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By Peter A. Gersten

--the UFO Lawyer looks at the true nature of "life"

Well, I think I need a break from court cases, UFOs and least for one day. So I am writing about my favorite subject today...our 3D reality and what I believe is "The Reality of our Reality." I now ask you to temporarily put aside your beliefs and read on with an open mind.

As most of you already know who have followed my writings, I look around and see a "futuristic" technology...a cosmic computer program that is creating every possibility in a 3D existence. We call it a Universe. Sound incredible? Yes! But not inconceivable.

I look up at the night sky and see a cosmic illusion, more sophisticated than our planetariums, but an illusion nevertheless. An illusion of time, of space, of distance and of comprehension. Remember the movie "The Thirteenth Floor?" At the end, the main character drives to Tucson (of all places) to learn the truth and finds himself at the end of the computer program matrix. I believe our particular holographic cosmic program consists of our solar system and the matrix ends outside the limits of our solar system. Each solar system in our Universe has its own cosmic program. It is the sun and planets that maintain the hologram. There is no "traveling" from here to "out there" in physical space ships, though our limited concept of reality has us believe so. I believe that nothing can enter or leave this solar system in physical form (except possibly through our sun), though once within the solar system, physical form, of CAUS, is possible.

History tells us that at one time our species believed the earth was flat; while at another time it believed the sun revolved around the earth. Each of those beliefs about our reality was false. I suggest that our current belief about what's "out there" is also false. So what is our particular cosmic program's reality? Certainly more than we believe.

Several months ago I received the following letter from a person calling himself Jack Hill. There was no address given. His thoughts run similar to mine.

"I am a retired USAF/USAF Reserve pilot and currently work for a major aerospace/defense company. I was raised a Christian, became an agnostic during college and experienced a metaphysical awakening (for want of a better expression) about 13 years ago, shortly before my 39th birthday. A series of events (coincidences) led me to believe that someone or something was trying to communicate with me, not directly, but through signs, symbols and synchronicities. I realized that there is a mysterious "spiritual" or "supernatural" dimension to life which I had never experienced before. I would often see a movie or read a book in which the plot was analogous to something happening in my own life or the names or personalities of the characters would be meaningful in a very personal way. My acquaintances (and sometimes complete strangers) would drop hints and make oblique statements which led me to believe they knew what was going on. If confronted, they would give me an amused "what are you talking about?" response. As time passed, various objects (both animate and inanimate) took on meanings, to a process similar to that used by Pavlov and the behavioral psychologists to train animals to respond to stimuli. These communications continue to this day. I am alone but at the same time feel that I am constantly being observed and guided (or manipulated). I sometimes feel like the man in a children's story who became the object of a contest between the sun and the wind to determine which was more powerful. The wind would blow until the man put on his jacket; then the sun would bear down until he took it off and so on."

"After all these years I'm not much closer to finding definite answers than I was at the beginning, except that I have ruled out many of the possible alternatives as unlikely. I have developed several hypotheses and suspect that one objective may be simply to test character, endurance and perseverance as much as anything. We are given a chance to find out who we are and participate in a little history at the same time. Early in the course of this adventure, I read the following very existential "message" in a local newspaper. I have continued to believe this is a significant clue but I have not been able to find the name of the author.


You're invited to play a game. Would you like to play? These are the guidelines that govern your play:

You are not told the consequences of winning or losing, or what "winning" or "losing" is like (although other participants will urge you to accept their view.)

You are not told all of the rules before play begins. Additional rules are randomly introduced as the game progresses.

As part of the game you must sometimes make up rules and find out through the consequences whether your guesses are good ones.

Other players participate, but you can never be certain of their true position or role.

You may receive hints as to how to proceed, some useful, some misleading, but you alone must choose which paths to follow.

As you probably guessed, you are already playing the game. If this was one of the other games you have chosen to play, you would probably be experiencing fun and excitement. What are you experiencing in this game?"

So do you still have that open mind? Well, if you do please read on....

I have another belief I would like to share with you. It is immaterial whether current science accepts are rejects the belief that there is life "out there" and whether it can travel vast distances to get here. The overwhelming evidence is that there is another intelligence interacting with us right here in this reality. The most logical inference to draw from the evidence is that it coexists with us in this reality...and has for as long as recorded history. It could be argued that this intelligence is what has created this "futuristic" technology and continues to monitor and interact with its creation.

There is no credible evidence that this intelligence is extraterrestrial. The existing evidence is unreliable in that it is either hearsay, derived from questionable sources or "communicated" by the unknown intelligence. This intelligence (life form) appears to us in various forms depending on the beliefs of our species at that particular time in history. Our species has referred to it at various times and in various cultures as "gods" "angels" "demons" "gentry" "faery-folk" as well as our current "extraterrestrials." As Jacques Vallee stated "..the visitors seem willing to conform to whatever mythology or beliefs they find; they become what we want them to be and tell us what we want to hear." It is my belief that Jacques "visitors" are part of this reality, though a completely different type of life form.

I guess I didn't take a day of after all. But then again, I am sure most of you are now thinking that I am definitely "off." Well, what does a UFO Lawyer know anyway?


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