Guest Commentary

Emotional Bias or Investigation

By: James Gilliland; Self-Mastery Earth Institute; PO Box 281, Hood River,
Oregon 97031; 509) 395-2092

It has come to our attention on a regular basis that many people in the field of Ufology who consider themselves investigators or experts on the subject seem to miss the basics. To comment on the authenticity of a sighting or contact without investigation is completely illogical. It would be like giving an expert opinion on a new model car having no information about the drive train or a picture of the vehicle. Any statement would be made on emotional bias or hearsay. To investigate would mean to speak with eyewitnesses, look at any pictures, videos if possible, other physical evidence if possible and then make an informed intelligent assessment of the situation.

We are assaulted constantly by people who have done none of the above, which includes certain UFO investigators and reporting centers. Having not looked at the evidence or investigated, the only informed intelligent statement that can me made is, "I have heard about the sightings and contact and I need to investigate". To try to debunk or discredit without investigation or refuse to report sightings is a show of ignorance and ill intent from the very beginning.

Some demand proof. They demand that we provide to them personally all of the data which covers 700 witnesses to many now to document, photos taken by guests and UFO investigators and now over 11 hours of day and night video footage with sound. They also demand we pay for all of it, the production costs including time, expenses, the equipment and ship it to them ASAP all free. If we do not do so they scream fraud. If we ask for donations to cover expenses they yell charlatan.

It is getting real old. The groups that are getting the funding that have the resources to make this information available to the public, like SETI and NASA, also refuse to investigate. So what does one do when the supposedly top people in the field of investigation and reporting refuse to investigate and yell fraud, charlatan, ridicule and slander acting like spoiled children. One does the best one can with the limited resources at hand which is what we have been doing.

We wonder why the benevolent spiritually and technologically advanced off world visitors have chosen to quarantine the Earth and for the most part keep their distance staying hidden in the clouds or phased out of our ability to detect them. We wonder why we never hear of the contacts especially those of an advanced ultrterrestrial or spiritual nature. We wonder why people give up and walk away from events that could change the course of human destiny.

The reason is due to the behavior of many of the very people who deem themselves the ones to bring this information to the public. Those that refuse to investigate, report, work together and would rather indulge in petty bickering competition and one-upmanship.

If we are ever going to have a contact with an advanced off world race we are going to have to get our own act together. We are going to have to end the censorship, the power struggles competition and emotional bias. A little truth, honesty and integrity is in order as well as a little common sense.

For those who do not understand the basics it is quite simple.

1. With out investigation it is impossible to make an informed intelligent assessment or comment as to the authenticity of an event

2. With out funding it is ridiculous and most arrogant to demand the mountain of evidence be produced, duplicated and put in your hot little hand

3. If we are ever going to have full blown contact as a civilization we are going to have to grow up and stop acting so primitive

4. If we are ever going to get the information out to the public it is going to take funding. Serious funding to provide for equipment to document the events, production costs, distribution costs etc..

These are all NO BRAINERS.

Those who resort to slander, ridicule, debunking, disinformation refuse to report legitimate sightings, censor information and those who do not investigate yet make uninformed ignorant and emotionally bias statements are part of the problem not part of the solution. It is time to take stock in our own personal agendas and motives and choose truth with unbiased investigation as a prime directive if we are ever going to solve the UFO Enigma.



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