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A Reader Cries "FRAUD"

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A CodeZone reader cries, "Fraud!"

I received an email from an anonamous reader responding to last week's CodeZone article about the Bible Code. Let's call him Mr. Skeptic. Without further ado, here is what Mr. Skeptic had to say:


Rather than looking at the Torah or Bible you should be looking at other books such as the Quran, the Hindu texts. Your logic is based on Jewish fraud. You getting rich with this code stuff. (WHY DON'T YOU SEE IF I AM IN THE CODE OF THE BIBLE OR TORAH-HE!!HE!!HE!!) Further why don't you check books written by humans (he!!he!!) such as novels etc you will find codes in there too--I am willing to bet. What has been discovered is a form of subliminal writing--that is purely human, and can be found in all written works of various races and countries.--SOMETHING LIKE REVERSE SPEECH. Further just like reverse speech we also write in the subliminal, when we are composing a written work. BUT NO YOU NOT INTERESTED IN HEARING THE TRUTH, THE JEWISH MYTH IS TOO GOOD AND PROFITABLE. As for the prophecies in the code found and written by you, they are subliminal writings of the seers who wrote the work. Just as you and me are capable of doing if writing emotional about a subject. I HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND MY TRAIN OF THOUGHT.


Thank you Mr. Skeptic. Well, first I need to make something perfectly clear. Mr. Skeptic apparently thought I was involved in the Bible Code research and that I've profited financially from such involvement. In my dreams! The truth is I've never had any involvement with such research or with any person who has been involved with the research. Furthermore, I've never profited from the Bible Code or from anything having any connection to it. Having said that, let's move on to some of the other things Mr. Skeptic mentions because he makes some otherwise good points. Skepticism isn't a bad thing. It helps keep us on track, especially out here in the relatively uncharted regions of the CodeZone!

Last week's CodeZone article was not intended to be an endorsment of the Bible Code as put forth by Drosnin in his book, The Bible Code. It was used as an example to illustrate the possibility that our "reality" might be holographic in nature, or at least similar to a holograph in certain respects. Mr. Skeptic suggested looking at sources other than the Hebrew text of the Bible to see if the same "code" phenomenon turns up. He suggests the Quran and also novels. I had heard about some researchers who were doing just what Mr. Skeptic suggested but had not looked into their work to see what they had found. Mr. Skeptic's email piqued my curiosity so I went a-searching and learned something really interesting. Mr. Skeptic was right on the money. Interesting word and phrase correspondences were indeed found within the text of famous novels. Two favorites of the anti-Bible Code folks seem to be "War And Peace" and "Moby Dick". This latter led to a rather amusing discovery by a mathematician named Brendan McKay. In the book, The Bible Code, Drosnin says,

"No human could have encoded the Bible in this way" (Drosnin 1997, 50-51).

Furthermore, aware that his critics were hot to debunk his claims, he was quoted in Newsweek Magazine as saying,

"When my critics find a message about the assassination of a prime minister encrypted in Moby Dick, I'll believe them" (Begley 1997).

With computer program at the ready, McKay not only found assassination "predictions" in Moby Dick for Indira Gandhi, Rene Moawad, Leon Trotsky, Rev. M. L. King, and Robert F. Kennedy (see but he put the icing on the cake when he discovered Drosnin's own name encoded within the text of Moby Dick! That alone must have knocked Drosnin for a loop but there was more. Within close proximity to the name "DROSNIN" there were words and phrases which appeared to predict his untimely demise! Murdered! Of course Drosnin is still alive as of this writing (at least as far as I know) and McKay doesn't really think this find is a prediction at all. And that is basically McKay's whole point. He and several other mathematicians believe they have proven that it's all just a matter of the laws of probability. Given enough letters to work with, say a book the size of Moby Dick, and armed with a well designed computer program, one can find countless such word-place-name-date correspondences using the same kind of "skip code" method that Drosnin describes in his book. Some of the other examples pulled from Moby Dick are shown here.

So that's the spin on the Bible Code at least as far as I've had time to research the subject. But does this negate my suggestion last week that this phenomenon might reflect the holographic nature of "reality"? True, many experts now agree that this phenomenon is merely a result of the laws of probability. Still one fact remains: the phenomenon exists. Just because the mechanism behind it might be a function of probability does that necessarily mean it's not a reflection of the proposed holographic nature of the universe? Maybe the reverse is true. Maybe the laws of probability exist BECAUSE of the dynamics of the holographic nature of our reality. Could it be that in some other dimension there exists a reality, a universe, the structure and nature of which doesn't even allow for the existence of a probability factor? Okay, I'll admit I'm out of my league here. I'm not a mathematician and I wasn't a physics major in school either. But hey, let's not forget where we are. This is the CodeZone; a realm somewhere outside the bounds of conventional wisdom... a world of words and ideas... a place where reality can shift at any given tnemom. Know what I mean, Vern?

©2000, Gary Val Tenuta
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