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Signal Synchronicity and other Random Thoughts (SS+RT)

DEMONSTRATION: an act, process, or means of demonstrating
to the intelligence as conclusive evidence; an outward
expression or display; a show of armed force.

Evidence suggests that the vast majority of crop circles are created by a method that is alien (though not necessarily extraterrestrial) to our general population. Whether created by an undisclosed technology or an undiscovered life form, or both, we must infer that there is a purpose to their appearance. Obviously they are created to be noticed. They are a demonstration. Suspiciously the creators have neither acknowledged their unique craft nor identified their motives. Their existence remains as much a mystery as their creations. Thus we must continue to search for not only the identity of their creators, but more importantly, their intent.

PHENOMENON: an exceptional, unusual, or abnormal person,
thing, or occurrence.

Interestingly there is a commonality that the crop circle phenomenon shares with other phenomena: UFO, cattle mutilation, and alien abduction. Unusual aerial objects are associated with each; an undisclosed technology and/or an undiscovered life form apparently is involved with each; and the life form and/or technology, though present in our space and time, has the ability to remain secret. Something very suspicious is occurring in our reality of which the majority of our species remains unaware. And for the very small minority of us who, for some yet unknown reason, monitor the phenomena, the truth is as elusive as ever.

ILLUSION: the state or fact of being intellectually deceived
or misled; an instance of such deception; a misleading image
presented to the vision; something that deceives or misleads
intellectually; perception of something objectively existing in
such a way as to cause misinterpretation of its actual nature.

While we continue to look for evidence of intelligent life "out there," we are ignoring evidence of its existence "right here." Though the popular belief is that the universe is teeming with life, there is no reliable evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence, let alone that it is in contact with us. But one thing is certain: we are being programmed to believe the contrary. Can we be confident that our beliefs about our universe are accurate? Even assuming that there is no reason for our scientists to lie, human theories about the nature of our realty are certainly limited by our level of "information awareness." If our sense receptors define the parameters of our reality and our eyes and ears are extremely limited in perception of light and sound frequencies, is it not wise to be suspicious of the accuracy of anything that we are told about our reality, let alone about our universe? At our present level of cosmic awareness can we be humanly certain that what appears "out there" is not an illusion; a cosmic planetarium created for our "benefit" by our cosmic computer programmers? In the movie "The Thirteenth Floor," Tucson was the limits of that 3-D computer program. Could our cosmic computer program's 3-D boundaries be our solar system? Is there any evidence that anything physical can travel beyond our solar system? With that said, wouldn't logic and common sense dictate that we look for our mysterious life form and/or technology "right here?" And of CAUS, here is where we find the evidence. UFOs, cattle mutilations, crop circles and other inexplicable events are all occurring here, not "out there."

PROGRAMMING: a plan for a mechanism (as a computer); a
sequence of coded instructions that can be inserted
into a mechanism (as a computer); such a sequence that
is part of an organism's genotype or behavioral repertoire.

Over at least the past 51 years, events have been created as part of an overall programming of a predetermined percentage of our species. It appears that this programming, to be effective, need only directly influence a small number of our species, possibly similar in theory of the "hundredth monkey." While the vast majority of our people are diverted and consumed by 3-D dramas (the most recent being the "Condit Caper") a small minority of believers, known as the "UFO community," have become the unwitting participants of a program. As I have previously written in "The Programming of First Contact" ( for all intents and purposes, it is immaterial if any of the orchestrated events are real or hoaxed. Both scenarios accomplish the same purpose. We can assume that any technology/life form capable of creating the real events that comprise the above-mentioned phenomena is also capable of manipulating our behavior to create hoaxes. The MJ-12 documents and the Mexico City UFO video are just two examples of physical evidence being introduced into our consciousness even though their validity is still being debated. Notwithstanding that debate and more importantly the probable hoaxing of both, the effect of their presence has altered or reinforced the beliefs of a sufficient number of people in the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence.

HOAX: an act intended to trick or dupe; something
accepted or established by fraud or fabrication.

The crop glyphs at Chilbolton are like no previous crop circles. Though atypical, they need to be scrutinized closely (if only for that reason) notwithstanding the disappointment by some that the "Arecibo response" was not what they originally thought it to be: a message from an extraterrestrial intelligence. Every aspect of both the message (Arecibo) and the messenger (the crop glyphs) should be investigated. Logic dictates that the unique formation is not the result of our 1974 Arecibo message being intercepted by some extraterrestrial civilization, even though at least one of the purposes of its creation is to have some of us believe that. And since only those who dwell in fear or ignorance can maintain that humans physically present in the field created the formations, the fact of their existence, let alone the method of creation, make any hoax issue irrelevant. Most importantly the Chilbolton glyphs represent another "signal" similar to a previous one: EQ Pegasi.

SIGNAL: an act, event, or watchword that has been agreed
on as the occasion of concerted action; something that incites
to action; something (as a sound, gesture, or object) that
conveys notice or warning.

The crop glyphs at Chilbolton, though not from "out there" are a "signal" for us. Several years ago there was a similar type of signal from "out there" which also turned out to be something other than what it initially appeared to be. That one is known as "EQ Pegasi" ( Though EQ Pegasi was subsequently labeled a blatant hoax, as with the above-described phenomena and events, no person(s) has ever come forward to take credit for the very sophisticated deception. No explanation has ever been given to justify the time and energy involved. The Chilbolton crop glyphs, though not a hoax in the true sense, have the same "feel" as EQ Pegasi. The Chilbolton and EQ Pegasi "signals" are part of the same programming. Both were purported to be from "out there." Both are tainted to detract from their general acceptance. Both involve similar but much too obvious messages: confirmation of the existence of an extraterrestrial intelligence with the prospect of "first contact."

Something is occurring in plain sight. Whether it is what it appears to be is unlikely. But one thing seems obvious, at least to this writer: something is trying to tell us something. Now does anyone care to listen? Is anyone willing to look behind the cosmic curtain? Maybe we will find a wizard without any clothes.

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