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495 - It's Just Not an Area Code Anymore

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You've just entered a realm somewhere outside the bounds of conventional wisdom... a world of words and ideas... a place where reality can shift at any given tnemom. See what I mean? Welcome to... The CodeZone.


During the course of playing around with alphanumerics and other forms of number crunching, some curious synchronicities turn up. Things that make you go, "Hmmm...." This past week the synch involved the number 495. Well, actually variations on that theme. You'll see what I mean. But we'll need to put the film in reverse for a minute and go back to CodeZone No.19 for a brief review of how this 495 (or variations thereof) first came to our attention.

Lights, please. Roll film...

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 ......
CodeZone No. 19

Do we have here more evidence that our own alphabet is somehow linked to "the bigger picture" in ways we don't yet understand? Is our alphabet a cipher to unlock the mysteries of the universe and help connect us, by way of clues, to the origins of our own species?

Once again the alphanumerics of the english language have generated some amazing synchronicities. This happens frequently when combining my "crypto-numerology" with the work of archaeocryptographer, Michael Lawrence Morton. Michael is continually expanding on the pioneering work of Carl Munck.

[see some of Michael's amazing discoveries at these web sites: http://www.farshore.f htm m]

- - -- --- ---- ----

Okay, time to stop the film for just a minute and introduce a third character into the mix. Meet Joe T. Now, Joe T. is a number cruncher of a different stripe; although just what that stripe looks like I have yet to find out. He keeps it fairly well hidden but tosses a few hints my way every so often. Seems as how a couple weeks ago he was doing some of his secretive crunching and stumbled upon a curious thing having to do with the number 495. Part of what's curious about it, to me anyway, is that it directly ties into the English system of measure in feet and inches. What's curious about this is that the same number was generated through my alphanumerics using the English alphabet. The number had a significant correlation to one of the fundamental elements of our cryptonumerology scheme and was found to be "meaningfully coincidental" in the conversation Michael Morton and Neil Freer were having with regard to the concept of "curvature" in the universe. We'll review that i n a second when we continue the film. The point is, here again we have a suggestion that there is some mysterious connection between numbers on the one hand and the letters of the English alphabet on the other. But before I explain what Joe came up with, let's continue watching our rerun of CodeZone No.19. We left off with me telling you how my friend and collegue, Michael Lawrence Morton, has been expanding on the pioneering work of a fellow named Carl Munck. Somebody get the lights and let's continue watching....

..rolling film.. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 ......

Carl Munck introduced the world to the archaeomatrix code based on his discovery of an ancient latitude/longitude coordinate system which uses the Great Pyramid as the Prime Meridian. This code provides a link to many, if not all, of the ancient stone monuments around the globe and also, believe it or not, to the Face On Mars (see The Code Of Carl Munck & Ancient Gematrian Numbers on the web at htm)

In this particular case, Michael sent me a copy of his recent correspondence with another researcher, Neil Freer. Without going into detail here, suffice to say they were discussing the idea of "curvature" as a fundamental element of the universe. Michael noted that, indeed, the entire archaeomatrix code is based on numbers related to curvature, including the radian (deg) of 57.29577951 arc-degrees, which is based on a circumference of 360 arc-degrees. And furthermore, the latitude/longitude coordinates are implicitly "curvature" related by arc-degrees, arc-minutes, and arc-seconds. And, as Michael also pointed out, the stunning thing about the "code" is the "self referential" aspect of it.

