Guest Commentary

UFOs and the New Milennium

by George A. Filer (

Source: Filer's Files #1 -- 2001; January 2, 2001 

As we start the new Millennium, it is time to expose the fact that alien, and most likely extraterrestrial presence has been with us for many thousands of years.  Today our newest technology such as radar and satellites are picking up the UFOs on a regular basis.  There is also good evidence that UFOs may provide a safety hazard to our aircraft.  Important aircraft accidents such as TWA Flight 800 and EgyptAir Flight 900 have numerous reports of UFOs in the vicinity.  Jeff Challender has put together raw video footage from space shuttles orbiting Earth. These show incontrovertible evidence that the NASA downloads show UFOs moving at tremendous speed both in our atmosphere and in space.  I personally feel many of the ancient historical and religious texts also tell the story of our visitors.  Ancient Sumerian, Indian, Greek, and Biblical texts reveal that our Earth was visited by angelic messengers flying in strange craft that are remarkably similar to those seen today. 

Human nature has tendency to reject and bury those factors that might be a threat.  Politicians, scientists and high ranking military appear to have the most to lose if it turns out these unidentified flying objects are manned by non human intelligence.  Most of our readers realize that some UFOs may be natural phenomenon or classified military aircraft.  However, it seems doubtful that humans have developed craft that can fly at 100,000 mph, but we should realize that we may have been fooled on occasion by clever counter-intelligence efforts to hide new aircraft.

Our world still faces major environmental problems in the new Millennium.  New diseases, an energy shortage and the threat of international terrorism all point to difficult times ahead.  President Bush needs all the help he can get to overcome these serious problems in the future.  It will be interesting to see if the new president is willing to publicize the UFO presence.  His father and President Clinton appeared willing to ignore the problem. 

Less than a hundred years ago the Wright Brothers flew at Kitty Hawk, and now we are getting ready to visit other planets.  For the first time in history, we present a threat to other intelligence's by venturing forth to other planets.  The future of our civilization may depend on the actions we take regarding the visitors.  We must learn more about the visitors who could cleverly exploit us, using religion, sex or the entertainment industry against us.  There is evidence in the past, they attempted to give us lessons on how to live as brothers.  It is time we matured and find ways to eliminate hatreds and wars as a means of settling disputes.  There may be accidental encounters between the visitors and us.  The fact they have not simply destroyed us indicates they choose to keep us alive. Until we know their plans and motives we must gain intelligence information on their intentions.

During the last Millennium many great men have come and gone.  Leaders like Winston Churchill, Roosevelt, scientists such as Einstein, Kepler, Tesla, and Bell.  Its interesting that most of the greatest men also had a curiosity about UFOs.  In reflecting about the past, I thought about those who had left there mark on my life.  A great actor who died this year, had a great effect on me.  I met Sir Alec Guinness in London and he was gracious and friendly.  He was in my opinion the true superstar of the "Star Wars" movies.  I think he knew there is a God the Creator or Father of the universe when he stated with a sparkle in his eye, "May the Force be with you!" 



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