. Human mean normal heartbeat is 72 times a minute (ibid.)

5. Average number of heartbeats per hour is 4,320 (ibid.)

6. Average number of respirations per hour is 1,080 (ibid.)

7. Average number of respirations per 24 hour period is 25,920 (ibid.)

8. 25,920 is also the length of a sidereal year (ibid.)

9. There are 360 degrees in a circle (ibid.)

10. In the Catholic practice of Novenas, prayer services last 9 nights (ibid.)

11. Traditionally, the Romans were known to bury their dead on the 9th day of the death (ibid.)

12. Some cultures measure time in terms of very long cycles. In the Hindu tradition the present cycle of time consists of 432,000 years. This is called the “Kali Yuga”. The great cycle in which the Kali Yuga falls consists of 4,320,000 years (Campbell, The Inner Reaches Of Outer Space, 1986)

13. The Icelandic tradition tells of the great warrior hall in which there were 540 doors. Through each door there would come 800 divine warriors (ibid.). Okay, so 800 doesn’t reduce to 9. But check it out: 800 warriors are coming through each of 540 doors. 800 x 540 = 432,000 warriors!

14. A Greek version of the history of Babylonia says that between the time of the building of the first city, Kish, and the time of the Great Flood (as recounted in the Bible) there elapsed a total of 432,000 years (ibid.)

15. By totaling the life spans of the ten patriarchs from Adam to Noah (which marks the time of the Great Flood), the length of time equals 1,656 years (ibid.)

16. According to the research of Joseph Campbell, the number 9 is traditionally associated with the Goddess Mother Of The World. In India there are a total of 108 names associated with this Goddess (ibid.)

17. In Roman Catholic Europe, the cathedral bells ring 3 + 3 + 3 (morning, noon, evening) and then it rings 9 times to celebrate the virgin birth of the Savior (ibid.)

18. The Catholic rosary consists of beads strung in a pattern of 5 groups of 10 beads, with a single bead in the space between the five groups, for a total of 54 beads.

19. The pyramid on the back of the U.S. one-dollar bill is an old Masonic symbol and is made up of 72 stones, representing the tetragrammaton, the Hebrew 4-letter name for God: YHVH

20. The numerological value of YHVH is 9

21. The numerological value of the word LOVE is 9. One of the words from the Grek-5 list [ See CodeZone No.2 ] was God-9, making the word-phrase “God-9” reminiscent of the old axiom, “God is Love”.

22. The ancient unit of measure known as the cubit is generally considered to be about equal to 18 inches. According to the Bible, the cubit dimensions of Noah’s Ark, when converted to inches would be 5,400 in. x 900 in. x 540 in., all multiples of 9.

23. When the cubit dimensions of the Ark Of The Covenant (Exodus 25:10) are converted to inches the measurements are 45 in. x 27 in. x 27 in., all are multiples of 9.

24. The biblical book of Revelations (chapt. 21) speaks of a great “city” to come to earth from out of the sky. It is called the New Jerusalem. The city is described as a cube, exactly 12,000 furlongs in all directions. No, 12,000 doesn’t reduce to 9. However, converted to the English foot, this equals 7,920,000 feet, which does reduce to 9.

25. The word ENLIGHTENMENT is the only word in the English language in which the letters E-I-G-H-T-E-E-N appear in that order and 18, of course, reduces to 9. (Lyons, The Language Crystal, 1988)

26. It has often been said the game of baseball is a metaphor for life. The game does have several connections to the number 9. There are 9 players on a team. The bases are 90 feet apart. There are 9 innings to a regular game. There are probably more, but I kind of like this rather obscure one: The Knickerbocker Baseball Club drafted the rules establishing the 9-player team in 1845. 1+8+4+5=18 (1+8=9 )!

