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Our most important concern goes virtually unnoticed by the vast majority of our species.

By Peter A. Gersten

Whales, seals, endangered species, pets and various other animals on this planet all have representatives of our species championing causes on their behalf. But the greatest CAUS of them all...exposing the actual presence of an alien life-form and the possible threat and invasion of our species by this unknown intelligence...goes unnoticed by the vast majority of our species. Our attention is being diverted to three-dimensional dramas while, behind the curtain, a secret agenda, possibly affecting the very existence of our species is being something we have yet to acknowledge, let alone identify.

And for the sake of own preservation we must assume there is a threat until we are proven wrong. Thus with this in mind...can anyone think of a CAUS more important than one which attempts to awaken its own species to a threat to its own survival? And are there any constraints or sacrifices a person, who believes in such a threat, would not do to achieve this focus? And what is a person, a group, an organization to do after it unsuccessfully exhausts all legal and socially approved channels to uncover the truth due, in combination, to the apparent non-interest of our elected representatives, the impotency of our judicial system, the lack of professionalism by the media and the tunnel vision of the scientific establishment?

There is evidence...overwhelming evidence of an ongoing, systematic and clandestine invasion of our species by an unknown intelligence that is possibly a threat to our survival. I believe this evidence must be given the time, attention and talent necessary to determine its implications as well as learning what this intelligence is and why it is here. And it must be given that attention very soon...if not immediately. If these acts are occurring in any manner, then we better takes our heads out of the sand and consider it a threat. Isn't it better to be prepared than to be extinct?

It's time to learn the Fifty-three years is long enough to wait. This program of secrecy must end. Civil disobedience is part of our history, our heritage, our culture and possibly our destiny.

It's fine to continue to watch the skies. It's fine to continue to collect sighting reports. It's fine to continue to attend UFO conferences and join UFO organizations. But in my humble is not fine to sit idly by while people continually report inhuman activity by non-human matter how bizarre their reports might be. And its not fine to continually berate the "government" for their inaction when we are just as inactive in doing whatever is necessary in supporting our CAUS

Hmmm...what is my proof you ask. Well, let's start with eyewitness testimony. That alone is usually sufficient in any civil or criminal trial to obtain a judgment or verdict. How about a mere thousand witnesses for a start. Let's throw in some expert testimony. I know of at least three researchers who would qualify as experts in the alien abduction phenomenon under the Federal Rules of Evidence. Possibly another half dozen experts, at least, on the "futuristic" performance characteristics of the triangular craft. And what about those "implants?" They would be considered physical evidence and certainly admissible in any hearing or trial. Granted, the importance of which is left to the jury to decide.

Similarly, the strange aerial objects that are continually seen in our skies need to be identified. Geometric shaped craft, orbs, spheres, rods, fireballs, and other UFOs are still being ignored and thus still remain unknown in both identification and purpose. I can think of no justification for this apparent lack of interest by our species in the mystery and opportunity that their presence presents. What has happened to our insatiable curiosity and lust to understand the unknown? We do not need to shoot first and ask questions later...but we definitely need to ask questions now. And of CAUS...obtain some answers. Truthful answers.

There is evidence, in the form of eyewitness reports, photos, videos, artist renditions and sketches, of triangular craft that exhibit performance capabilities, that if ours, suggest another type of threat...but a threat just the same. Deception, secrecy and a "futuristic" technology are not the tools of a benevolent ruler.

But I do not believe that all these geometric craft are our own. Some of us would like to fit every human square peg into every non-human round hole in their attempt to explain all UFOs, at least the triangular ones, as terrestrial. The evidence suggests the contrary. The evidence suggests craft that are both organic and inorganic and can transcend the confines of a three dimensional reality. So doesn't it make sense that in our encounter with this unknown life-form/intelligence, we take whatever steps are necessary to ensure our safety...if not survival? Isn't that the wiser path? The first step would be the awareness, as a species, of its presence. Until we are aware, we cannot prepare.

I have always believed that if you keep your eyes open and ask the right questions, you can learn a lot about a person whom you meet for the first time. The signs are always there. And there are also signs in our interaction with whatever this intelligence is. Its characteristics are stealth, confusion, concealment and indifference. Its possible this intelligence has reason to be cautious in its relationship with our species. But on the other hand, our species, due to its apparent vulnerability, has more to fear from a life form with a superior technology as our history has shown.

There are things going on in our our homes.... and to our physical, mental and emotional bodies that should be of primary concern to our species. The alien abduction phenomenon should be considered on, at least, the same level as a serious epidemic or plague. If a virus invaded our bodies, we would give it the necessary concern. The same type of attention is called for with alien abductions. It also appears that we are intentionally being diverted from this priority. Now why could this be? I believe that we now need to find out. There is definitely a threat, possibly to our survival...according to some experts who have studied the eyewitness accounts. A threat that must be taken seriously.

I leave you with the words of Frederick Douglass to consider:

"If there is no struggle, there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom and yet depreciate agitation are people who want crops without plowing up the ground. They want rain without thunder and lightning. That struggle might be a moral one; it might be a physical one; it might be both moral and physical, but it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and never will. People might not get all that they work for in this world, but they must certainly work for all they get."


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