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You've just entered a realm somewhere outside the bounds of conventional wisdom... a world of words and ideas... a place where reality can shift at any given tnemom. See what I mean? Welcome to... The CodeZone.


A recent Art Bell program featured a discussion about consciousness. As you might imagine, this led to discussion of altered states of consciousness. That, in turn led me to wonder if being "unconscious" (like when we're asleep) was really not "un" conscious at all but, rather, consciousness of an altered type. Then the discussion linked up to the idea of OBEs (Out-Of-Body-Experiences) and eventually the concept of synchronicity came into the picture. Each of these things, and more, were all connected in various ways to the fundamental idea of consciousness. I was reminded of a section in my book, The Secret Of Nine, which describes an interesting experience I had not long ago in which all of the above were rolled into one. I thought I'd share that with you this week. The following is taken from Addendum II, of The Secret Of Nine:



Just before waking I think I had an OBE (Out of Body Experience). I'm pretty sure of it. I won't bother to go into the whole thing but I have to tell you the journey was straight upward at a remarkable speed. When I reached the cloud layer I saw a silvery white "ring" of some sort, large enough for me to pass through. I knew instantly if I passed through the ring I would continue on an OBE experience beyond my wildest dreams. I hesitated, however, and rather than pass through the ring, I decided to touch it. At that moment, my perception of the size of the ring changed. It was now only about six to eight inches in diameter and it came apart, so that now it appeared to be like a flexible piece of tubing. That's the best I can describe it, except it was not of an earthly material. It was almost as if it were somehow "organic". Anyway, I let go of it and watched it fall straight down toward the earth (actually, I couldn't see the earth because I was pretty much enveloped in clouds and I really just saw it falling downward through the clouds until I couldn't see it anymore). At that moment, I was sorry I hadn't passed through the ring but I decided I wanted to continue the upward ascent anyway. And I did begin to ascend a bit higher although it was very slow and I could feel the momentum beginning to bog down and eventually I could not go any higher. I had, however, ascended to a point far above the clouds and I was gazing at the immense blackness of space with all the stars. This only lasted for less than a minute and I found myself descending at a tremendously rapid speed back toward earth. Interestingly, I was not frightened, but I was curious about how I was going to be able to land safely given the speed at which I was approaching the earth. The next thing I knew, I was back in the room where this all began and I was looking around for the "tube thing" that I had dropped from above. I couldn't find it and the dream continued into other scenarios.

When I woke up I sat on the edge of the bed thinking about what had just happened. My gaze fell upon a book on the floor which I had purchased a couple weeks ago called "Secrets Of Mayan Science/Religion". I picked it up to look at it but when I did I noticed another book underneath it. It was another book I had purchased, probably on the same day, called "Ego And Archetype" by E.F. Edinger, a founding member of the C.G. Jung Foundation For Analytical Psychology in New York. On the cover is a beautiful mandala. I had yet to read either of these books. So I reached for that book and put the Mayan book aside. I flipped through the pages of Ego And Archetype and stopped at a photo of... ta-da!... a Mayan step pyramid. It was in the chapter called "The Search For Meaning". On the previous page the author tells of the early Egyptian concept of the god, Atum. He says Atum was "represented as the world mound rising up out of the primeval ocean". He says according to a researcher named Clark (Myth & Symbol In Ancient Egypt, 1960), this primordial mound symbol "was soon formalized into an eminence with sloping or battered sides or a platform surrounded by steps on each side... It is probably what the step pyramids represent." The top of the pyramid representing the place where divine creative force is manifested and the place of meeting between god and man.

On the opposite page he is discussing a dream someone had. In the discussion he talks about the fact that there is a legend whereby there were not just three wise men who came to Jesus at birth but four. Something happened to the fourth along the way and he never arrived at the scene with the other three. This, he says, makes the Jesus story somewhat consistant with other hero myths where four wise men attend the birth of the central character. These four wise men are symbolic of the four directions. He says, "The fact that there are four wise men coming from the four directions alludes to mandala symbolism and indicates that the wise men are a function of the Self, or psychic totality. The wise men therefore represent a fourfold ego-Self axis".

(Notice also, the pyramids are four sided structures.)

We're talking about symbolism here and he says:

"The word "symbol" derives from the Greek word "symbolon" which combines two root words, "sym" meaning together or with, and "bolon", meaning that which has been thrown. The basic meaning is thus "that which has been thrown together". In original Greek usage, symbols referred to the two halves of an object such as a stick or a coin which two parties broke between them as a pledge and to prove later the identity of the presenter of one part to the holder of the other". He goes on to say, "A symbol was thus originally a tally referring to the missing piece of an object which, when restored to, or thrown together with, its partner recreated the original whole object. This correspondes to our understanding of the psychological function of a symbol. The symbol leads us to the missing part of the whole man. It relates us to our original totality. It heals our split, our alienation from life. And since the whole man is a great deal more than the ego, it relates us to the suprapersonal forces which are the source of our being and our meaning."

It was at this point, as I was reading this, that I remembered something from my alphanumeric work which, interestingly enough, ties all of the above together in terms of the great symbolic mystery of the number "9".

The Personal Pronoun "I" is the 9th letter of the alphabet.
EGO = 27 = 9 (i.e., 2+7=9)
NORTH + SOUTH + EAST + WEST = 270 = 9

Separating the four directions into paired opposites we find they combine to give us the number 54:

NORTH + SOUTH = 158 = 14 = 5
EAST + WEST = 112 = 4
or 54 (harmonic of 5400, Munck's Grid Point Value of the Sphinx)
MAYAN = 54
FIFTY FOUR = 126 = 9
ONE TWO SIX = 144 = 9

The number 4 as represented in the four directions and the four sides of the square base of the pyramid is also interesting:

FOUR = 60 = 6
60 x 6 = 360 (complete degrees of a circle)
360/4 = 90 = 9

Also SQUARE = 81 = 9
FOUR SQUARE = 141 = 6
9 x 6 = 54 which brings us back to the four directions.

Okay, so you're wondering what the OBE "dream" had to do with any of this? I have no idea. It just seemed part of the whole little scenario of my morning so I included it. Perhaps it was only a dream. Dreams are filled with symbols. Maybe I was just being set up for something. The whole little scenario of my morning seemed to be about symbols. Even numbers and letters are symbols. Now that I think about it, the numbers and the letters are like the two halves of the single coin or object as spoken of by Edinger in the text above. When "thrown together", they create the whole of which each is a part.



Reading that last sentence again I thought, "The whole of what? Reality?" I remembered from my work that the alphanumeric value of the word REALITY is 90, the same as we found in the formula mentioned above:


The number 4 as represented in the four directions and the four sides of the square base of the pyramid is also interesting:

FOUR = 60 = 6
60 x 6 = 360 (complete degrees of a circle)
360/4 = 90 = 9


I noticed 360 is a decimal harmonic of 36 which just happens to be the alphanumeric value of the word REAL.

360 degrees represents the "whole". The word WHOLE=63, the mirror of 36. When the whole of 360 is divided by 4 we get 90, the alphanumeric value of REALITY.

Maybe Reality is a play in four parts and we're all just understudies learning our roles and hoping for that one big break. Hey, anything's possible out here... the Code Zone.

©2000, Gary Val Tenuta


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