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Human Knowledge Is For The Benefit Of The World!

How important is the truth?  Can it really set us free?  Or is a person who lives an entire life believing something that later proves to have been false, no worse off?  Would that person have lived any differently knowing the truth? I guess that depends on how the truth directly affects each individual life. Assuming that we were now told that the Earth does not revolve around the sun, would that make even the slightest difference in any of our lives? Probably not, though the withholding of that information should raise a few eyebrows.

So the fact that we are not being told about ancient structures built by some unknown intelligence on our celestial neighbors, the moon and Mars, for the majority of our species falls into the category of a "so what?" So what if the ruins on our moon and Mars are similar to certain ruins on this planet? So what if these enigmatic artfacts had been originally constructed with the use of an ancient, but highly evolved, scientific knowledge? Does that effect any one's life in the present moment?  But what if this knowledge is presently still available, having been ingenuiously encoded within these same structures waiting patiently to be deciphered by a civilization such as our own?

Whatever or whoever possessed this advanced scientific knowledge appears to have preserved it within each planet's/moon's natural resources of rock and stone through precise sacred geometric formulas camouflaged within the design, symmetry and location of these structures. Similar mathematical formulas have been detected within some of our classical writings, music and art. They also have been discovered within certain crop circles.  These formulas relate to a "metaphysical" energy emanating from a higher dimension that is possibly sustaining our 3-dimensional reality. The energy appears to be omnipresent and freely available to harness for the general welfare of the planet. Now that truth would certainly benefit each of our lives, in more ways than we can even imagine.

Maybe that is why all information about the source of this energy and the intelligence that possesses it, is being withheld from us, even to the point of perpetuating deception and disinformation. Certain truths need to be known.  Human knowledge is for the benefit of the world especially when it can directly benefit the world.

Peter A. Gersten


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