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"Is the BIBLE CODE a Holographic Road Map?"

THE CODE ZONE: Reality Outside The Box (No.10) A Weekly Column By Gary Val Tenuta

You've just entered a realm somewhere outside the bounds of conventional wisdom... a world of words and ideas... a place where reality can shift at any given tnemom. See what I mean? Welcome to... The CodeZone.

This week's installment asks the question: "Is the BIBLE CODE a Holographic Road Map?"

Over 50 years ago a Checkoslovakian rabbi by the name of Weissmandel discovered that if he skipped every 50th letter in the original Hebrew text of Genesis in the Torah (the Old Testament of the Bible) and then skipped another 50 and yet another 50, the resulting letters spelled the word "Torah". He applied this same skip code to the books of Exodus, Numbers and Deuteronomy and in every case he found the same phenomenon. The word "Torah" appeared in each of those books. This phenomenon bears a striking familiarity to one of the extraordinary features of a hologram.

One of the remarkable qualities of a hologram is that the whole of the holographic image is represented in all of its parts. In other words if you took a piece of regular film with an image on it and cut it in half, you'd end up with only half the image. Cut those halves in two and you end up with only quarter portions of the original image and so on. But if you take a piece of holographic film with an image on it and cut it in half and shine a light through either of those two pieces of film you will still get the whole image. That will be the case no matter how small you cut the pieces of film. The unique feature of a hologram is that all of its parts contain all of the information necessary to create the whole. You could say a hologram is a self-referencing phenomenon. In a sense, then, looking at Weissmandel's discovery, we could say the Torah was exhibiting a similar quality.

Of course, this is not how the phenomenon has been interpreted by the scholars who have studied what has become known as the "Bible Code". Generally speaking, it has been thought of as just that, a code; information encoded by an intelligent source into the original Hebrew text; the intelligent source being interpreted as "God". In the 1980s, having the benefit of a modern gadget called a computer, a respected mathematician by the name of Dr. Eliyahu Rips took Weissmandel's discovery to the next level. With the aid of Doron Witztum, an Israeli physicist, they created a computer program that could run various skip-code sequences on the whole Torah. In the process, they discovered an astounding thing. They were able to find the names of thirty two prominent sages, from Biblical to modern times, encoded within the text of the Torah. Even more remarkably, in close proximity to the names were found the dates of the births and deaths of each of these men. Statistically, the odds of this happening by chance were one in ten million.

There is not room here to elaborate on the whole story of the Bible Code and all the amazingly correlated words and phrases that it has revealed. Suffice to say it has stirred heated debates among theologians and mathematicians alike. Not everyone agrees that this phenomenon is a code or that its existence was intentional in any way. Nevertheless, the phenomenon exists, regardless of the explanation. However, one dramatic incident should be mentioned here. It involves the Israeli Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin. An investigative reporter by the name of Michael Drosnin was researching this claim of a code in the Bible and, in the process, discovered the name, Yitzhak Rabin, encoded vertically within the text of the Torah. In crossword puzzle fashion, he also discovered the phrase, "Assassin Will Assassinate" encoded horizontally across Rabin's name. Drosnin flew to Israel to warn Rabin. But perhaps that which is destined to be cannot be changed. Yitzhak Rabin was, indeed, assassinated a year later. Amazingly, after the assassination, Drosnin discovered the name of the assassin had been encoded right next to Rabin's name all along. Had he known that when he went to warn the Prime Minister would the outcome have been different? Or was the "reality" programed in such a way that somehow prevented Drosnin from noticing the name of the assassin prior to the event? Does this seem unlikely? Far fetched? Consider this: In the 32nd verse of Exodus we find the text describing the event of Moses receiving the Commandments on the stone tablets. The text states, "And the tablets were the work of God, and the writing was the writing of God, engraved on the tablets." However, Rips discovered these words encoded within that same verse: "IT WAS MADE BY COMPUTER". And consider this: According to Drosnin, who wrote the book, The Bible Code, even though the code calls it a "computer" it might be using this word simply because it's a word which we can understand both in this context and at this point in our history. After all it is only now, at this time in history, that we were able to break the code because of the advent of sophisticated computers. Drosnin quotes Australian physicist, Paul Davies, who wrote,

"History suggests that each age appeals to its most impressive technology as a metaphor for the cosmos, or even 'God' ".

