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Attack on America: Looking Behind the Curtain

Anyone turning on the TV last Tuesday might have thought that the new Fall season with its latest dose of "Reality TV" was beginning. Shockingly this "Reality TV" was reaching new heights of insanity right before our eyes. Real people were involved in a situation that previously had only been experienced vicariously through actors in disaster and war movies. Here on our TV screens was a collage of scenes from "Towering Inferno," "Die Hard," "Turbulence," and the soon to be released "Collateral Damage." Horribly this collage was overlaid on a very real New York City skyline. And worse, the participants were neither actors nor contestants. A nightmare was being transformed into reality. What had previously been restricted to the silver screen was now being re-enacted live on our planetary stage. Our "cosmic computer program" had downloaded a new program of human action and emotion. Whether we like it or not, our species has become the unwitting subjects in a cosmic test that will decide our right to self-determination. Pass and go on to the next level of human development. Fail and our species is destroyed. Computer, end program!

On November 11, 1998 I became aware of a future scenario involving the appearance of an extraterrestrial intelligence demonstrating a vastly superior technology during a period of human vulnerability. In previous CAUS commentaries I have referred to that appearance as "first contact." Our vulnerability is the result of a major catastrophe such as a natural disaster, plague or a planet-wide war. It now appears certain that these two events are on a pre-programmed collision course.

People familiar with the phenomena of UFOs, crop circles, cattle mutilations, and Art Bell are aware that there is present in our reality a superior form of technology (the "Flying Triangles" are a good example). Most of these people believe that an extraterrestrial intelligence is responsible for these strange sightings and occurrences while others believe it is our own secret black projects. In both possibilities the technology is suspiciously secret, apparently waiting for its "cue" to appear. Be assured that it will eventually materialize for all to see. But whether it will be what it pretends to be will be the issue then.

I believe that it is unnecessary at this particular point of our program to focus on the origin of this technology. But I would suggest that its "creator(s)" is capable of manifesting real events and hoaxes by influencing human beliefs and behavior. Mind control has been a fascination for some members of our species since at least W.W.II. It is logical to think that programming human behavior would also be attractive to another intelligent life form, especially one with a sinister purpose. In either possibility, the manipulation of human conduct through clandestine methods is a very viable hypothesis.

"Attack on America" is a tragedy whether inspired by an alien intelligence or conspired by the dark side of the human psyche. But I suggest that we step back a moment and look behind the curtain of illusion. The purpose of this attack was not simply the destruction of the U.S. symbols of affluence and power. The timing of the attack was meant to destroy a large number of innocent people. The terrorists knew they would also die. Obviously we are dealing with members of our own species whose belief systems are alien to our own. Human life is not sacred in their reality. They are not reluctant to die for what they believe. For them there is something more important than human life: a belief that they are following the will of a higher force. An interesting commonality with our "first contact" scenario.

More importantly, the ability to destroy many innocent people while sacrificing one's own life is indicative of a value system that cannot be eliminated by further destruction and death. Our 3-D reality is actualized around our individual belief systems. "I believe it to be true, therefore it is true" forms the basis of our collective consciousness. These peoples' beliefs control their present lives as well as their deaths. Realistically it is also a belief system that is shared by millions of people who, after a continuous and escalating series of "revenge events," will invariably join in support of others with similar beliefs. Moderates will have no choice but to become extremists thereby leading to the inevitable "holy war." Interestingly this belief system might only be affected by the appearance of a "higher authority" or a different "outside" threat. Both are consistent with a "first contact" scenario.

The "Attack on America" feels contrived. It has victims, survivors, heroes, villains, an evil wizard, a gallant king, a diabolical plot and lots of special effects. But it also has at least one unseen force that is manipulating our species for some specific outcome. It also expects us to react in specific predictable ways. And you can be assured that our now courageous leaders (who we never trusted to begin with) with the voices and cries of millions of outraged Americans to urge them on, will not disappoint our hidden programmers.

Some of the events of the "Attack" rival the best of the UFO experiences for bizarreness.

-- One story reported that the reason the President did not immediately go to D.C. was beCAUS there was some type of communication stating that Air Force One was also a target. The anonymous source referred to some secret codes to prove the reliability of the information. Secret codes? How were they obtained? What is that all about?

-- How could a two-year conspiracy planned and perpetrated on American soil, involving at least 50 people from a specific "targeted" nationality, not be known or at least suspected by our intelligence agencies? It appears that these co-conspirators weren't the brightest of people based upon the fact that they left all kinds of trails for the FBI to follow, though conveniently only after the fact.

-- Why use any real names? Even if they knew they were going to die, why implicate others?

-- Why would the terrorists draw attention to their car containing all kinds of evidence by provoking a fight with a witness at the airport on Tuesday?

-- The oddest event was when two of the terrorists refused to pay for their lunch at a restaurant in Florida the day before the events. Why were they bringing attention to themselves? Were they trying to sabotage the mission? What was all that about?

-- And what about the continuous display, by each and every TV station covering the "Attack," of the WTC being struck, blowing up, and subsequently collapsing. And I mean over and over again. That's what I call "programming" at its best. Or is it worst?

Another thing I find most curious is that we still haven't heard a word from the federal agency that was peripherally observing the terrorist attack as it was occurring. During the past few days I have been monitoring the events for anything unusual and am surprised that no statements are forthcoming from the FAA personnel who were watching the plan unfold on their radar.

-- When did they become suspicious?

-- Was there any communications with any of the four aircraft? One of the planes was supposedly in the air for almost an hour.

-- Did the terrorists announce their intentions to FAA personnel?

-- There must have been some form of communication and coordination between the terrorist pilots on the four planes. It is reasonable to infer that the terrorists on the plane that hit the Pentagon knew that one of the other planes had not reached its intended target and had crashed. Was that the reason for its strange flight path over D.C.? Were the terrorists on that plane no longer sure of which target to strike? All we have is a deafening silence from the FAA about that morning.

Something is fueling the fires of hatred, violence, destruction and death. Whether it is alien or human, it is feeding off our negative emotions. It is creating not only a scenario of vulnerability but also one of rescue by a higher being. In this 3-D movie that higher being will be admittedly extraterrestrial.

It is difficult not to become emotionally involved when the people you care about are directly affected. It is even more difficult when a death occurs. Even when not directly involved, our species has been wounded and it is impossible not to feel the pain. But I appeal to those who can still remain objective and open-minded. Watch what is happening on our 3-D planetary stage. Become aware of the larger picture that is developing. Remember that a director is always out of camera range. It is never too late to look behind the curtain. Power to the people. All of us!

Peter A. Gersten, Esq
September 15, 2001


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