27. A man named Carl Munck has developed a geomathematical grid (latitude and longitude) system where the prime meridian runs through the center of the Great Pyramid of Giza. (The alphanumeric value of the phrase, THE GREAT PYRAMID OF GIZA, by the way, is 234.) Munck claims this grid system was known to the ancients and it links all of the known ancient stone monuments on earth with the anomalous, possibly artificial structures in the cydonia region of Mars. Munck’s formula identifies the “grid point value” for the Great Sphinx as 5400. (Information regarding Carl Munck’s geo-mathematical grid formula can be accessed on the internet at .

28. According to my research collegue, Michael Lawrence Morton, the known arc distance on Earth from Pole to equator is exactly 5400 nautical miles.

29. Also from M. L. Morton, the polar circumference of Earth is 21,600 nautical miles. He notes also that according to Munck’s earth grid formula, 21,600 is the precise Grid Latitude of Stonehenge.

30. And again from M.L.Morton, 7920 is the number of statute miles of the mean diameter of Earth.

31. The number 144 is the Hebrew gematrian equivalent for “light”.

32. Revelation 13:18 says, "Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and the number is Six hundred threescore and six" (666).

33. In order to become a Zen Master, one must solve 54 koans, or puzzles which require deep insight and enlightenment (Ibid.).

34. Many Buddhists and Hindus wear sets of 108 beads (Ibid.).

35. The mystic American Indian, Black Elk, in Black Elk Speaks, said he had “The Great Vision” at 9 and “was no good for anything till 18” (Ibid.).

36. Lyons also reports that, according to the World Book Encyclopedia, the average speed of the Earth in its orbit around the sun is 666 miles per hour (Ibid.).

37. In Einstein's formula we see E=M(C^2). That's Mass (M) multiplied by the Speed Of Light squared (C^2). Is it just coincidence that if we replace the M and C with their reduced numerological equivalents, respectively 4 (M) and 3 (C), and perform the mathematical function we get 36, which also reduces to 9? Or, here's something interesting: If we alter that equation to read E=MC squared, we get E=144, which reduces to 9 and is the traditional Gematrian equivalent for "light". Synchronistically, the English alphanumeric value of the phrase SPEED OF LIGHT is 126 which also reduces to 9. And further, the alphanumeric value of ONE TWO SIX just happens to be 144! 38. NINE IS THE KEY=144

Could it be that, as a planet, we're somehow locked into the vibratory frequency of that number? Or, furthermore, maybe the whole solar system is keyed to that number. Is it possible that every solar system has its own “signature” frequency and might that frequency be somehow determined by the number of planets in the system? Or perhaps the signature frequency is determined by something else and the number of planets is just one more instance of physical reality reflecting the underlying metaphysical architecture.

In our own solar system, for example, there are nine planets. However, Zecharia Sitchen and others have postulated the existence of a tenth planet, Nibiru, which they claim is on an extremely long elliptical orbit around our sun taking it far beyond the paths of the other planets; an orbit so vast it takes the planet some 3600 years (do your math here!) to make one revolution around the sun and, when it enters into the relatively close confines of the other nine planets, it passes between Earth and Mars. If there is, indeed, such a planet, how can it be accounted for within the context of our nine-planet hypothesis? Wouldn’t that render the hypothesis null and void? Maybe not. Since we’re already outside the box of conventional thinking here (after all, this is the CodeZone, you know) let’s continue in that vein. For those not familiar with this notion of a 10th planet in our solar system, let me give you a very brief synopsis.

