UFO Geometry 101

Flying Triangle in New Jersey

Source: Filer's Files #42; October 17, 2001

A friend and I observed a flying triangle in the early morning of October 7, 2001.  We were around mile marker 85-90 on the Garden State Parkway, northbound, at 1:15 AM.  It was essentially three lights of even brightness, white like stars, and in a fairly perfect, isosceles triangle.  There was no object visible, just the lights, but their precise arrangement gave the impression of it being one object, and motionless.  It looked like a triangular Constellation of medium brightness, white stars in the sky, and seemed for some reason to be maybe twice as large as a regular airplane.  It was about a mile up.  Nearby there was a regular star, and at first we tried to make sure, these were not stars.  These didn't twinkle like stars.  They were simply three pinpoints of very white lights, very clear and steady, and no other lights could be seen as part of an aircraft, like strobes, red/green markers, etc.  It was probably about 20 degrees up on the horizon, I'm guessing, and I would have guessed it was well south of Newark.  It certainly wasn't going very fast. 

We were not far from McGuire AFB.  When I first pointed it out to Mike, in the car with me, he was also clearly struck by how unusual it looked in the sky, and said something like, "What is that?"  We probably could see it clearly for about ten seconds before it started to fade, all three lights at the same rate, as if it were entering a cloud or a mist, but the sky was actually very, very clear that night. It dimmed to completely invisible within the next 10-20 seconds.  My impression of it was maybe I was seeing the famed "Westchester wing," which I think I might have observed from a car at high altitude once before about 10 years ago. Thanks to bob Larson


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