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CAUS in Court 1-25-99

Its time that I reviewed the status of the three CAUS Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) actions now pending:

1) CAUS v. Department of Army (CIV '98 0538PHX ROS)

This case is pending in the United States District Court in Phoenix, Arizona. CAUS is seeking information concerning what Col. Philip Corso (dec) stated in his book 'Day After Roswell;' specifically about seeing alien bodies in 1947 and reading alien autopsy reports in 1961.

The United States Attorneys Office, which represents the Army, has moved to dismiss the action based upon the fact that the Army's search did not reveal any documents on the subject. CAUS is opposing this motion on the grounds that the Army's search was not reasonable under the circumstances. CAUS submitted in support of its opposition, an affidavit by Col. Corso swearing to the statements contained in his book.

Oral arguments on the government's motion are scheduled for May 10th. CAUS asks that anyone who can attend this court hearing, please do so. CAUS needs your support if anything is to be accomplished. A packed courtroom will send a message and draw attention to our CAUS...if nothing else. We must be united and strong in our battle for the truth.

2) CAUS v. Department of Defense (CR '99 0108PHX SMM)

This lawsuit seeks information about our enigmatic flying triangles and was filed this past Friday, also in the United States District Court in Phoenix. The government has 60 days to respond to the CAUS complaint. It will be extremely interesting to see this response beCAUS the DoD, after four months, hasn't responded to the CAUS request. CAUS decided not to wait any longer and force the issue with this lawsuit

In the CIA and NSA lawsuits in 1977 and 1980 respectively, both agencies admitted having UFO related documents but refused to release them on National Security grounds. The Courts upheld this claim. In the present CAUS lawsuit against the Army, the Army, after a search, stated that they could not find any documents.

So it will be interesting to see the DoD's response. Will they claim that they have no information about something so obviously in our skies all these years? Or will they admit they have information but cannot release it on National Security grounds? If the former, then we have a major problem...under any of the possible scenarios. If the latter, then we are halfway home.

CAUS is now seeking eyewitnesses to these triangular objects. If you have seen this object, please e-mail me if you are willing to sign an affidavit as to the facts and circumstances of your sighting. I will then inform your on the mechanics of what you must do.

CAUS would also like to file a Discovery Motion after the DoD's response. In order to do this, CAUS needs to know what questions to ask the DoD concerning these objects. Questions should pertain to where in the DoD to search, possible DoD projects involved, the names of what this object could be and any other relevant questions including what documents to request. CAUS welcomes all suggestions, comments and actual questions. In this context, is anyone familiar with the TR-3B?

3) CAUS v. Department of Defense (DoD) Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

In this precedent setting FOIA action, CAUS is still in the administrative stages of an eventual lawsuit against three governmental agencies at one time. The Defense Intelligence Agency, since part of the DoD is no longer included. CAUS is seeking information on the 'alien abduction phenomenon.'

All three agencies have responded to CAUS with their routine UFO request reply, referring all requesters to the Air Force report on Roswell....or releasing documents previously released. CAUS appealed their lack of adequate response and is now awaiting their reply. CAUS will not wait any longer than March to begin this lawsuit.

All requests, responses and Complaints from all three cases can be found on the CAUS website.



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