This comes from Davies' book which is entitled "The Mind Of God". Drosnin follows up on this by saying that the root of the very Hebrew word meaning "computer" is the same as for the word meaning "thought". Drosnin suggests, then, that the revealing of the word "computer" in the code might actually be referring to a "mind". The mind of God? Remember, that was the title of Davies' book. That title jumped out at me since, in my ever growing list of words and phrases with significant alphanumeric values, I had recorded the phrase, THE MIND OF GOD=120. Now I found this interesting because the concept of the 3-in-1 God can be tied in here, metaphorically, simply by multiplying 120 by 3. This gives us 360, the number of degrees in a complete circle, symbolic of the completeness of God. Hang on, it gets even better. If we divide 120 by 3 we get 40 and it just so happens that the alphanumeric value of the word MIND is 40! And just as a matter of interest, 360 is also the value of the phrase, THE TREE OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL. This resonates well with our discussion of the idea of the complete circle, the totality of God, and the idea of God encompassing both positive and negative attributes, GOOD and EVIL. And lest one think this is heresy, we have the following verse from the Biblical book of Isaiah (45:7). This verse is not only alleged to be directly from the mouth of God, it also suggests what we've just discovered using our system of cryptonumerology:

"I am the Lord and there is none else. I form the light and create darkness; I make peace and create evil; I, the Lord, do all these things".

Interesting, no? Which brings me to the reason I decided to make this the topic of this week's CodeZone.

I received an email from a CodeZone reader named Duane. Duane is involved in gematrian research and takes a very scientific approach to the subject, applying logic and reason wherever he can. He questions everything. In his most recent email he brought up some new information regarding the Bible Code. Duane writes,

((A Hebrew specialist decided that if God had truly implanted the skip code material in the Bible, God would not have included skip-code messages that were negative toward God, the Holy Spirit, or Jesus Christ. His brief hypothesis was: that if he could find such negative messages by using the same technique the pro-God-Wrote-It enthusiasts used and endorsed, this would be proof that God DIDN'T put the skip code messages in there. I think this is a very sensible line of reasonsing and I don't think that it can be gotten around.))

My first thought, having read this, was to agree with Duane that it seemed a sensible line of reasoning. But then I thought about what had been turning up in my alphanumerics work which seemed to suggest the dual nature of God, the positive and negative in one. This idea was brought up in CodeZone No.6 and No.7.

In CodeZone No.6 I showed the alphanumeric value of JEHOVAH is 69. The number 69 can be viewed graphically as representing the Yin/Yang sign symbolizing the concept of opposites-in-one or "dual nature".

Also, since we've seen that the number 9 is a significant element in all of this cryptonumerology work, I noted the following, based on NINE=42:

If we add 9 to 42 and then add 9 to that answer and repeat the process three times to get 666 from the reduced values, we end up with 69=JEHOVAH. Here's how it works:

60+9=69(6) = JEHOVAH

In CodeZone No.6, I further noted:


This is because JESUS and LUCIFER share the same alphanumeric value (74). This sharing of the same alphanumeric value is again symbolic of the dual nature of the one spiritual entity.

Duane went on to write:

((Indeed, assuming that God is ALL EVERYTHING, He would be in control of ALL the messages, hence, only ONE clear cut, indisputable message that was negative toward GOD, HOLY SPIRIT, OR JESUS CHRIST would be enough to throw out the entire skip code hypothesis. (Well, his hypothesis wasn't QUITE that extreme, although I would think there to be good reason for it to be that way.)

((And what did he find? Yes, in practically no time at all, clear cut examples of GOD being negative towards Himself,etc.

Duane continues...

((I'm very sorry to see this because I've devoted a lot of energy and excitement to thinking there just might be something in the Bible Codes, but, assuming this fellow's brief findings are not cooked and are entirely accurate, the case is closed re the skip codes as proof that God "did it."))

Duane's disappointment here is understandable. However, there may be more to "the bigger picture" (as Peter Gersten calls it) and Duane himself may have provided the clue to this in his own words above, when he said:

((Indeed, assuming that God is ALL EVERYTHING, He would be in control of ALL the messages...))

Perhaps assuming God is totally comprised of only "positive attributes" is short-changing God. If, indeed, God is "ALL EVERYTHING", wouldn't this include "negative attributes" as well? The ALL EVERYTHING idea is, in fact, the Yin/Yang of the universe.

It would be interesting to know just what those negative phrases discovered by skip code actually were. REALLY interesting, perhaps. If, for the sake of argument, we DON'T dismiss the idea that the code was put there by "God", a study of the negative phrases MIGHT tell us something about the nature of "God" right from the horses mouth, so to speak. Of course it all gets down to our perception of just what "God" is. Rather than the anthropomorphized God (i.e., God created in our own image) I'm thinking here of "God" in terms of a holographic archetype incorporating both negative and positive attributes. This would be another perspective on Duane's assumption that "God is ALL EVERYTHING".

In any case, regardless of these new findings, we still can't dismiss the fact that these self-referencing "cross words" and "cross phrases" do exist. That in itself is a curious phenomenon. The source or reason for the existence of that phenomenon might be something other than "God" in the conventional sense. I've heard it said (someone please correct me if I'm wrong) that, given an exhaustive search, every name, place, date, and event that ever existed could be found in the Torah through the use of the skip codes. If that's true, then the Torah could be said to be at least somewhat holographic in nature. In that sense there still might be something of value in this Bible Code thing. I wouldn't give up on it yet, Duane. The answer just might be found outside the box. You know, out here... the CodeZone.

2000, Gary Val Tenuta


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