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What One Thing in the Entire Universe does a Life Form want from its Creator?

By Peter A. Gersten

The answer is "sovereignty." To self-determine. To decide those matters that affects one's life without interference...even from its Creator.

Beginning in October 1998, whenever I looked at a watch, clock, or any digital counter, there was either 1:11 or 11:11. And, as November 11th drew closer, so did the increasing frequency of seeing the numbers. It got to a point that I actually thought I was going to die on that day. Though my fear was irrational, the repeating numbers were heralding a very special day in my life. On November 11th our cosmic computer programmers gave me a gift. The gift of enlightenment...the ability to see clearly. What I saw was the future. What I was told involved our sovereignty.

There comes a time when a sentient life form in a three-dimensional reality reaches the end of one level of reality and the beginning of the next. Our species appears to be at that plateau now. But before a life form can transcend to the next level, there is a test. The test involves a sentient life form's right to self-determination. The right of sovereignty.... the right to freely make the decisions that effect its own existence rather than having any other intelligence make them. The right of non-interference. The right has to be deserved. The life form must prove that it has earned that right. The weaning process is over. Pass the test and the life form attains sovereignty and can go through the cosmic portal to the next level. Fail...and the life form is terminated. "Computer! End program."

The test can take many forms...but we need only be concerned with our own. There are messages and metaphors, most coded or symbolic that tells us what we can expect. They are there to guide us and we need to understand and translate them. There are also certain rules. Our species has free will. Free will involves the ability to make intelligent choices. Intelligent choices involve information. So the first rule is that we have the right to know what is about to happen. We have the right to be informed and the information cannot be withheld from us. But there is a caveat. The information can be disseminated in any form, at anytime and to only a few people. And that is why the messenger is usually always that the message will not be believed. Whether it be a story in the National Enquirer, or a grade B doomsday flick, or a ridiculous scenario or a hoaxed video or photograph. But they are all still messages for us. On one level the truth or falsity is irrelevant. What is important is the fact that there is information...there is a message. We must learn how to interpret these messages. Everything has been orchestrated for our test. But what is out test about?

We have read about it in the Bible. We have seen it portrayed in movies and TV. It has been written about in books and song in songs. It has been prophesied and predicted. It is referred to as the "final conflict" or "final battle." The conflict of "good versus evil." It appears that we have chosen the Armageddon theme as the backdrop for our test. And in this test, the antichrist will take the form of a benevolent extraterrestrial with magical technology...who promises to save us from whatever catastrophe is occurring at the time...if we only give up our power to it.

Our test involves both our collective right as a species and, more importantly, our individual inner quest to retain our power and not continually give it away to other people and other things. The test will be conducted both externally on the surface of the planet and internally within each of us. We must first win the conflict within ourselves before we can win the conflict on the surface. The external conflict is a projection of our internal conflict.

The most important rule of our test is that we can only relinquish our power...voluntarily. The rule states that it cannot be taken forcibly from us. The metaphor for this rule can be found in a defendant's confession. The police cannot force a defendant to confess, for if they obtain it by forcible compulsion, it will not be admissible in court. But the law allows the police to trick a defendant into confessing by lying about his fingerprints being on the gun, false promises of leniency, or that his accomplice has implicated him when he hasn't.

The test will begin soon. We are being programmed to believe in technologically advanced extraterrestrials. First contact will occur when we are most vulnerable...during a war, famine, plague, natural disaster or something similar. There will be an offer to help. If, we voluntarily give up our power to the "extraterrestrial," whether it is by lies or tricks...we will fail the test and be destroyed. We must see through the illusion, overcome our fears and maintain our sovereignty. We must learn from the past. We have given our power of self-determination to our government through the elective process and they have controlled us. We have been warned of the consequences of such action.

We will need to state very clearly: "Thank you, but we can take care of our own problems." If we can do that, we will have retained our power and with it the ability to self-determine. More importantly, a new computer program will begin, unlike any we could have ever imagined. The program is already downloadeding. All we have to do is pass the test...and it will be switched on. Tentative date: the winter solstace of 2012.

I was also told on November 11th, that there is a group on this planet who have been through this test before at other times and on other places and with other sentient life-forms. We have decided to come here now for this particular reason. We have been programmed to awaken at preselected times based upon preselected events. Mine was 11:11. Each of us has certain information that we all need to help our species pass this test. It is now time for this group to awaken and come together. I do not know who this group is. I suspect that it is not a coincidence that you are reading this now. I suspect that there are no coincidences...just synchronistic events of an overall plan. It is time to integrate our inner conflict. It is time to let go of fear and practice forgiveness. It is time for unconditional acceptance and a joining of our species.

The test will soo begin. Will you be ready?



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