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CAUS v. Department of Defense (DoD)

On Friday, October 1st, I received Assistant U.S. Attorney Patrick's reply, on behalf of the DoD, to the CAUS response to the DoD Moton for Summary Judgment. In his reply, AUSA Patrick attempts to minimize CAUS' arguments while continuing to argue that the DoD affidavits should be accepted by the court in good faith and without question. Further, Mr. Patrick argues that it is unnecessary to grant CAUS any discovery and also asks the Court to deny CAUS the opportunity to argue its position in open court on February 7, 2000. The DoD's reply is posted on the CAUS in Court page.

CAUS v. USA.; Arizona et al.

I have not yet served any of the five defendants in the lawsuit. CAUS has 120 days from September 1st, the date the lawsuit was filed, to do so. Once served, Arizona will have 20 days to respond and the federal government, 60 days. Since it is very likely that Arizona will move to dismiss the lawsuit on procedural grounds, I have waited to serve the parties until I have the time to properly research and respond to the anticipated motion to dismiss. I am planning on serving all defendants sometime this month.

On another note, the filing of this lawsuit received very little publicity across the nation, and none at all in Arizona, despite sending out over 500 copies of the press release. I was interviewed for an hour on the day of the filing by channel 3 in Phoenix and was told it would air that evening at 10 PM. At around 8 PM, I received a call from the reporter who told me that the station decided to kill the story. I guess an attorney claiming to have evidence of an "ET invasion" is not newsworthy even in the state that is the subject of a lawsuit involving that evidence. No reason to alarm the people unnecessarily, now is there?


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