Guest Commentary

The Ending of an Age in UFO Investigation

Source: James Gilliland

Just as we are all feeling a shift underway in all aspects of life, there is a shift happening in the UFO community. The days of abductions, the victim consciousness, the nuts and bolts scientists and those trying to prove UFOs exist are beginning to phase out. Many Ufologists are coming to this realization and shifting with the new energies and information.

According to the latest polls, the government cover up is a complete failure with over 80 percent of the people now believing in UFOs and a government cover-up. This thanks to people like Robert Dean and Philip Corso speaking out and the flood of recent TV shows which are now beginning to treat UFOs as fact. The abductions are taking on a new light and shifting into more of a teaching role with a new relationship unfolding. The black opps are still doing their thing and some believe they are mimicking the abduction cattle mutilation scenario to stay in business. After all, we need to keep the threat alive because the greater the threat, the more the funding...

What about the higher level contacts? Why is it they receive little or no press, yet are now becoming a majority of the contacts and sightings? One of the main reasons is the movement to keep these contacts quiet. This movement falls into many categories and some overlap. The first category is those who want to maintain the status quo at any cost. They do not want any changes in religion, government, business etc.

An advanced race of beings would bring change to each of these arenas. Most advanced races have leaders that serve and are chosen according to their spiritual advancement and track record of service. On Earth, the ones that lead are those who have amassed the most wealth at the expense of humanity and nature.

An advanced race of beings would also know more about God and the universe which would threaten the hierarchy of religious establishments and accepted academia. One of the most unfortunate threats are those that come from within the UFO community that want to hold on to the past. The ones that are still trying to prove UFOs exist or that we are all victims with the next step being human pelof.

There are the nuts and bolts scientists that do not understand the ultra-dimensional or advanced spiritual nature of the ships and their occupants. There are those that believe if they do not fit into the known science or physics of today they must not exist and it is impossible for them to get here anyway because according to them they cannot go beyond the speed of light and are light years away. Well guess what? We can only measure and experience less than one percent of the world in which we live and there is another 99 percent out there. We have also increased the speed of light in our own laboratories over 300 times.

How on earth can one consider themselves an authority when they are only aware of the 1 percent?  The science and physics we now know when compared to the wisdom of off-world visitors is prehistoric. Those who are truly wise have conquered their arrogance. They realize what little they do know compared to what is possible beyond imagination. Unfortunately, getting some of these dinosaurs to turn around is quite a feat.

When someone comes along with a little more knowledge concerning the other 99 percent of the universe, filled with multidimensional and interstellar civilizations, they are often attacked vehemently. The seat of power is challenged and rather than conceding to truth and higher wisdom there are those who will fight to the bitter end doing everything possible to maintain their thrown. Even though it is a throne built on archaic knowledge.

What they do not realize is they have become exactly what they set out to correct. In many cases, they are now the new position of authority suppressing the new knowledge. They are also inhibiting the possibility of C5 contact with benevolent, spiritually and technologically advanced off world visitors. We have to rise to the occasion. We have to show we are ready and the petty bickering and power struggles give clear indication we are not ready. We also have to embrace the new knowledge rather than holding on to the past. Those who are holding on to the past and refuse to embrace the new knowledge are not helping the evolution of Ufology, they are hindering it.



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