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Incontrovertible Evidence of a Higher Intelligence

By Peter A. Gersten

We now have the technology in place to establish the existence of a higher intelligence once and for all.

Of CAUS, it is possible that all UFOs are simply our own technology and always have been...even for over 50 years. And of CAUS, it is possible that the entire "alien abduction" phenomenon is nothing more than a mass misinterpretation of something having nothing to do with our interaction with visitors from other places. And of CAUS, all crop circles could be either hoaxes or the application of natural phenomena.

So it could be possible that our mundane history is what we are being taught in our schools and which is confirmed by our scientists, promoted by the media, and controlled by our leaders, except for some extraordinary evidence to the contrary...the evidence of artificial artifacts in our solar system. This evidence unequivocally indicates intelligence possessing a technology capable of travel within our solar system. An intelligence that we are being told does not exist and has never existed. An intelligence that, either originated here a long time ago or arrived from some other place we are still unaware of. In either event, given the substantial evidence of artificial structures...UFOs, alien abductions and crop circles take on greater significance and their prosaic explanations become less logical.

According to several scientists, including Van Flandern, Carlotto and Hoagland, there is credible evidence of artificial structures on Mars, in particular the Cydonia region. An analysis of some of the 25,000 recently released images from the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) has Hoagland convinced that there are many areas of Mars that contain artificial structures. Hoagland further believes there is also credible evidence of artificial structures on our moon in the Sinus Medii region. There is also mounting evidence of similar artifacts on Saturn's moon Titan. Interesting that two of the three celestial bodies are moons while the third, Mars, is also believed to have once been a moon of a planet that was somehow destroyed.

Logically, it does make sense that a spacefaring civilization would not limit itself to only one moon in our solar system to create structures, no matter what their purpose. Thus, we should expect to find further evidence of this intelligence's presence throughout our solar system. With the MGS continuing to orbit and re-image the red planet, Galileo orbiting Jupiter and Cassini heading to Saturn, evidence that some advanced intelligence did in fact exist in our past and possibly still does in our present, is readily available...if we only look for it.

The Formal Action Committee for Extra-Terrestrial Studies (FACETS) ( has posted its second petition ( to re-image the Cydonia region of Mars. Though FACET's first petition accumulated over 3,000 signatures and was forwarded to NASA prior to the May 7th opportunity, no such re-imaging by the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) has been acknowledged by either the Mallin Space Science Systems (MSSS), Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) or NASA. Peter Nerbun has estimated, based upon data supplied by JPL, that a re-imaging opportunity also occurred in early June. Once again, though JPL had stated that it would announce all future re-imaging ooportunities and release the results on the Internet, no such information has been forthcoming. Nerbun believes the next re-imaging opportunity will occur on June 30th and the FACETS petition is based on that information. Once again the petition and signatures will be forwarded to NASA prior to June 30th. If NASA continues its present policy of either refusing to re-image Cydonia or refusing to admit or deny that the re-imaging has taken place, FACETS will post a third and final petition. If the results are similar to the previous two petitions, FACETS will initiate legal action.

These opportunities are too valuable to waste. The MGS will eventually be unable, for any number of reasons, to send back photographs of the martian surface. We have the opportunity to collect the photographic evidence. There is scientific evidence of artificial structures on Mars. Why isn't this a topic of an international dialogue? What's going on here people? Our "freedom of information" is being controlled. Our "Right to Know" is being denied. There is evidence that what we believe about our reality is being manipulated. There is evidence within our solar system that could change the way we think. The possibility that there existed a higher human intelligence on this planet a long time ago is paradigm-shifting. The possibility that the advanced intelligence was not human is mind-altering.

According to Trans Lunar Research, a small rocket company located in the Mojave desert, for less than 20 million dollars, a privately funded unmanned rocket could be sent to the moon with a camera to send back live photographs of the Sinus Medii region and determine once and for all whether our moon also contains artificial structures. So for less than it costs to produce most movies, less than we pay our athletes, and what is no more than pocket change for some people, we can possibly learn more about our reality in a few days than all of the combined discoveries of the past.

Galileo is now sending back photographs of the Jovian moons. It will soon be joined by the Cassini spacecraft on its way to Saturn. Shouldn't our species' focus be on the open and honest search for evidence of anything artificial, especially when there is such evidence on at least two other celestial bodies in our solar system.

And is there some type of connection and/or relationship between all of these structures? Are the ancient wonders of our planet a part of a much larger purpose?

If so, isn't it time we interpreted their meaning...especially when we have the technology in place to do so? How long will we allow our elected officials to turn a deaf ear to our requests? How long will we allow our right to know to be circumvented? Isn't it time we find a way to do whatever must be done?


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