CAUS Affidavits Summary

Chronological Listing of Affidavits including performance characteristics of Triangular Object/Craft

1. 9/53; California; JEWEL RILEY Low-level silent triangular object with red, white and green lights at the corners.

2. October 1976; Ohio; ERIC SCHUSSLER Three large silent and slow moving triangular objects or one extremely large triangular object with orange lights high in sky. Separate smaller object within close proximity.

3. Summer 1977; California; LAUREN S. LEWIS Low-level solid steel silent triangular object with white lights at corners. Sides approximately 100' in length. Craft seemed to disappear.

4. March 1979; Illinois; LAURA LUETTE HARSHMAN Low-level slow moving and silent large boomerang object with white lights under object and along side with red pulsating light at the front. Smaller objects in close proximity.

5. November 1979; Mexico; JOAN BALDWIN Large silent triangular object with yellow lights at the corners.

6. February 1982; New York; NINA KANNON KORTE Huge slow-moving silent triangular craft with three white lights at the corners.

7. July 1984; Kentucky; TONY PRATT Low-level silent hovering huge triangular craft with red, green, gold and blue lights on top of craft. Accelerated rapidly.

8. January 1990; Florida; GARY WEBB Silent and lightless gray triangular craft.

9. October 1991; Arizona; ROBERT E. LEWIS Large silent triangular object with seven sets of three lights (red, yellow and small blinking white lights).

10. September 1992; New Mexico; KATHLYNNE SHARON KASTEN Triangular shaped craft with six red lights along the edges.

11. November 1993; Washington; GARY VAL TENUTA Low level slow-moving soundless triangular object approximately 300 feet per side with large round, steady red light at each corner.

12. June 1994; Arizona; JASON LOHMAN Lightless floating triangular object.

13. July 1994; Nevada; DANIEL L. COX Sr. Triangular/delta shaped craft with brilliant blue-white light over entire surface. Rose vertically and accelerated rapidly.

14. July 1994; Colorado; CORDLEY COIT Low level very large silent triangular object with two red and blue lights in center.

15. August 1994; Nevada; ART BELL Low level slow moving silent huge triangular object with white strobe light on front corner and two stationary white lights on rear corners.

16. August 1994; Nevada; RAMONA BELL Low level slow moving silent huge triangular object with white strobe light on front corner and two stationary white lights on rear corners.

17. August 1995; Iowa; JAMES KELDERMAN Nine-ten triangular objects travelling at a high rate of speed with three white lights at each corner.

18. 1995/1996; New Mexico; SHIRLEY J. McNALL Large dark slow moving silent triangular object with greenish lights.

19. February 1996; Texas; DORIS M. UPCHURCH Two low-level silent very large black triangular objects with yellow lights on underside at each corner. Large 50' cylinder shaped object seen in vicinity.

20. March 1996; New Mexico; SHIRLEY J. McNALL Slow moving shiny chrome triangular craft.

21. February 1997; North Carolina; NELLIE CATHERINE McIVER Three triangular craft hovering with two red lights on the sides.

22. March 1997; Arizona; MICHAEL CARL FORTSON Massive floating boomerang/chevron shaped object.

23. July/August 1997; California; TYRONE R. ATWATER Floating and silent large triangular object.

24. August 1997; West Virginia; RICHARD JAMES LAMONICA Sr. Low-level floating and silent large black triangular craft approximately 60' in length on each side with rounded corners and beige light on corners. Circular red/orange light on underside.

25. October 1997; Michigan; SCOT BAHNKE Delta/V-shaped craft.

26. October 1997; California; GARY GOSSETT Low-level slow moving and silent triangular object. Accelerated rapidly. Object encircled by a rim of lights.

27. May 1998; Arizona; JOHN EDMONDS Low-level hovering silent triangular object 200-300' across with amber light.

28. June 1998; Wyoming; HARV HOWARD Silent slow moving triangular craft with flashing strobe lights.

29. September 1998; Nevada; CONNIE G. FOX-VAN HORNE Slow moving and silent triangular-shaped object.

30. December 1998; California; CHRISTINA TORKAY Glowing silent V-shaped object.

31. March 1999; Arizona; MARK SPENCER LYTLE Large silent triangular object with red lights at corners.

32. March 1999; Illinois; MICHELLE SZYMCZAK Floating and silent triangular object with flashing red light on underside; white lights at the corners and white/blue lights along sides.


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