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OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE: A Practical Impossibility

By Peter A. Gersten

The term "official disclosure" is an oxymoron. Officials simply do not disclose secret information whether it be in the interests of national security or their own vested interests.

A few months ago the Internet was a buzz with news that NASA was about to make a major announcement concerning Mars. A few nave UFO activists actually believed that this announcement would finally confirm what we all have been waiting for...official disclosure that we are in contact with an extraterrestrial intelligence and have been for over 50 years. As we all know by now, the major announcement involved the finding of water on Mars, something that had been written about when the first "canals" were observed many years ago.

Since 1977, when I first became involved professionally in what was then referred to as the UFO phenomenon, I have been hearing, almost on an annual basis, about the imminence of some form of "official" disclosure. That year, the weekly magazine, U.S. News & World Reports, contained a blurb that "unsettling disclosures" about UFOs were expected from our government within days. Over 30 years and almost a similar number of such predictions later, no such announcements have been forthcoming.

The belief that one day there will be an "official" acknowledgement of the alien presence is as illogical as the belief that one day ETs will land on the White House lawn and ask to be taken to our leader. It just ain't gonna happen! More importantly, there is not one practical reason for such a disclosure...assuming there is something to disclose.

Whatever this intelligence is that is interacting with our species, one thing is strikingly clear...due to its nature, origin and identity it is better studied in secret without congressional oversight, continuous media inquiries and daily public outcries for immediate answers.

The UFO phenomenon and whatever it represents, on several levels, involves technology. On one level, it involves our own projects. Military technology is classified under the guise of national security and will never be revealed. That is why there can never be "open" congressional hearings. Corporate technology is protected by patents, trade secrets and copyrights. It will also never be made public. Technology is the lifeblood of our society and is dispensed in pre-measured increments to maximize profits and adaptability. It is hoarded more than money and safeguarded more than gold. On a higher level is the technology displayed by some UFOs, particularly the ones that can materialize and dematerialize; communicate with the observer; and metamorphosize. It seems clear that there is a continuous attempt by our species to learn and assimilate this technology. It is immaterial what crashed at Roswell. The event is a symbolic message that an advanced technology was introduced into our reality before our species was "spiritually" prepared for it. You could say our cosmic computer program was infected with a virus. On the highest level, our 3D reality represents a "futuristic" technology, a cosmic computer program, which, as improbable as it sounds, is possibly the subject of a vast conflict between certain opposing forces in the Universe. So my friends, as long as technology is the prize, no official disclosure will ever take place.

Further, any official disclosure would necessitate an explanation of 1) why we have been lied to for the past years; 2) the truth about what crashed at Roswell; 3) who built the artificial structures in our solar system; 4) the significance of the crop circles; and 5) what the flying triangles are. When you also factor in cattle mutilations, alien abductions and other paranormal events, it becomes obvious that this Pandora's box will never be opened.

Just as importantly is the realization that the term "official disclosure" is an oxymoron. Officials simply do not disclose secret information....whether it be in the interests of national security or their own vested interests. The term is also ambiguous. Who or what is the "official" person or agency that not only speaks "officially", but more importantly...knows the truth? Will official disclosure come from our elected representatives, possibly the President? No way! Elected officials whether for 2, 4, 6, 8 or more years are transient faces with no power in this complex society where the real power allegedly lies within a secret group of clandestine entities. What about our military...possibly the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff? No way! As discussed above, there is no practical military objective to be gained from alerting the public to a force that is still mostly incomprehensible to our species. Actually, it is in the military's best interests to disinform its enemies about the phenomenon and in the process....its own citizens. The phenomenon also makes a great cover to test secret black projects and programs without the need to explain every unusual object seen in the sky. Well then what about our scientific community or our open press dedicated to informing the public? I doubt that I need to comment further on the inability of either of those two groups to uphold our "right to know" and provide us with the truth.

No my friends, there will never be any "official" disclosure of any consequence.

And if by some chance there does come a time...I would be very suspicious of both the information and the motives behind its release.


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