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The Secret to the Universe is 7129 / 6105195

THE CODE ZONE: Reality Outside The Box (No.22) By Gary Val Tenuta

You've just entered a realm somewhere outside the bounds of conventional wisdom... a world of words and ideas... a place where reality can shift at any given tnemom. See what I mean? Welcome to... The CodeZone.

-Pursuing Leedskalnin's Secret-

Thanks to CodeZone reader, Jim Lewandowski, for bringing to our attention this curious little mystery. Jim wrote:

((I found out last week that Ed Leedskalnin (of Coral Castle fame) has the following posted on a plaque:
The secret to the universe is:
7129 / 6105195
Any thoughts on this?))

For those of you who are not familiar with Ed Leedskalnin and the Coral Castle, I've included a bit of the history from the Coral Castle web site (

The Coral Castle, originally called "Rock Gate Park", was built by one man, working alone. It took him 20 years to build - from 1920 to 1940. His name is Edward Leedskalnin. Ed was born in Latvia in 1887 and died in Miami in 1951. He was 64.

When Ed was 26, he was engaged to marry Agnes Scuffs who was 10 years younger than he was. He always referred to her as "Sweet Sixteen". On the day before the wedding, she told Ed she did not want to marry him because he was too old and too poor.

Jilted on the eve of his wedding, Edward Leedskalnin embarked on a journey that would culminate in one of the world's most remarkable accomplishments. Over a period of twenty years, he sculpted and carved over 1,100 tons of coral rock.

Hurt by the rejection Ed left Latvia. He wandered for several years, and eventually made his way to Canada and then down into California and Texas. He worked in the lumber camps and was involved in at least one cattle drive in Texas. These types of jobs gave Ed a strength which he later used in cutting and moving blocks of coral weighing many tons.

What makes Ed's work remarkable is the fact that he was five feet tall and weighed 100 pounds. At some point during Ed's wanderings he developed a touch of tuberculosis. He was told that South Florida had a good climate; so he came here sometime during the 1918 - 1920 period. For reasons unknown to us, Ed chose to carve a castle of coral in dedication to "Sweet Sixteen"

This part of Florida is composed of coral, in some places as much as 4,000 feet thick, covered with a very few inches of topsoil. The remarkable feat was in cutting and moving huge coral blocks single-handedly using hand tools. People in the area became curious about the coral furniture that Ed was carving. You must understand that during the period that Ed was building the castle - both in Florida City and Homestead, we cannot find any record of any person who saw Ed work. Ed remained in Florida City until about 1936. At that time, someone planned to build a sub-division near him. Since Ed was a very private person, he decided to move. He came to Homestead and bought 10 acres. Most every carving that you see inside of the Castle was carved in Florida City.

How did Ed move all of these carvings a distance of 10 miles? Ed had the chassis of an old Republic truck on which he laid two rails. He had a friend with a tractor who moved the loaded trailer from Florida City to Homestead. Many people saw the coral carvings being moved along the old Dixie Highway, but no one ever saw Ed loading or unloading the trailer. Ed did much of his work at night by lantern light. He seemed to have a sixth sense which told him when some one was trying to spy on him. The numerous lookouts along the Castle walls will attest to his suspicious nature.

The Castle walls and gates prove his desire for privacy. In 1940, after the carvings were in place, Ed finished erecting the walls. Coral weighs approximately 125 pounds per cubic foot. Each section of wall is 8 feet tall, 4 feet wide, 3 foot thick, and weighs approximately 13,000 pounds. When asked how he was able to move the blocks of coral, Ed would say only that he understood the laws of weight and leverage. This from a man who only had a fourth grade education.

His incredible feats baffled engineers and scientists. They have compared Ed's secret method of construction to Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids.

Ed wrote a total of five pamphlets. "A Book In Every Home" contains Ed's thoughts on 3 subjects. "Sweet Sixteen, Domestic and Political Views". He wrote 3 pamphlets on "Magnetic Current". His "Mineral, Vegetable and Animal Life" contains his beliefs on life's cycle. These pamphlets are available only in our gift shop.

In December of 1951 Ed became ill. He put a sign on the door saying "Going to the Hospital". He took a bus to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. Three days later he died in his sleep. He was 64. After his death, a nephew living in Michigan, inherited the Castle. In 1953, shortly before his death, he sold the Castle to a family from Chicago. During the take-over, a box of Ed's effects were found and examined. It contained a set of instructions which led to the discovery of 35 - $100 bills - his life savings.

