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THE CODE ZONE: Reality Outside The Box (No.17) A Weekly Column By Gary Val Tenuta

You've just entered a realm somewhere outside the bounds of conventional wisdom... a world of words and ideas... a place where reality can shift at any given tnemom. See what I mean? Welcome to... The CodeZone.

Sometimes the numbers just fall into place and I can't help but be amused if not amazed at this phenomenon. In this case it happened when my friend Michael Lawrence Morton (a man who has mastered the archaeomatrix code of Carl Munck) and I were discussing the mystery of the "circle of churches" at Rennes le Chateau in the south of France. When these sacred sites are connected by straight lines they form an unusual pentagram which is thought to represent the Egyptian goddess, Isis. The uppermost point of the pentagram represents her head. The two points on either side represent her two arms. The two lower points represent her legs. Where the two legs join in the middle, Michael has dubbed this the Vulva Point, for obvious reasons.

Among other things during the discussion he mentioned that the degree of azimuth from her Vulva Point to the tip of her arm was 306. We'll see how this number works into our alphanumerics below. Later, the discussion moved on to the notion of the planet Venus as symbolic of "goddess" and "female" and "love". He mentioned, in the course of conversation, that the orbital period of Venus was equal to 225 earth days.

After we talked, I was curious to know the alphanumeric value of the word VENUS. Using the standard formula of A=1, B=2, C=3, and so on, through Z=26, I found the value of VENUS is 81. Then recalling the orbital period of Venus as 225 I decided to add 225 to 81 and found the sum to be 306, the same as the degree of azimuth from the Vulva Point of the Isis pentagram to the tip of the arm.

VENUS = 81
225 + 81 = 306 (Vulva azimuth)

In the ancient Egyptian mythology Isis gave birth to a son, Horus, who became a god. I then found VENUS and HORUS both had the same alphanumeric value:


Remarkably, 162 is the alphanumeric value of the phrase, THE WOMB OF ISIS. (162 is also the value of the phrase, THE THREE TONES. This idea of sound or tone will come up again later in this discussion.)

Converting the digits in 162 into their respective "alphaforms", we get: ONE+SIX+TWO = 144 = THE GOD OF ISRAEL.

(144 also equals the phrase, NINE IS THE KEY. Notice all the numbers so far just happen to be what? Multiples of 9. It's very curious how so much of this work involves the numbers 3, 6, and 9. This 3-6-9 pattern was also found encoded within the patterns I discovered in the English alphabet ( This same pattern, but in a different context, was also found by an independent researcher named Marko Rodin. He found the pattern in his research of the Torus spiral and called it the 3-6-9 gap-sequence. Marco Rodin's Toroid Sunflower Map (doubling+3, 9, 6, etc. gap sequence) More of this was discussed in CodeZone No.12. We'll see more of this 3-6-9 phenomenon as we continue.)

Recalling Michael's statement:
((The number "225" is the orbital period of VENUS in Earth days))

I thought, Period? As in.....cycle?.... blood?.... seed?....? Symbolic of menstrual cycle? How would the numbers work out?

SEED = 33 = RNA (one aspect of the combined DNA/RNA)
33+48 = 81 = VENUS

These numbers, 48, 33, and 81 reflect the 3-6-9 I mentioned just a moment ago. This is found by "cross adding" the digits of the multidigit numbers to arrive at a single digit for each number:

48 = 3 (4+8=12=1+2=3)
33 = 6 (3+3=6)
81 = 9 (8+1=9)

Well, I wondered, how might the male figure into all this alphanumeric sex? So I started with the obvious.

PENIS (no giggling here!) = 63 = DIVINE (That's what she said!) But seriously, folks... enough with the one-liners.

I decided to combine the Penis with the Venus and what did I get? 63+81 = 144 = THE GOD OF ISRAEL = NINE IS THE KEY

Let's see what else we can find here.

SEMEN(56) + SEED(33) = 89 = OSIRIS
How does Osiris fit into this? The god, Osiris, is the father of Horus, whose mother was Isis!

Female chromosome is "X"
FEMALE = 42 (24 reversed)
24+42 = 66 = THE SEED = WOMAN

Male chromosome is "Y"
MALE = 31
25+31 = 56 = SEMEN

"X" x "Y" = 600, The secret number of the Anunnaki (Sitchen's "Cosmic Code", page 171).

I've always been curious about the word "WOMAN". I wondered what the WO prefix to MAN indicated. So I decided to let the numbers play themselves out and see what happens.

WOMAN = 66
MAN = 28
Let's remove the MAN from the WOMAN:
66-28 = 38
So, WO=38

What might WO mean? Because Eve means "prior to", I wondered if, perhaps in some parallel universe, she was created before Adam? If so, she would have been WithOutMan. Let's see what implications this might have. "Prior to" implies "First".

