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THE CODE ZONE: Reality Outside The Box
(No.18) A Weekly Column By Gary Val Tenuta

You've just entered a realm somewhere outside the bounds of conventional wisdom... a world of words and ideas... a place where reality can shift at any given tnemom. See what I mean? Welcome to... The CodeZone.

One of the goals of the Code Zone is to open a door to possibilities not usually considered; to catch a glimpse of what Sir Peter of CAUS often calls "The Bigger Picture". One aspect of the bigger picture is the phenomenon we call synchronicity. Carl Jung defined synchronicity as "meaningful coincidence". Those who experience it, especially if they experience it often, are nearly always drawn to the idea that it has something to do with the interconnectedness of everything.

My friend, Joe, recently had what he called a "triple synchronistic event" and he was curious to know, as he put it, my "sense" of it. Interestingly, or should I say synchronistically, it involved elements which again underscore the idea of interconnectedness. The elements were:

1. The name, Pegasus

2. Peter Gersten

3. My paranormal experience which may have been ET contact

4. Two Code Zone articles

The following is a brief synopsis of what happened. If you follow the thread and note the elements involved along the way you'll notice how the "interconnectedness" aspect figures in:

A couple months ago Joe visited my web site and was intrigued by the correlations I found between a British crop circle formation (see my web page at om/codeufo/cropcrcl.html or see CodeZone No.3) and the illustration of what I call the Grek-5 Numerical Pyramid (G5NP). The G5NP is an element of the experience I had back in 1967 which may have been an ET contact. Joe is a bit of a math wiz and noted some remarkable mathematical correlations between the Crop Circle/G5NP combination and the structural dimensions of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Joe was not aware that I was writing the Code Zone articles at that time so, of course, he did not know about the Crop Circle/G5NP article on the CAUS web site, nor did he know about the controversy which followed when a few readers mentioned that the crop circle in question had been considered a probable hoax. My response to that controversy was the focus of CodeZone No. 4 in which I compared this situation to the controversy surrounding the EQ PEGASUS affair of a couple years ago, in which Peter Gersten found himself innocently involved.

Now it turns out that Joe, unaware of the "hoax" element, was writing a book in which he has a brief discussion of the Great Pyramid connection to my Crop Circle/G5NP correlations. When I found out he'd written about it in his book I emailed him copies of CodeZone Nos. 3 and 4 to catch him up on the situation. So he gets the email and prints it out but before he gets around to actually reading it, he has this "triple synchronistic event". In his own words, it was this:

Friday my wife returned from the local library with a xerox printout about a couple of books she had been checking on. She intended for me to order one of them by e-mail from Amazon for one of our young granddaughters who has just recently undergone some painful dental work. My wife had promised to send her something to take her mind off her problem. Since she loves anything to do with horses, my wife decided on Pegasus: The Flying Horse . On Friday afternoon I ordered the book from Amazon to be sent to her home. ---- Late Saturday afternoon I was lying down resting a bit and I could hear the TV in the living room where someone was naming the horses which were fixing to run in the Kentucky Derby. Really not listning but aware of the sound, I heard one of the names which rang like a bell--Pegasus. I got up and went in and told my wife about this coincidence. ( now, I'm the one into synchronisty, not my wife) She just brushed it off; not really interested in the coincidence. -- So I just sorta forgot it, even though I had a strong HUNCH the horse would win, -- and it did. --- Now here comes the reason I decided to tell you about this.

Last night I printed out the Code Zone articles you e-mailed so I could lay in bed and slowly read through them. You should realize here that I was not aware that the crop circle had been declared a fraud until I read it in your article last night. Then I began to wonder why you had not used the information I had sent you concerning the base width and height of the Great pyramid in a rebuttal.

I must admit, you did a very good job in your answer to the questioners, and thats where I was going to leave things. -- Then I read the words EQ PEGASUS in your article. -- WOW -- A triple synchronistic event !!!

My discussion of your discovery and my disclosure to you of the Great pyramid's measurments is written up in my book.

This is why I decided, this morning, to tell you about this triple event. I have learned to take the "Nudge" and allow it to move me when I "sense" these events.

What's your "sense" on all this?

My response to Joe began by saying my sense was that he should have paid a little more attention to the "nudge" and bet on the horse! But beyond that was a comment about his discovery of the mathematical correlations between my Crop Circle/G5NP and the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt. This evolved into some thoughts on the nature and function of synchronicity and the whole question of the "Bigger Picture" and "the door". I wrote:

On the one hand it (i.e., the mathematical correlations between my Crop Circle/G5NP and the Great Pyramid) seems so... well, incredibly "coincidental" I guess you'd say; to the point of seeming significant in some way; which, of course, is the very definition of "synchronicity", i.e., meaningful coincidence. On the other hand, what the heck is the meaning??? Or is there, necessarily, any objective meaning inherent in synchronistic events? Maybe not. Maybe synchronistic occurances simply function as "signals", or "nudges" (to borrow from your comment), directing the experiencer to continue pursuing this "out of the box" kind of thinking, looking beyond that which appears to be the boundaries of "reality", to see the boundaries are merely conceptual and not actual. Or (and I think I'm leaning toward this one), maybe synchronicity is just a natural phenomenon that occurs when our thinking has heightened our senses and perceptions of the "bigger picture". Something like when certain atmospheric conditions combine, suddenly *BAM!* the heavens open up and lightening strikes. Ok, that's a little dramatic, but maybe when certain perceptual/conceptual thought processes are in operation, *Shwoop!*, the "bigger picture" opens up and synchronicity strikes, revealing to us a flash of the interconnectedness of things that we're not "normally" aware of. If that's the case, then I guess we have two options. We can ignore it and pass it off as amusing but of no practical use or we can pay attention to it, study it, think about it, see if it seems worth our while to investigate the nature of it and, I guess, in the end, hope we learn something important from it as opposed to having wasted our time.

So, dear readers, that's what we do here with these articles. We open the door to possibilities, even if those possibilities might only exist out there.... the Code Zone.

2000, Gary Val Tenuta


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Visit Gary's web site which presents, in more detail, some of the ideas discussed in this series of articles: codeufo/gematria.html

His book, "The Secret Of Nine", lays out the full story of how the information presented on his web site came to be developed. It allows the reader to follow, step by step, the true life paranormal experiences, possible ET contact, and the thought processes which formed the basis of this fascinating and ongoing work which deals with the phenomena of alphanumerics and synchronicity in a line of research he calls cryptonumerology.

The Secret Of Nine is a self-published work in a handsomely bound manuscript format, complete with full color cover and illustrations and color coded numbers in the section on alphanumeric patterns as seen on the web site. Readers interested in purchasing a copy of the book for $12.95 (plus $3.95 S/H within the U.S.A. or $5.95 S/H outside the U.S.A.) can email the author for information at or write to:

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Gary is a freelance writer whose articles have appeared in FATE Magazine (U.S.A.), Xoddity Magazine (U.S.A.), Voices (U.S.A.), BEYOND Magazine (U.K.), and HERA Magazine (Italy). He has been a guest on several radio programs across the U.S. and Canada.

Thank you to Peter Gersten for the opportunity to reach readers via the CAUS web site.


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