Ed made this money from giving tours at ten and twenty-five cents. Also from the sale of his pamphlets, and the sale of the land where the Highway U.S.1 passes the castle.

A different man. An interesting man. In many ways, an incredible man. >>

The biggest mystery of Leedskalnin's castle is, of course, how did he manage to single handedly move those multi-ton blocks of coral into place with such precision? It has been said that two teenagers were once spying on Leedskalnin late one night when he was working and they claimed to have seen the giant stones "floating" in mid air as he guided them into place. The nine-ton gate is a prime example of his remarkable secret. It is fit and balanced so perfectly that a child can easily open it with a mere touch. Yet the huge block of stone weighs 18,000 pounds! And it fits with only a space of 1/4 inch on each side.

Now, back to Leedskalnin's secret of the universe which, according to Jim's friend, was encoded on a plaque at the Coral Castle. The formula was: 7129 / 6105195

Now, of course we don't know exactly what that means. It looks like a division formula but as such it doesn't yield anything of any particular interest, at least as far as we can tell. When I say "we", I'm speaking of Michael Morton and Joe T. These are two number crunchers I've mentioned in previous CodeZone articles. (Book plug! Joe has a new book out! The title: A Glimmer of Light From the Eye of a Giant: Tabular Evidence of a Monument in Harmony with the Universe. Email Joe at for information on how to order.) But all three of us were curious about Leedskalnin's numbers and Joe was the first to come up with something. How significant it is, we don't know but, like so many things out here in the Code Zone, it was interesting and yielded some curious synchronicities.

About a week or so prior to getting Jim's email about Leedskalnin's secret, we'd been involved in some other work having to do with Imperial measures. For my part, I was working on the alphanumerics of various measuring units by name. I happened to notice, among other things, the alphanumeric value of the word "FOOT" is 56. Here's what I found:

A foot is 12 inches...
56/12= 4.666666667
Now, it just so happens that the alphanumeric value of the word "NINE" is 42 and if 42 is divided by 9 the quotient is the same as 56/12.
42/9= 4.666666667

It's important to recall, as I've explained in detail in previous CodeZone articles, that the number "9" is a major key factor in the work I do and it appears to have been a key factor in the knowledge of the ancients as well. It's also important to recall Michael Morton's observation that it's the "self referencing" aspect of all this "code" stuff which is intriguing. The remarkable amount of synchronistic self-referencing is, according to Morton's thinking, a function of what he calls the "unified field matrix". In other words, the fractal nature of the "code" in terms of the "bigger picture" as Peter Gersten would call it.

Jumping ahead now to the Leedskalnin numbers, Joe wrote:

((The first thought I had when I saw it (the Leedskalnin formula) was " maybe it's a product /sum ratio"

-- I bump into them quiet often ! -- 7129 is a Prime number -- I played around with the 1st idea for awhile and wasn't getting anywhere. -- Then I got the idea to take the product of the digits in the 1st number and divide it by the sum of the digits in the 2nd number --- Bam !! -- 126/27 = 4.66666... -- Gary's ANV (Alpha-Numeric Value) of "NINE" (which is 42), divided by "9" . ))

At this point let me direct your attention to the photo of Ed Leedskalnin. Notice the plaque he is holding. It shows his first name and the initial of his last name. A rather odd thing to be holding for a nice portrait shot. But then Leedskalnin was an odd man. Was he giving us another clue? Was there something encoded in these letters? I noticed the inscription "ED.L." could be translated into the alphanumeric equivalent of 54.12. (in other words, E=5, D=4, L=12). I noticed that 54-12 = 42, the same as the alphanumeric value of "FIVE" and of "NINE".
5x9=45, the mirror of 54!

I also noticed 54+12=66.
If we add the 42 plus the 66 we get 108 which just happens to be the alphanumeric value of the phrase "ENGLISH INCH". There's a self-reference to the idea of the Imperial unit of measure.

108-54 = 54, self referencing the 108 back to the number we started with. Also, 54 is the alphanumeric value of TONE, the significance of which we will see later on in this article.

Continuing on with the rest of Joe's findings now, he wrote:

((Then multiply 7129 x 4.66666... next get the cube root - you should have 32.16215434.))

Joe noted that this 32.16215... is a very close approximation of the gravitational constant of g=32.1652. Joe notes, further:

((Since it's really not a constant ( it varies slightly about the Earth's surface), this then is a pretty good value.))