Does this mean the FIRST TONE (Female) became MALE?

(Note: the referrence here to the idea of "tones" is discussed in more detail in CodeZone No.12. Briefly the discussion partly focuses on the verse in the Bible which begins: "In the beginning was the Word". The idea proposed is that the "Word" is a "sound" which is a "tone" which is a "frequency". Recalling the 3-6-9 from above, let's see what sort of alphanumeric clues we get by multiplying those numbers: 3x6x9 = 162 = THE THREE TONES And what do we get with a little division? An interesting alphanumeric synch: 162/3 = 54 = TONE. So here we have a connection between the idea of "tone" and "creation" and, thus, ties in with our present discussion)

Interesting side notes:

72 x 2 = 144
72+117 = 189 = THE TONE IS THE KEY
42+31 = 73 = TONES

ALPHA = 38

WO = 38, implying WO means "first" or "alpha": WO.Man (Confusion here as this seems to imply Woman as First Man. A possible explanation for this seeming contradiction will be discussed below.)

OMEGA = 41
MAN = 28
41+28 = 69 = JEHOVAH

Note: the 69, implying male-female and possibly implying an androgynous deity. Also the number 69 is composed of a 6 and a 9. The number 6, in numerology, is associated with the planet Venus. The number 9 is associated with the planet Mars. Astrologer, Linda Goodman, points out that 69 forms the astrological sign for Cancer, the symbol of "parenthood" which fits nicely with our discussion here.

FIRST MAN = 100 = DIVINE ROD (Phallic symbolism)
Recall WO=38
Again, FIRST MAN=100 and FIRST WO.MAN=138

The "138" cannot be within the "100". The "100"(MAN) is within the "138"(WOMAN). Implying the MAN came from within the WO.MAN?? Or does it imply simply the combining of the WO with the MAN to become WO.MAN?? What is the WO? The WO equates alphanumerically to ALPHA.

(Note: While it appears, on the surface, that what we're seeing here is clear, there are, upon close examination, a few confusing, or contradictory elements. On the one hand, the numbers seem to clearly imply Eve was prior to Adam. On the other hand, the numbers, in some cases, seem to imply the opposite. Or they can at least be interpreted that way. Perhaps the confusion may be related to our conceptual definitions of the terms MAN, MALE, WOMAN, FEMALE. Perhaps MAN and WOMAN do not, in fact, actually imply a differentiation in terms of sex. They might not even be two separate physical entities. MAN and WO.MAN may refer to the dual nature of a single non-physical asexual entity or "essence" or "potential", if you will, which then became manifest in this physical reality as two separate sexually endowed physical beings, MALE and FEMALE. Or another scenario might be that the terms MAN and WO.MAN do, in fact refer to two physical beings, although asexual and possibly even sharing a single consciousness and in essence are therefore "one". Not until they are infused with the necessary DNA do they actually become MALE and FEMALE, at which time their shared consciousness becomes divided between them. It may be at that moment that they are then given their names, Adam and Eve, identifying them as separate entities. Furthermore, as we will see below, this may not all have happened here on this planet. It may have begun on Mars (Refer back to the discussion of "69" above). The process may have been interupted and then continued here on Earth. Another clue to that might be symbolically implied in the fact that MARS=51(or 6) while EARTH=52(or 7). Consecutively, in alphanumeric terms, Mars comes before Earth. There is an interesting parallel here to something Sitchen points out in "The Cosmic Code". In a discussion about the number 7 he talks about how that number is important to the creation story. He goes on to write:

"It [seven] was an epithet of Enlil ("Enlil is Seven" the Sumerians stated); and - undoubtedly the origin of the number's significance - it was the planetary number of Earth. "Earth (KI) is the seventh," all Sumerian astronomical texts asserted. This, as we have explained, made sense only to someone coming into the center of our Solar System from the outside. To him (or them) coming from the far-out Nibiru, Pluto would be the first planet, Neptune and Uranus the second and third, Saturn and Jupiter the fourth and fifth, Mars would be the sixth and Earth the seventh..."

It's interesting to note that the reduced alphanumeric values of Mars and Earth correspond to their planetary place designations as the 6th and 7th planets.)

Continuing on....

EVE = 32 = LIFE
ADAM = 19 = DNA
32+19 = 51 = MARS = BEFORE

Mars/Before? This correlates with the idea of the Adam/Eve transition from Mars to Earth as suggested above.

Recall: WithOutMan: (Or WithOutMars?)
W+O+M = 51
And as we've just seen, 51= MARS = BEFORE

I've also always wondered what the FE prefix to MALE indicates?
F=6, E=5
Does FE in some way imply SEMEN?
Do SE.MEN and FE.MALE have connected linguistic roots in some lost language? Sounds crazy, I know. But don't forget where we are. Anything is possible out here... the CodeZone.

©2000, Gary Val Tenuta


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