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CAUS in COURT - July 24, 1999

CAUS v. Department of Defense (DoD)

On July 14, 1999, the US Attorneys Office, representing the DoD, submitted its Motion for Summary Judgment (Motion). This Motion asks the Court to dismiss the CAUS lawsuit because there is no "triable issue" since the DoD conducted a "reasonable search" for the information CAUS requested...and could not find anything.

According to affidavits submitted with the Motion, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) conducted "a thorough search" and that "each DARPA employee was contacted via e-mail to inquire if they had any knowledge of information responsive to the (CAUS) appeal. DARPA stated that no responsive records were located."

The Office of Joint Chiefs of Staff (OJCS) also submitted an affidavit stating "a search of the Joint Staff files disclosed no responsive records." The Motion concludes "the Department of Defense has searched all locations in which it reasonably believes responsive records would likely be found."

CAUS has 30 days to file its response in opposition to this Motion. Included in its response will be 32 affidavits from eyewitnesses swearing to the existence of this massive and silent triangular object that has the ability to hover, float and accelerate rapidly. It is inconceivable to CAUS that the DoD does not have information on this matter what it's identity or origin. The DoD is obviously lying...a fact possibly more ominous than the existence of the object itself.

Based upon past experience, the Court almost always accepts the government's affidavits with a presumption of good faith, citing, coincidentally, Ground Saucer Watch, Inc. v. CIA. Thus, merely establishing the existence of the object, does not prove that the DOD has information about it and more importantly...that even it the DoD has information, that a "reasonable search" would uncover it.

Also the CAUS Motion for Limited Discovery (including the 7 Interrogatories and request to depose Davenport & Greer) has not yet been decided by the Court. As a matter of fact, the US Attorneys Office has yet to respond to it.

CAUS expects the DoD case to be dismissed by the Court based solely on the DoD's statements of finding no records. CAUS believes it has exhausted its opportunities with Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) cases due to the limited burden on the agencies of only needing to conduct a "reasonable search" for responsive records and the necessity of obtaining judicial consent prior to any routine "discovery." Thus the next CAUS lawsuit will not be under the FOIA, but under the U.S. Constitution.

CAUS v. U.S. Government; State of Arizona and Governor Jane Hull

Once CAUS has responded to the DoD's Motion for Summary Judgment (see above) it will file, in the U.S. District Court in Phoenix, this lawsuit in the form of a Writ of Mandamus...directing that the federal government protect Arizona against, what CAUS believes to be, a clandestine "invasion." Since this lawsuit does not come under the FOIA, CAUS will be able to conduct "discovery" (including depositions) without the necessity of court approval. CAUS has already sent letters to Governor Hull, Secretary Cohn and Attorney General Reno, "requesting" their attention and cooperation. None of the three had the courtesy of even a "form" response.

CAUS Commentary:

CAUS has exhausted its administrative remedies. CAUS is in the process of exhausting its judicial remedies. If and when this last lawsuit is dismissed, CAUS will have exhausted all reasonable judicial remedies. It will then be time to attempt any and all extrajudicial remedies. It will be time for CAUS to take a stand for what it believes to be the most important issue facing our lifeform...survival. An unknown intelligence is interacting with our species. There is evidence of a "threat." There is evidence of an "invasion." There is evidence of a "program of secrecy" surrounding this interaction. CAUS believes that it is time that we learned the matter what the cost. The truth is that important! The time is coming. Where will you be when the line is drawn? Do you have the courage and strength to stand behind your convictions? We will soon find out.



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