It occurred to me that the very concept of "self-referencing" is curvative, as in "circular". I went on to discover some curiously synchronistic alphanumerics in regard to this curve business. Since the golden mean spiral represents a unique curvature and is a key factor in the growth patterns of living organisms I decided to begin with that. Bingo! The first phrase off my keyboard was a direct hit:


Keeping the digits 4, 9, and 5 in mind, recall from CodeZone No.6 ("Is This How Sacred Symbols Are Born?") that in the series of "alphanumbers", ZERO through NINE, only three of them (FOUR, FIVE and NINE) have reduced ANVs (AlphaNumeric Values) of 6, giving us a symbolic 666* as shown here:

(Remember, reduced values of multi-digit numbers are found by cross-adding the digits of the multi-digit number until a single digit is produced)

ZERO=64 (6+4=10, 1+0=1, so the reduced value of 64 is 1)
ONE=34 (reduced: 7)
TWO=58 (4)
THREE=56 (2)
*FOUR=60 (6)
*FIVE=42 (6)
SIX=52 (7)
SEVEN=65 (2)
EIGHT=49 (4)
*NINE=42 (6)

So, we have...
Now add those ANVs and what do we get?
60+42+42 = 144

144 is not only considered a holy number meaning "light" in Hebrew gematria but it is a decimal harmonic of the key number, 144,000, mentioned in the 14th chapter of the biblical book of Revelations. Furthermore, using our own alphabet, 144 is the ANV of some provocatively related phrases:

And fittingly, 1+2+6=9 (our favorite mystery number)
And even more fittingly...

More "curvature" references:

The sum of the multidigit ANVs of ZERO thru NINE is 522 (you can add them up yourself, using the alphanumber table provided above).

What happens when we combine the 522 with 144? We get that other key number from the book of Revelations:
522 + 144 = 666
You can see how this "self-references" back to the FOUR, FIVE, NINE thing of 666 mentioned above; sort of "circular", you might say.

Again, keeping the 495 in mind (and remember the complete phrase which generat ed that number?) note this...
495/198 = 2.5
2.5 x 144 = 360 (arc degrees in a circle).

2.5 is also a decimal harmonic of 25, or what I call "alphanumeric Pi"
(Pi=25) and half of the alphanumeric value of CIRCLE = 50.

So, to sum up (no pun intended), we have two "curve" related elements going here:

1. spiral

2. circle

.........OK, stop film......

- - -- --- ---- ---- -----------------

Can somebody turn up the lights, please? Thanks. Okay, so that's a brief rundown on how this 495 thing sort of fits into the picture. There was a lot more, including...

But also...

...where the same digits are present but in a different sequence. But you get the picture. There seemed to be something curiously "special" about that number, or any variation thereof.

So, out of the blue a couple days ago, Joe T. emails me this short note. Doesn't say too much but let's me know he discovered a curious thing involving the number 495. Apparently he wasn't looking for anything having to do with that number but, in the course of whatever number crunching project he was engaged in, this popped up. Simply, it was this:

(( 5940 inches 495 feet----------- 5940(mirror) 0495 ))

In other words, 5940 English inches is equal to 495 English feet. The 495 is a decimal harmonic mirror of the 5940. Wondering how unusual this was (or was not) I searched for other numbers which might produce the same result but was unsuccessful. There might be one out there but I couldn't find it. So, again, there was something special here.

Well, I immediately sent that information off to Michael Morton, knowing he wo uld find it at least amusing. Turns out he found it more than just amusing. In his own words...

((This is another very SYNCHRONOUS event, here .... please allow me to explain ... I've just analyzed a recent crop formation in England ... and I have found the "5940" harmonic in the *precise* location of the crop glyph !! ))

It seems that at about the same time Joe was discovering his 5940-inches-to-feet formula, Michael was engaged in an archaeomatrix analysis of a new crop glyph which appeared at a place called Furze Hill, near Lockeridge in England. The glyph appeared on May 13, 2000. (a photo of the glyph can be seen at the web site of researcher Paul Vigay, ul/search.cgi?d=uk00ad )

