UFO Geometry 101

Flying Triangles Over Ohio, Wisconsin & Nebaska

Source: Filer's Files #40; October 3, 2001;

1) Marietta, Ohio -- The witness reports, "I was traveling east towards my home on August 29, 2001, when I noticed an airplane from the local airport.  I was nearing Wal-Mart at around 9:20 PM, when I noticed something just seemed out of place.  The object was traveling very fast, and its shape just didn't look right.  I realized it was not a routine flight, and it was coming from the wrong direction.  It was now flying directly towards my car and had five lights on it, a blue light was on the very front of it, a white light just below the blue one, 2 white lights on either side, and a flashing light in the center of it.  As it flew directly over my car, I slowed down, and I noticed other cars in front of mine slow down also, so I know I was not the only one who saw it.  It finally passed over my car, and there was no sound.  I could see the triangular shape very clearly and it was totally black against the moonlit sky.  The back had no indications of exhaust or smoke.  The back was concave in shape looking sort of like a boomerang but more triangular.  I could now see only four lights, the three white ones, and the bluish white flashing light in the center.  I was shocked when a second flying triangle quickly followed the first.  They both were moving at the same speed and 1000 foot altitude.  They were separated by about 1000 feet and were moving very fast probably above 300 to 400 mph.  Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC

2) Greenville, Wisconsin -- On September 23, 2001, the witness said, "I was traveling south on US 45 just south of the city of Greenville in Winnebago County.  I noticed an aircraft flying south parallel to me that had its landing lights on at 10:00 PM.  The aircraft made a sharp right turn and headed back to the north.  As we approached the aircraft near the intersection of 150 and 45, it appeared the aircraft had stopped moving.  As we got closer we could definitely see that it was not moving and that it was hovering at about 400-500 feet high.  Other vehicles were traveling south on US 45 and were slowing down also because of what they were seeing.  It appeared that it was no more than 1/4 mile away on the right side of the road hovering over farm fields.  The aircraft was shaped like a triangle with three or four bright white lights on two sides and two red blinking lights.  Thanks to UFOWisconsin by Duane W for

3) Omaha, Nebaska -- The witness was traveling on Crown Point Road on August 29, 2001, near the Blair High Road intersection, when he saw a black shape moving through the air almost directly east.  The witness has many years of Air Force experience and familiarity with the air traffic patterns of the area.  He stated, "My immediate presumption was this had to be either a dark colored B1 or possibly B2 bomber heading in for a landing at Offutt AFB.  Then, to my utter surprise, the object 'banked' giving me an edge on view; and what I now saw was a very long, narrow angled black triangle.  Having seen number of 747s at that distance, I would estimate it at about that length of 231 feet. It was clearly not the shape of a B2, nor a B1, because the only time it's wings are back in a 'delta' type configuration is when it is flying at high speed (which this craft was not).  Second, because the shape was way too narrow and triangular.  I was going to stop and keep watching this craft, but I first! looked down to my Van's clock to see the exact time, and when I looked up, the craft was gone."  Thanks to NUFORC


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