So now we have possible references to two elements which may be key factors in Leedskalnin's secret: (1) units of measure and (2) gravity. This would have some correspondence to Leedskalnin's rather simplistic statement that he understood the laws of weight and leverage. So far the units of measure we have worked with have been the INCH and the FOOT. We have not yet experimented with measures of weight. I did notice, however, this interesting synch:


144 not only reduces to 9 by the convention of "cross adding" (1+4+4=9) but the number 144 is a major gematrian number and figures prominently into my own work with the gematria of the English alphabet. For example, NINE IS THE KEY=144.

Also, as I noted in CodeZone No.21:
Now add those ANVs and what do we get?
60+42+42 = 144

And back to Leedskalnin's number 7129, if we multiply those digits we get:
7x1x2x9 = 126
Synchronistically, the alphanumeric value of ONE TWO SIX is 144.

The ANV of the phrase ENGLISH OUNCE = 132
If we subtract ENGLISH OUNCE (132) from ENGLISH POUND (144) we get:
144-132 = 12, the same as the ANV of the letter "L" in the inscription "ED.L."

Also, in the inscription "ED.L.", the Alpha-Numeric Value of ED is 54.
144-54 = 90, the same as the sum of the ANVs of INCH and FOOT:

What might we speculate as a result of these numerical synchronicities? We've seen Leedskalnin's numbers led Joe to find the approximation of what is known as the gravitational constant. We've seen that Leedskalnin's numbers led to the number 4.66666 which correlated with the alphanumeric value of NINE when that value (42) is divided by the number "9". We've seen how Leedskalnin's numbers seem to correlate synchronistically with key gematrian numbers which, in turn, are related to the value of 9. Most of the work so far has been with the first portion of Leedskalnin's formula (7129/6105195). We could note here, in closing, that the sum of the digits in second portion of that formula is 27 which also reduces to 9 by cross-adding (2+7=9). We might also note here that 27 is encoded within the structure of the English alphabet when each of the letters from opposite ends of the alphabet are paired. For example, A+Z=27, B+Y=27, C+X=27, and so on. Given this, it is interesting to note that there are a total of 13 pairs in that set of 2-letter combinations. Then 13 x 27 = 351. Recalling that the numbers 4, 5, and 9 are key to this work (as well as the alpha-number versions, FOUR, FIVE, NINE), we can see a possible connection to Richard Hoagland's hyperdimensional figure of 19.5 as shown here:

19.5 x 4 = 78
19.5 x 5 = 97.5
19.5 x 9 = 175.5

The sum of those products is 351, the same as the product of 13 x 27.

Also, regarding the number 27...
Leedskalnin's number 6105195 sums to 27, the harmonic of...

Maybe Leedskalnin's secret had something to do with directional alignments, ley line energies, gravitational forces and time? If we take the above mentioned sum of 27 and reverse it we get...

Now, recall from a few paragraphs back, that 54 (the alphanumeric equivalent of E and D) is the alphanumeric value of the word "TONE".
Joe noted...
7x1x2x9=126 And I noticed this...

This idea of "tone" or "sound" in conjunction with "stone" fits nicely with the number 144 mentioned previously:

And we'll wrap it up by noting that 351 is the mirror of 153 which is also a key gematrian number (a number which turns up in the Bible in a couple of places such as the 153 fish mentioned in John 21:11). We've noted in previous CodeZone articles that the idea of reversing numbers seems to be an element of the "code". When we reverse the 351 to 153 and add them together we get this:

351 + 153 = 504

If we drop the zero, we find the numbers 5 and 4, the values of E and D in the inscription ED.L. as seen in his photograph. But, even more significant, perhaps, is this:


Then, speaking of reversing numbers...

This looked familiar. Where had I seen it? Ah! It's the reverse of the 712 in the Leedskalnin number 7129! So it occurred to me to see what the difference was between the numbers 7129 and its reverse of 2179... Guess what?
7129 - 2179 = 4950
Drop the zero and here, again, we see the numbers 4, 9, and 5.

What did Leedskalnin know that we have yet to figure out? Did his secret have to do with consciousness? With frequency? With linear measures? With weight measures? With gravity? With all of the above in a specific combination? Did he know how to manipulate what Michael Morton calls the unified field matrix? Did he leave us clues as to what he knew? It's all still a mystery and the answer is waiting... somewhere out there... the CodeZone.

©2000, Gary Val Tenuta


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