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ET Disclosure Creates New CAUSe

"However, in the absence of recent UFO activity, the
absence of any scientific gain from the past study of
UFOs, and the absence of hostility from any previously
reported UFOs, it would be irresponsible to spend
taxpayer money on hearings and legislation related to
such phenomenon." -Senator James M. Inhofe to Jim Hickman in a letter dated May 25, 2001

Senator Inhofe's recent statement echoes the sentiment of our elected representatives that there will not be any congressional investigation into the significance of the UFO phenomenon. Any such attention would be "irresponsible." As I have stated and written on previous occasions, official disclosure is a practical impossibility, at least in the context of the UFO phenomenon. But there is evidence that our "cosmic computer program" does include a schedule for our specie's awareness of another advanced intelligence. Ironically, Senator Inholfe's letter refers us to the appropriate agency for that disclosure, NASA:

"Congress continues to fund NASA for deep space
exploration..." "These programs represent our
country's primary investment in good science toward
the study of extraterrestrial life."

I now believe that disclosure will be in a form that is the least threatening to our species. The scenario will be "millions of miles away and millions of years ago." I am referring to the future acknowledgement by NASA that there is evidence of artificial artifacts on the planet Mars.

There is presently overwhelming evidence that we are interacting with an advanced alien-type intelligence. Personally I do not believe we are the highest form of intelligence on our own planet, but no matter its origin, one thing is patently clear: this intelligence could make itself publicly known to our species at any time, but chooses not to do so. In actuality, it is this intelligence that controls its own disclosure.

During the past year, besides being the director of CAUS, I have represented the Formal Action Committee for Extra-Terrestrial Studies (FACETS). FACETS' purpose is to disseminate evidence of artificial artifacts in our solar system, a subject apparently more palatable to the general public than enigmatic aerial craft in our skies and alien creatures in our homes.

Three weeks ago FACETS established a dialogue with NASA which resulted in the re-imaging of the "face" on Mars as well as obtaining NASA's acquiescence in re-imaging from 5-10 others areas on Mars suggested by FACETS. (

There is presently a preponderance of evidence, in the form of NASA photographs, indicating artificial structures on Mars. There is also evidence of artificial structures on our Moon and other planets/satellites. Based upon this evidence and the continuing cooperation of NASA in collecting and distributing images of these areas, FACETS expects NASA to announce, within the next 12 months, that it has found evidence of the presence of artificial artifacts on Mars.

FACETS is willing to assist NASA in making this revelation a reality.

"NASA thanks the members of FACETS for their continuing interest in the Cydonia region and welcomes additional comments." -letter from NASA to FACETS dated

May 11, 2001

Peter A. Gersten
Executive Director
June 13, 2001


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