CAUS in Court

CAUS in COURT 6-12-99

1) CAUS v. Department of Defense (information about the triangular shaped UFOs)

The preliminary pretrial conference scheduled for June 14th has been canceled by the Court. The US Attorneys Office is preparing a Motion for Summary Judgment (to dismiss) the lawsuit based upon the fact that the DoD conducted a "reasonable" search and did not find any information. Next week, CAUS will be filing a Motion for Limited Discovery, asking the Court to allow it to submit a list of 40 interrogatories (questions) to be submitted to the DoD. The chances of the Court allowing this prior to the Motion to Dismiss are slim. Discovery is usually not allowed in FOIA cases. CAUS will also, as part of its Motion, be asking the Court to allow it to serve subpoenas on as many as three nonparty witnesses in order to take their depositions. Drs. Steven Greer and Michael Wolf are two of the three CAUS will be seeking to depose.

2) CAUS v. FBI; CIA & Department of Defense (information about the 'alien abduction phenomenon')

Lawsuit planned for this summer, assuming the necessary affidavits have been received. All three agencies have reported a finding of "no records."

3) CAUS v. US Government & State of Arizona

This lawsuit will be the first CAUS non-FOIA lawsuit and be based upon the provision of Art. IV; Sec IV of the US Constitution which states that the federal government shall (must) protect the states against invasion. CAUS will argue that the alien abduction phenomenon as well as certain aspects of the UFO phenomenon, constitute an invasion under this provision.

CAUS will be asking a federal judge to direct the federal government to protect the citizens of Arizona from this invasion...or at least conduct a hearing into its nature, origin and identity. Once the necessary affidavits have been received, CAUS will be filing this lawsuit.



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