Now, I hesitate to include all the math here by which Michael arrives at what is known as the archaeomatrix grid latitude and longitude and eventually what is called the Grid Point value of any given location. I hesitate only because it appears rather overwhelming to the untrained eye. Nevertheless, I'm going to include it for those who might want to see how it's done. Basically, what you need to know is that we're talking about an earth grid matrix of latitude and logitude except that the "0" point, or Prime Meridian, is located precisely at the center of the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt rather than the conventional placement being the old Greenwich location. This is the most fundamental element of the entire "Code Of The Ancients" discovered (or rediscovered) by Carl Munck, upon whose work Michael Morton has expanded. Most of you probably know the lat/long system uses what is called arc degrees, arc minutes and arc seconds. To use the "Code Of The Ancients" one must multiply the degrees, minutes and seconds to get the Grid Latitude and/or Grid Longitude readings. A third element, known as the Grid Point Value is then derived by dividing the Longitude number by the Latitude number. There's one more important point to make here because it adds to the suggested significance of this 5940 number. That is the fact that the mathematical constant known as Pi is key to the whole "Code" phenomenon. Remember, this "Code" is not something modern, in any way. It is truly ancient. The concept of Pi as well as the "Code" seems to have been known to the builders of most of the ancient stone monuments around the world. This is strongly suggested by the fact that these monuments seem to have the "Code" built into their structural dimensions as well as in their choice of precise geographic location on the planet. With that said, then, here is what Michael had to say about his discovery - quite independent of anything Joe was doing - of the number 5940 encoded within the Furze Hill crop circle...

((I'll just give you, next, my "matrix" numbers for this formation .. and the tie-in to the "5940" ...

Grid LAT 51 (deg) X 22 (min) X 52.25084683 (sec) North ...
= 58625.45014 North ...
= 5940 X (Pi Squared).
There it is .. as a factor in the Grid LAT .. relating directly to the Square of Pi.))

Thanks, Michael. In other words, the square of the value of Pi multiplied by the number 5940 is equal to precisely the Grid Latitude of this crop circle according to the "Code Of The Ancients". But there was more. Michael, if you please...

[Michael steps to the blackboard and begins writing...]

((Grid LONG 32 (deg) X 57 (min) X 19.47948237 (sec) W.Giza ...
= 35530.57584 W.Giza ...
= 3600 X (Pi Squared).
And there's "3600" ... relating directly to the Square of Pi.))

Thank you, Michael. Of course, 3600, as many of you Sitchen fans know, is the proposed orbital period of the planet, Nibiru, measured in earth years. So we find the 5940 and the square of Pi is related to the Grid Latitude of this crop circle and now we find that the proposed orbital period of Nibiru may also be connected in the same way. So now, the only thing left is to take the Grid Latitude and the Grid Longitude and figure the Grid Point Value for this crop circle...

((Grid POINT Value... 58625.45014 / 35530.57584 = 1.65 ))

So the Grid Point Value of this crop circle is 1.65? How does that relate to our number 5940?

((5940 / 165 = 360, the number of arc degrees in a complete circle.))

The significance of the 360 is that it is fundamental to our whole system of geometry. Not mention it's a decimal harmonic of 3600. Then Michael engaged in a little alphanumeric number crunching and found...

Half of "594" is ... 297 ... (297 - 117) = 180 .... arc-degrees in a triangle and also half the arc degrees of a complete circle. Michael continued with another curious "594 ... 297" connection...

((In The Knights Templar history, the year of 1188 A.D. was important ... "The Cutting of the Elm" at Gisors, France. Notice this .... "297" ... half of "594" .... 297 + "891" = 1188. Gary .. the "891" is important, eh ??!!! 891 - 297 = 594. ))

Michael is right. The number 891 is important to our experimental system of gematria based on the Roman/English alphabet. For example those were the numbers at the top of the Mayan Tzolkin matrix where the word "KEY" appeared when I converted the matrix from the Mayan numbers to the letters of the English alphabet (see CodeZone No.1 or my web page at odeufo/gematria.5.html )

So that's the story so far with the number 495, or 594, or 549, or.... well, you get the picture. Just another mysterious little bit of synchronicity to be experienced out here... the CodeZone.

2000, Gary Val Tenuta


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