Zecharia Sitchen (The 12th Planet, Genesis Revisited, et. al.) and others believe the planet Nibiru is the home of the Anunnaki or the Nefilim (The Sons Of God) as spoken of in the Bible (Genesis 6). In short these researchers claim the ancient Sumerian writings indicate that the Anunnaki came to Earth 445,000 years ago when Nibiru passed near to our planet. (To avoid confusing any readers not familiar with Sitchen’s work, let me explain that Sitchen refers to Nibiru as the 12th planet because, for reasons outlined in his book, the Sumerians included the Moon and the Sun along with the other nine planets, and the inclusion of Nibiru would make 12.) In his book, The 12th Planet, Sitchen describes in detail the reason for the Anunnaki coming here was to mine gold. He goes on to say according to the Sumerian texts they returned again 300,000 years ago and, through a program of genetic engineering, created the first Homo Sapiens to take over the laborious task of the huge mining effort. In a nutshell, that is the story. Of course I’ve left out enough detail to fill a couple of books. Fortunately, Mr. Sitchen has written those books and if the reader is curious about those details, I highly suggest a trip to the book store. But, with that background established, let’s continue with our problem of a tenth planet in our 9-planet hypothesis.

The question was how to accommodate a 10th planet in our 9-planet hypothesis if the hypothesis suggests that some kind of signature frequency, resonant with the number 9, is somehow responsible for the number of planets in our system; specifically, nine planets. Or, put another way, the existence of nine planets is the result of some underlying metaphysical architecture governed by a certain vibratory frequency. In either case,wouldn’t the existence of a tenth planet render the hypothesis null and void? Maybe not. As I said before, we’re already outside the box of conventional thinking. We are free to speculate in any direction. Therefore, let’s try this:

Write a column of numbers, 1 through 9. One of the first things that becomes obvious is that 9 is the end of the series. Why do we end it there instead of continuing on with 10, 11, and so on? Because after 9 comes 10, as we know, but 10 is essentially just 1 again because the 1 plus the 0 equals 1. The next number is 11 which, in the same way, is just 2 again, when the 1 is added to the 1. Twelve, then, reduces to three, 13 reduces to 4, and... well, you get the idea.

Now, write a column of numbers from 1 to 100. Starting with the 1, circle every ninth number in the series. The circled numbers turn out to be 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81, 90, and 99. Each of these numbers, reduced to their single digit, equals 9. The number which immediately follows any one of these numbers reduces to 1, when distilled, or reduced, to its single digit form. For example, the number following 18 is 19. Reduced, 19 equals 1 because 1 plus 9 is 10 and, then, the 1 plus the 0 is 1. The same with the number which follows 27. The same with the number which follows 36, and so on down the line. The number 9, then, could indeed be interpreted as a symbol of change, a sign indicating the potential for transition. Whatever follows 9 becomes 1 again. In the endless series of numbers, 9 is always the transitional number, the point where one segment ends and the next begins. But it is not a closed circle. The “1” that follows the "9" is never the same “1” as where you started. It’s a new “1”. The journey is a process, a progression, a never ending spiral. Every time you reach the transition point of 9 along the journey, you start all over again, but at the next higher level. [Note of interest: The alphanumeric value of the phrase, THE SPIRAL=108=9. The value of THE SPIRAL JOURNEY=216=9. The value of THE SPIRAL PATH=153=9. Also note the illustration shown here. This depicts the Golden Mean Spiral compared to the shape of the number 9. Synchronistically, we find THE GOLDEN MEAN SPIRAL=198, which reduces to 18, which reduces to 9.]

Now, having established all that, how can this be applied to our problem? Well, it just so happens that the numerological value of the word NIBIRU is 73 (7+3=10), which not only resonates with our conscious perception of it as the 10th planet but, as we have seen, the number 10 is really the number 1 on the next higher level of the progression. Symbolically then, Nibiru might be said to represent the agent of change in Earth’s physical as well as metaphysical transition along its journey. The potential for the transition is activated by the archetypal influence of the number 9; the other nine planets. The 10th planet, then, marks the actual manifestation of the transition. As Sitchen points out, when Nibiru comes near the Earth, the Anunnaki pay us a visit and the result is always the seed of some dramatic change in Earth’s own experience as it progresses onward along its spiral journey. Or at least that's one possibility as we see it from our unique perspective out here... in the CodeZone.

©2000, Gary Val Tenuta


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