CAUS vs US Exhibit A

April 5, 1999

Dear Governor Hull:

Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS) is a non-profit, legally oriented public interest organization. CAUS has several lawsuits pending in the US District Court in Phoenix under the Freedom of Information Act for information concerning our contact with another form of intelligence.

Please find enclosed 29 letters addressed to you from CAUS members residing in your state who demand that you request federal intervention, pursuant to Article IV, Section IV of the United States Constitution, to protect them against an ongoing invasion.

This invasion is continually being ignored by government officials due to its strangeness and thus continues unimpeded. These residents describe an invasion that is 'silent' due to its nature, but an invasion nonetheless. Simply stated, it takes the form of continuous incursions in the skies over your state by aerial 'craft' which pose a threat simply by their ability to perform beyond present day technology. Also present as part of this silent invasion are nonconsensual trespasses, assaults, false imprisonment and kidnappings by allegedly non-human perpetrators. Affidavits are available from your residents swearing to these facts and circumstances.

These residents have directed CAUS to act on their behalf in bringing all necessary attention to this matter in an attempt to stop these violations from continuing to them and their children. CAUS is prepared to take whatever steps are necessary, including legal action, if you fail to comply with this proper and necessary demand to notify the Federal Government and request its compliance with Art IV; Sec IV.

I would appreciate your immediate attention to this matter.


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